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The jewellery market's worth is expected to increase from approximately 270 billion U.S. dollars in 2022 to surpass 330 billion dollars by 2026.

With its vibrant mix of history, culture, and artistry, Pakistan is a country known for its exquisite jewellery designs. And what's shining bright at the moment? Yes, you got it: nose rings

For centuries, these delicate ornaments have been accessories and a symbol of grace, beauty, and tradition in the subcontinent. 

Whether you're fascinated by the elaborate naths adorned with tiny pearls and gemstones usually worn by traditional brides or looking for a minimalist, modern hoop to elevate your everyday look, we've got you covered. 

We will highlight the top 30 nose rings in Pakistan to help you get the best ones according to your preferred style.

From the bustling markets of Lahore to the retro shops in Sindh, our insightful list brings you a blend of age-old charm and current nose ring trends.

So, if you’re preparing for a big event or simply looking to add a touch of elegance to your overall appearance, come along and discover the perfect nose ring that calls out to you. 

So let’s get started.

An Insight Into The History Of Nose Pin Designs

An Insight Into The History Of Nose Pin Designs

Nose piercing, often associated primarily with India, is traced back to diverse regions worldwide. 

Nose pin designs have a rich global history from the ancient Middle East to South and Central America, Central Asia, and Australia's indigenous societies. 

Interestingly, one of the earliest written records mentioning nose jewellery can be found in the Bible, specifically Ezekiel 16:12: “A ring was placed on your nose, earrings set in your ears, and a beautiful crown on your head.”

The Prevalence Of Nose Jewelry In India

The origins of nose piercing in India remain a subject of debate. Some historians believe that nose pin designs were invented by the Mughals, who arrived from Central Asia in the 16th century.

However, evidence from ancient Ayurvedic texts dated between the 1st and 8th century BCE suggests that the nose piercing practice might have been going on much earlier than this.

Medicinal and Spiritual Significance

The Sushruta Samhita, an ancient Indian paper on medicine, offers fascinating insights into the possible reasons behind nose piercing. 

According to these texts, piercing the left nostril can have therapeutic effects, such as helping reduce menstrual pain and facilitating childbirth. 

Why is that so? It is believed to be due to specific pressure points connected to the reproductive organs in the left nostril.

Nose Jewelry In Art And Religion

Nose pins and ornaments are not just fashion statements in India; they hold cultural and religious significance. 

We can see the presence of nose jewellery in various art forms, from detailed miniature paintings to majestic temple sculptures. 

In Hinduism, we witness divine feminine figures, like Mumbai's Kalba Devi or Telangana's Kanaka Durga, with valuable nose pins.

In a grand gesture marking the formation of the state in 2018, Kanaka Durga received a splendid natural diamond and gold nose pin.

However, the goddess Parvati stands out as a prime example. She proudly wears a nose ring to symbolise marital bliss and domesticity. 

One of her respected forms, the goddess Kanyakumari, has a temple at India's southernmost tip. The diamond nose ornament is said to shine so brightly that sailors can spot its sparkle from the sea.

Top Five Silver Nose Rings In Pakistan

Top Five Silver Nose Rings In Pakistan
  1. 925 Sterling Silver Flower Shape Nose Pin

Price: Rs.1,299.00 PKR

The stunning 925 sterling silver nose ring is topping our silver nose pin list. 

When it comes to nose pin design, it is charmingly crafted into a delicate flower shape. 

The 925 sterling nose ring for girls isn't just about aesthetics; it is made of genuine 925 sterling silver, ensuring durability. 

The floral design is enough to capture the attention of people looking for artificial nose pins in Pakistan, blending it seamlessly with sophisticated elegance. 

Whether dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of floral aesthetics to your everyday look, this nose pin is one of the best picks for artificial nose pins. 

It has a high-quality design that will last for years, while the flower motif makes it a standout piece. 

A blend of simplicity and charm, it's the perfect ornament for any nose jewellery enthusiast!

  1. 925 Sterling Silver 3 Gemstone Thin Nose Hoop Piercing

Price: Rs.999.00 PKR

Here's a gem (literally!) that we absolutely love: the 925 sterling silver thin nose ring in Pakistan embellished with not one but three dazzling gemstones. 

Crafted from genuine 925 sterling silver, the hoop promises a radiant shine and impressive durability. 

With three precious gemstones, it offers a perfect balance of elegance and sparkle to people looking for nose rings in Pakistan.

So, if you are a minimalist at heart or someone who appreciates subtle glam, this nose hoop is 

the perfect option.

Its slender design ensures comfortability while the gemstones catch the light, adding a glitz to your look. 

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Shiny Clear Cubic Star Shape Zircon Nose Pin

Price: Rs.999.00 PKR

Introducing the 925 sterling silver cubic nose pin, designed as a radiant star and embedded with a bright clear cubic zirconia. 

This nose ring for girls is a piece that combines the timeless allure of silver with the sparkle of a zircon, ensuring a subtle yet captivating glow. 

It's not just jewellery; it's a go-to statement piece for people looking to add a bit of celestial elegance to their everyday look.

