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How to create a new Facebook page for business (Ultimate Guide)

Anyone having a business should have a Facebook Page. Facebook has more than 1.82 billion active users so it is not wise to ignore Facebook for your business. Unfortunately, most people don't have any idea how to create a new Facebook page for business. 

Facebook is now used by more than 200 million businesses and yes that includes Facebook business pages as well. The good news is that Facebook business pages are free to use so why not learn how to create a new Facebook page for business? 

Facebook business pages can be created easily and can be customized with pictures, page roles, and business hours. So let's dive into how to create a new Facebook page for business. 


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Facebook page for Business

A public Facebook account that can be used by brands, organizations, public figures, and artists. Facebook for businesses can be used to share post updates and contact information. Content sharing, events promotion, and most crucial aspects connecting with the Facebook audience. The Facebook ad accounts and Facebook shops can be connected with the Facebook pages as well. 

Steps of How to create a Facebook page for business (Ultimate Guide)

Steps of How to create a Facebook page for business (Ultimate Guide)
  1. Visit the Facebook website and login into your account.
  2. From the home pages, on the left, in the sidebar pages click pages. 
  3. In the menu on the left, click on the create new page option. 
  4. Enter the page name, on the left side of the next screen, select the category and fill in the description. The right side of the page gives you the outlook of your page as you fill in the information. 
  5. Scroll below and click on the option of creating the page. 
  6. Then add the images. Upload photos from your system by clicking add a cover photo or add a profile picture. At the bottom, hit the save option. 
  7. Maybe then a popup appears asking you if you want your page to be connected to the whatsapp. If you want to, then enter your phone number and hit send code. In the top-right corner of the pop-up, click the X icon, if you don't want to 
  8. Ta Da, you have created your new Facebook page, and feel free to customize it according to your needs. 

Additional tips for Facebook for business

Additional tips for Facebook for business:

It is good to have updated your page with additional information before you post your page's first post.

Write a Call to Action

On your business page add a call to action by hitting the add a button option at the top right of the screen. From the available options choose the action. Then enjoy features such as contacting you through Facebook messenger, visitors book appointments and downloading your app, and so on. 

Select a page username

Under your cover photo and the page, name click on Create @username. So for your business page, this user name will become the web address. 

Enter upcoming events

On the top of the page, click the events tab, for adding the upcoming public events. In the top-right corner of the upcoming events section, select Create New Events. 

Revise the About Section

To arrive at the About section, on the top of your page below your page name, click the More tab. Select About in the More drop-down. So add the location, price range, and contact details here. 

How often should you post?

The answer to the question of how many Facebook posts per day for business depends on the number of followers you have actually. The standards say that twice a day, but this works for the pages that have a minimum of 10000 followers at least. For the businesses that have fewer followers such as a few hundred or thousands then there is no rule of thumb, sorry guys. The Hubspot study shows that businesses having lower follower numbers have 50% fewer clicks per post when they post twice a day. 

Is Facebook Good for Business?

A Facebook business page helps you in reaching and connecting with your present and targeted customers. So the question arises is Facebook good for business?

So the mentioned benefits will help you in understanding the scope of Facebook for your business. 

Your business needs brand awareness. The largest social media platform globally is Facebook. If your business has its own Facebook page, it will contribute directly to your brand's presence and help you get to the targeted customers. 

As you post links to your website you can get more online visits resulting in more website traffic. Not only this but you can also target advertising to target your particular demographics, depending on the location, gender, age, and interests of your audience. 

The starting point of gathering the leads for your business can be your Facebook page Likes. Gather email addresses by using competitions and giveaways to develop your marketing lists.  

Another great news is that by using the Facebook page you can enjoy two-way communication between you and your customers. Deal directly with your customers by using messaging services. Gather feedback from customers through the reviews and feedback and take a look into areas that can be improved.

When a business makes an effort to connect with its customers, it gives your business a human side as well. Your business Facebook page helps you in making your presence more like a community. And you know this is the element most online shoppers are searching for in a company, just knowing about the services and products is not enough for them.

They want to know your core values, what is the company culture of your business, and so on. Professionally and appropriately when these things are shared on your Facebook page, those with the same dreams, values, and minutes will try to connect with you or may become your customers, who knows? 

So all these aspects show how good Facebook can be for your business. Now is Facebook good for business? The answer is a big fat yes. 


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New Features for business

New Features for business

You can't argue with this statement: Facebook is updating with new features constantly. You may need a daily digest to be aware of all their changes. Any small business owner should stay updated with Facebook new features for business, and how to implement them. 

  • Now make your business stand out with the square-sized image advertisements. Along with the 3d photos, square images give you another option to expand your image-related capabilities. The square image fits perfectly on your smartphone devices as well. 
  • You can optimize performance, build targeted audiences, and measure conversions by using Facebook pixel, which is a code that can be placed on your website. In particular, you can see who is buying your products and services. You can also understand which devices best suit the conversions of either desktops or smartphones. Along with this, you can learn simply how people are using your website. 
  • Now use GIF ADS for taking your GIF game to the next level. This type of content is addictive to youngsters especially. Facebook has officially enabled GIFS in their arena. Thanks to the extremely short video trend, Facebook has included this hyper-engaging feature for businesses as well. 
  • Launched in 2011, 1.3 billion people are now using Messenger as their private messaging platform. Since, conversations are now heading more to the private space, like wildfire messaging services are spreading. That's the reason Facebook has introduced a new feature messenger marketing. This is because businesses want to reach their customers through private messages. 
  • Another Facebook new features for businesses includes the Info and Ads section on all the business pages. So this section allows you to view what ads a certain page is currently running whether you follow it or not. But it is not the only feature available in this section, you can also the day the page was created and present name changes. This all is done to give the consumers transparency about the companies, and avoid abuse on the platform. 
  • Give your audience a sneak peek of your videos by the Premieres. This is a new feature that allows the publishers to post ready-made videos as if they are occurring live. So it is a good way to entice your viewers on your Facebook page. But it is only worthwhile for the big events to avoid spamming your customers. Such as it can be used for big announcements of the businesses such as new products, sales, and much more. 

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Wrapping Up

Nowadays a business can not survive without its social presence, and that's why a Facebook page is a must. This blog explains to you in detail how to create a new Facebook page for business, step by step. A Facebook page is a free option that can help you boost your brand awareness, and make sales. Not only can you connect with the existing audience but can reach new ones. Creating a business Facebook page is only one way of Facebook marketing, you need to be active and use various other strategies for enhancing your business.