Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Are you on the look for opportunities to have a steady flow of income from online social commerce? In this article we’ll be exploring how you can sell products online in Pakistan through the Markaz App. 

In a post-COVID world, customer preference for shopping online versus in-store has become more popular than ever before. Thousands of shoppers have completely shifted to online platforms to purchase their needs and wants mainly for the convenience that online shopping offers them. It is no wonder then why online selling in Pakistan has become the norm across various industries.

The shift in customers from offline to online shopping channels has created a huge opportunity for micro-enterprises to launch and grow. You can now sell products online in Pakistan with much more ease then in the past. They’re those tiny solo businesses that use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp as their sales channels as opposed to websites. Some also sell through third-party online marketplaces.

While all seems to be going well on the frontend, behind many Facebook and Instagram pages are micro-entrepreneurs like you who strive to sustain and grow their businesses. The day-to-day challenges they’re faced with limit their ability to grow their businesses. One of their biggest setbacks is the absence of an online store where their customers can visit, view their products and place orders within minutes without having to rely on manual order confirmations and other inefficiencies.

At the other end of the spectrum are suppliers. Their struggle to scale their businesses is equally hard regardless of which industry they belong to. Thousands of wholesalers in Pakistan have massive quantities of all kinds of high-quality products - clothing, shoes, bedding, home decor and even electronics - in ready supply but fail to make profitable sales from online selling products in Pakistan.

Let’s explore why.


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7 Common Roadblocks for Online Resellers In Pakistan

Resellers - micro-entrepreneurs for whom online selling in Pakistan mainly happens through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp - are set back by a number of challenges.

  1. Low startup investment

Online selling in Pakistan is just a dream for most aspiring micro-entrepreneurs with limited available funds. You may be one of them, having to borrow small loans from family members and friends, sell off personal assets and pull out savings to cover startup costs. 

  1. Inventory management

Keeping a physical inventory count and restocking are added hassles for a one-person show. Haggling with suppliers, gathering funds for payments, transporting supplies to storage spaces and packaging products are just a few of the many unavoidable laborious tasks involved in inventory management. All of that runs parallel to managing other aspects of the business, making a home and looking after a family.

  1. Low trust in suppliers

If you’re a reseller, chances are that you’ve unknowingly sourced poor quality or inauthentic products from more than one supplier, but you only discovered the sham after you paid for and received the shipment. As a result, online selling in Pakistan is a risky business. Hence, reselling business has been dormant for a long time with little growth in Pakistan but you can now sell products online in Pakistan through the Markaz app and earn upto PKR 45,000 easily!

  1. Self-managed deliveries

Running a small business means that you have to manage deliveries yourself. Booking deliveries with courier companies, handing over parcels to riders then coordinating between riders and customers to ensure timely deliveries is all too much work to do single-handedly.

  1. Limited assortments

There’s only a small variety of products that you, as a reseller, can source on your own for online selling products in Pakistan. Clothing, cosmetics, bed linen and artificial jewelry are the usual, but you want to sell more than that to get ahead of your competition. 

  1. Payments management

Handling payments is yet another operational hassle that shifts your focus away from growing your business. Cash payments take weeks to be remitted by courier companies while bank transfer - the only online payment method available to you - relies on manual input to go through successfully. 

  1. Societal restrictions on women entrepreneurs

In Pakistan, women generally depend on their male family members to commute. Such restrictions are women entrepreneurs

4 Common Problems for Suppliers

Our suppliers, popularly known as wholesalers, struggle to survive and grow their businesses just as much as you do if not more. Here’s a list of challenges they usually face.

  1. Limited buyer reach

Broadening customer reach is one of the most important objectives for business growth. Most suppliers are connected with a limited buyer base mainly built through word of mouth. This paired with having no online presence leaves suppliers with very little room to grow their businesses.

  1. Customer distrust in online stores

In Pakistan, end customers tend not to trust third-party retailing websites for fear of being sold fake or poor-quality products even when the opposite is the case. 

Such platforms are left with a very limited customer base which, in turn, limits the need to source goods from suppliers and, as a result, also opportunities for them to grow.

  1. Logistical delays

Suppliers’ shipments are often delivered to resellers with delays due to everyday traffic and unexpected infrastructural roadblocks on delivery routes. On top of that, suppliers have the added responsibility of ensuring that their shipments are picked up and delivered on time.

  1. Data management

Suppliers need to keep track of their inventories on a regular basis. The whole process becomes even more tedious and error-prone when hundreds of products are on the table. In addition to that, maintaining manually populated databases for sales reports, financial statements and other business documents not only requires time but also expertise.

What is Markaz?

Markaz is a social commerce platform where resellers like you meet suppliers, making online selling in Pakistan a breeze.

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Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

Why Markaz is the best social commerce platform for online selling in Pakistan

Markaz solves a myriad of problems for resellers and suppliers described in this article. Here’s how.  

  1. Zero start-up investment

Third-party online selling websites in Pakistan charge double-digit commissions which will cripple the growth of your business. Online selling products in Pakistan is even more expensive if you build your own website. 

This is where Markaz comes in. Now you can start selling without a website to customers anywhere in Pakistan without investing a single rupee! To become a reseller, all you have to do is download Markaz App and sign up. It’s free.

  1. 100% quick profits

We believe that what you earn is yours to keep as soon as you earn it. That’s why, with Markaz, you earn all of your profits. No sales commissions whatsoever. What’s more, your profits are transferred to your Easypaisa or Jazz Cash account 48 to 72 hours after your customer has paid for an order.

  1. Direct-to-customer deliveries

If you’re short of storage space for your inventory, don’t worry! With Markaz, that’s a thing of the past. We’ll deliver your orders directly from our suppliers to your customers. Keep your space for yourself and your family.

  1. Reduced delivery charges

We’ve partnered with reliable logistics companies to deliver your orders at the lowest possible rate in Pakistan - Rs.90 per order, that too, anywhere in Pakistan! Your customers will thank you for that.

  1. Reliable supplier network

No more haggling with dozens of suppliers over the phone and waiting weeks for shipments to arrive from different locations. Markaz does all the heavy lifting for you, bringing specially curated products from trusted suppliers to you on one convenient storefront.

  1. Wide product variety

With Markaz, you have a ready-to-order assortment of over 10,000 products to choose from - clothing, bedding, small electronics and more - and this number will only grow bigger with your business. 

  1. Payments management

Never worry about collecting customers’ payments or refusing those who want to pay online. Markaz will have your cash payments collected and remitted to you. What’s more, your customers can pay cash on delivery or online by debit or credit card.

Why Markaz is better than third-party e-commerce?

When business owners think about selling online, third-party retail is one of the first options they consider.

Every third-party retailer in Pakistan will charge you a double-digit sales commission with no guarantee that your products will be sold. Although you benefit from a wider customer base, it’s not worth dishing out all that hard-earned money for something you can do through Markaz at no cost, and keep your customers, too.

Additionally, you have no control over where your products will be placed on such online selling websites in Pakistan. They could be hidden on the last page of a category that’ll only be visible to customers who scroll down to the end of the assortment. That’s sure to kill your business.

An equally important consideration is the fact that third-party retailers only work with established businesses. If you don’t own a business yet and want to start selling online, third-party retail is not an option for you to begin with. Markaz is.

How to become a reseller on Markaz?

Anyone who has an Android phone and an internet connection can become a reseller with us. Better yet, it only takes a few minutes!

Simply download the Markaz app now, sign up and start earning up to PKR 45,000 every month. It’s always free.

Wrapping it up

We make online selling in Pakistan simple. Download the Markaz app and become a reseller today.