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Vintage Rhinestone Gold Sun Nose Pin

Price: Rs.899.00 PKR

It is time to dive into retro elegance with the 925 sterling silver gold sun nose pin, showcasing a vintage rhinestone in a gold sun motif. 

It is a blend of silver and gold tones that radiates warmth, while the rhinestone adds an old-world charm.

So, its design makes it a timeless piece for lovers of vintage glamour.

  1. 925 Sterling Silver 3 Stones Crystal Indian Style Nose Pin

Price: Rs.1,199.00 PKR

Embrace classic Indian artistry with this 925 sterling silver 3-stone nose pin adorned with three bright crystals. 

The nose pin pays tribute to traditional Indian designs, making it the perfect pick for people looking for a blend of heritage and modern aesthetics.

Top Five Gold Nose Hoops In Pakistan

  1. Golden Plain Nose Ring

Price: Rs. 200.00 PKR

Wondering what is gold nose pin price in Pakistan? Are you looking for something simple yet stylish in the nose jewellery section in the golden shade at affordable prices? 

Check out the golden hoop nose jewellery, which costs PKR 200 only. It's clean, has no fuss, and works with almost any look. It is a staple piece for anyone wanting a touch of gold without the extra bling.

  1. Pearl Nose Pin

Price: Rs. 350.00 PKR

Do you love a classic twist? Here's a gold nose pin with a pearl. It's not too flashy, but that pearl adds a nice touch. 

At an affordable gold nose pin price in Pakistan of PKR 350 only, it is perfect for days you want something special without going over the top. 

Women can wear it to their workplace or official lunches if they want something subtle but stunning.

  1. Vibrant Ruby Gold Nose Pin

Price: Rs.13,000.00 PKR

You've come to the right place if you are looking for gold koka prices in Pakistan. At PKR 13,000, you get this pop of ruby.

The vibrant gold nose pin, commonly known as gold koka in Pakistan, combines that vibrant ruby charm with a gold setting, giving you a trendy and timeless look. 

It's ideal for days when you want your jewellery to reflect your bold fashion choices, as it gives off a stunningly bold look.

  1. Radiant Topaz Gold Nose Pin

Price: Rs.13,000.00 PKR

Are you wondering where to get nose pins that fall in? The topaz gold nose pin might be your match if you're after a subtle sparkle. 

The topaz nose pin has this unique shine that catches the light just right, while the gold complements its radiance. It is a versatile piece that can definitely jazz up your everyday attire.

  1. Garnet Glam Gold Nose Pin

Price: Rs.13,000.00 PKR

For those days when you're feeling a bit vintage and sophisticated, at PKR 13000 gold koka price in Pakistan, the garnet nose pin in a gold setting hits the spot. 

Garnet has that rich, deep shade that adds a touch of mystery and elegance to your overall appearance. 

It is ideal for evenings out or when you're in the mood for some old-world charm.

Top 5 Diamond Nose Jewellery

Top 5 Diamond Nose Jewellery
  1. Elegant 21k Gold Diamond Nose Pin

Price: Rs.28,000.00 PKR

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. Are you wondering what is diamond nose ring price in Pakistan?

Do you have a soft spot for subtle luxury? At PKR 28,000, check out this 21k gold diamond nose pin.

It's that perfect blend of gold's warmth and diamond's sparkle, which makes it just right for adding a hint of class to your everyday look or a special night out—simple, elegant, and on-point.

  1. Gold 0.13ct Solitaire Diamond Nose Pin

Price: ₨ 53,000.00 PKR

Are you looking for a touch of luxe? The 0.13ct diamond nose pin with its 0.13ct solitaire diamond has just the right sparkle. 

It's noticeable but not too over-the-top, striking that balance between casual and fancy. And if you're wondering about the diamond nose ring price in Pakistan, this one offers excellent value for money.

  1. Gold 0.07ct Solitaire Diamond Nose Pin

Price: ₨ 35,000.00 PKR

The 0.07ct solitaire diamond nose pin is stellar if subtle elegance is your vibe. It adds a delicate shimmer, perfect for everyday wear or those special moments. 

Pricing-wise, it's a steal, especially for the quality and design it brings to the table.

  1. Gold Sapphire Diamond Nose Pin

Price: ₨ 26,000.00 PKR

Have you ever thought about mixing a bit of royal blue with your sparkle? 

The sapphire nose pin pairs gold with a sapphire and diamond combo, giving you that regal yet modern vibe. 

It's a refreshing change from the usual, and honestly, who can resist the allure of sapphire?

  1. Diamond Gold Flower Nose Pin

Price: ₨ 38,500.00 PKR

If you're into classics with a twist, check out the diamond gold flower nose pin.

A flower nose pin, but make it luxe with diamonds and gold. It's a nod to nature with just the right amount of bling.

It is perfect for sunny days or when you just want to feel a bit extra without going all out.

Top 5 Heart Studs In Pakistan

  1. Stainless Steel Heart-Shaped Stud

Price: Rs.235.00 PKR

Are you on the hunt for something simple yet catchy? The stainless steel heart-shaped stud is perfect. 

If you want a durable and chic nose stud that adds a sweet touch to any look, you should check it out. 

By the way, if you're comparing, the heart stud price in Pakistan for this one is pretty reasonable for the quality you're getting.

  1. 4pcs Zircon Heart Decor Nose Studs

Price: Rs.3,074.00 PKR

Fancy a bit of variety? The zircon nose studs set has you covered. With four nose studs, one heart-shaped, you've got options for days. 

Zircon adds a gentle sparkle, and it's not too much—just a hint of glitz. Plus, in terms of the heart stud price in Pakistan, this set is a real find.

  1. 5pcs Rhinestone Decor Nose Studs

Price: Rs.2,849.00 PKR

If shimmer is your thing, look no further than this set of five rhinestone nose studs, including a heart-shaped nose pin adorned with rhinestones that catch the light just right. 

Whether you're feeling love with the heart or want to mix things up, this pack's multiple options are a clear winner, and it offers one of the best heart stud prices in Pakistan for its quantity.

  1. Nose Ring Stud L Bend Shape Surgical Steel Screw Heart

Price: Rs.7,979 PKR

Are you seeking something durable and comfy? Here's an L-bend heart-shaped nose ring for you. It is made with surgical steel, making it easy for women to wear.

The heart adds a charming touch that stands out just enough. It is an excellent option if you're looking for a blend of functionality and style.

  1. Puregold Heart Shape Gold Nose Pin NP0090

Price: ₨5,300 PKR

For those leaning towards a touch of luxury, this Puregold heart-shaped nose pin is a gem. The pure gold heart-shaped nose pin has a classic touch with a hint of romance.

The NP0090 isn’t just a product code; it's a ticket to refined elegance, perfect for adding a bit of luxury to your appearance or wishing to gift something unique.


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Top 10 Black Nose Pins

  1. 7 Stones Black Color 11mm Nose Pins

Price: Rs.1,299.00 PKR

Do you want to add a bit of jazz to your look without going overboard? The 11mm black nose pin, adorned with seven black stones, gives you that understated, edgy look. 

You pull out that cool accessory to add a subtle, dark sparkle to your outfit.

  1. Black Color Stone Gold Nose Pin

Price: ₨5,300.00 PKR

Mixing gold with a black stone? Yes, please! It's a classic gold black nose pin, but that black stone sets it apart. 

It’s great for those days when you want to add just a hint of contrast to your gold jewellery without overshadowing the golden shade.

  1. 4pcs Minimalist Nose Pin- Multicolor

Price: Rs.2,774.00 PKR

We all love some variety when it comes to jewellery, right? The 4pcs minimalist nose pin set offers four minimalist nose pins in multiple colours.

And guess what? One of them is a chic black nose stud, which is perfect for when you want to add monochrome vibes to your day.

  1. 3pcs Rhinestone Engraved Nose Stud

Price: Rs.974.00 PKR

Showcasing the sparkle of rhinestones in the form of nose studs, this set of three nose pins truly stands out. One must pay attention to the details regarding these nose studs.

The radiant shimmer paired with the detailed engraving makes these studs not just accessories but little art pieces. 

If you are about to wear them to some event, expect admiring glances and compliments from everyone around you.

  1. 8mm Black Color Plain Wire Nose Hoops

Price: Rs. 99 PKR

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. These 8mm plain wire nose hoops in black are for those moments. 

They're easy to wear, and their black shade makes them stand out without screaming for attention, which makes them perfect for a laid-back yet stylish look.

  1. Piersyles 20G 18G Nose Pins

Price: Rs.4997 PKR

Do you want to step up your nose-pin game? Piersyles has covered you with its versatile 20G and 18G pins. 

These nose pins are sleek and designed to consider comfort, so if you prioritise comfort, this set can be your best bet.

  1. Cococharm Black Halloween Nose Hoops

Price: Rs.7728.00 PKR

Are you feeling a little festive or looking to make a statement? The Cococharm Halloween nose hoops in black are your go-to option for nose jewellery.

You should get these black nose hoops if you want to add a spooky touch to the Halloween season or any time you're in the mood to stand out.

  1. Onesing 29 Pcs 20G Black Nose Hoop

Price: Rs.7364 PKR

Talk about options!  Onesing offers a 29-piece set of 20G black nose hoops ideal for those who love to switch things up regularly. 

As there are many options to choose from, there's a hoop that goes with every mood and outfit.

  1. 4 P Pcs Surgical Steel Nose Nose Hoops

Price: Rs. 4,815 PKR

Are you looking for durability paired with style? These surgical steel nose hoops in black are just the best option in the market.

They're crafted to last, ensuring they won't irritate even the most sensitive skin. Being simple yet chic, they're perfect for everyday wear.

  1. Double Hoop Nose Jewellery

Price: Rs. 4,269 PKR

Why settle for one when you can have double the style? The black double hoop nose jewellery piece is for the fashion-forward. 

It offers a unique look that will grab attention with a playful twist on the traditional nose hoop; it's a fresh take on a classic style.

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