Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Although the pandemic brought a halt to most of the businesses present in Pakistan, the rise of e-commerce remained undisturbed. With the advancement in technology, the world has transformed into a global village and shoppers have the opportunity to buy from a variety of shopping platforms. The evolution of online shopping trends gave a boost to online shopping apps in Pakistan.

Earlier, an e-commerce platform in Pakistan would have flourished without any competition but with the massive shift to online shopping, market rivalry and opportunities are greater than ever today.

In January 2022, 82.90 million Pakistanis had access to the internet which signals the adoption of online shopping platforms. Today, entrepreneurs are all-set to break into the virtual shopping arena but how can one choose the best e-commerce platform in Pakistan amongst the pool of competitors? In this guide, we will take you through the five best e-commerce platforms in Pakistan that stand out from the crowd.


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The Current E-Commerce Scenario in Pakistan

When was the first time you chose an online shopping platform rather than a physical store? The history of online shopping in Pakistan dates back to 2021 but the unavailability of proper platforms, transparent payment procedures, and guidance held it back in its primitive stages. It was not until the rise of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan that the popularity grew rapidly.

The pandemic catalyzed the whole process and e-commerce platforms became the top-most preferred shopping platforms. Cutting down on customers’ time and costs, online shopping platforms in Pakistan digitized the shopping experience. Currently, there is a huge untapped e-commerce market in Pakistan. 

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The Rising Trend

The Rising Trend

1. Swift Order Placement

How many times does a customer drop the idea of purchasing a product due to the hustle and bustle of shopping outlets? We are all familiar with the customers’ hectic schedules and the number of consequently abandoned products. Social commerce platforms add convenience to the whole shopping experience. 

Automation eliminates human intervention and speeds up the buying process. This quick order placement and delivery are one of the key factors behind the success of online shopping platforms in Pakistan. Markaz App ensures quick delivery through its logistics partners Trax, Leopards, and MNP. We deliver across 1200+ cities in Pakistan to timely dispatch your orders to the customers.

2. Cost Reduction

From the sellers’ perspective, it lowers the overall costs associated with the selling process. By subtracting the location rent, salespersons’ salaries, and utility bills, online platforms lower the total budget of starting a business venture. Most online selling platforms require sellers to pay an upfront fee, but with the Markaz App users can start selling with zero initial investment. Translate your business ideas into reality with our social commerce platform.

3. Quick Comparisons

Tired of roaming from store to store just to find the right products at affordable prices? With the advent of online selling platforms in Pakistan, you can easily switch between various online shopping platforms to compare products and prices.

From the seller’s perspective, it is easier to gauge competition and sell products at competitive prices. 

Through the Markaz App’s unparalleled features, resellers get access to a wide variety of 10,000+ products. We have everything our resellers need to stay ahead of the competition. Visit our online store and choose amongst the wide range of jewelry items, home decor, electronics, clothes, and bedsheets.

Resellers can share the desired products with customers through WhatsApp or Gmail with complete product descriptions and prices to facilitate price and quality comparisons.

4. Wider Reach

Gone are the days when resellers could only reach out to the customers present nearby. Online shopping platforms enable resellers to expand their network and enter new markets without any additional costs.

Customers can access retail websites anywhere locally or internationally and gain access to a wide variety of products whereas resellers can utilize the platform to broaden their horizons. Choose your niche, segment your customers, and start selling. 

Resellers who choose the Markaz App can cater to customers all across Pakistan. As we offer the lowest delivery charges i.e. PKR 90 per order, resellers can deliver their products to around 1200+ cities and expand their customer base.

Today, our resellers are earning as high as 50% as we transfer complete profits to their Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa accounts within 48-72 hours. Online selling has never been easier.

The 5 Best E-Commerce Platforms in Pakistan

1. Markaz App

Looking for a business opportunity to make money without any pre-requisite? The Markaz App is a Pakistani social commerce marketplace that enables resellers to earn without any initial investment. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection and you are good to go. 

How does it work? As soon as resellers join the Markaz App, they are given access to a platform through which they can resell products to customers using WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Initially, it is recommended that resellers leverage their social networks as it boosts credibility. 

The Four Stages of Reselling

  1. Login to the Markaz App.
  2. Share desired products/catalogs with customers.
  3. Set your profit.
  4. Enter customer details and complete the order placement process.

Businesses can utilize this e-commerce platform to reach out to a wider customer base as the Markaz App delivers products to 1200+ cities all across Pakistan. Avail of our platform and offer a transparent delivery system to your customers managed by us. Make high profits with the lowest possible delivery charges i.e. PKR 90 per order.   

What sets Markaz apart from its competitors is its zero initial investment requirement. We unleash your potential and eradicate financial restrictions from your business idea. The Markaz App provides relevant guidance to beginners via our Academy. Connect with our community of existing resellers and thrive with Markaz.

Markaz adds a human-centric approach to online selling by responding to customer queries via social media platforms. By connecting resellers with suppliers, the Markaz App automates inventory management, sales and profit tracking, and the delivery process. To build credibility, we offer an easy refund policy for your customers. Contact our team in case of any quality-related issues and we will happily refund in no time. Happy customers are the secret to scale growth. Join the Markaz App today and start earning up to PKR 45000+ per month.


Following a commission-based model, is one of the leading online selling platforms in Pakistan. Visit the Sell on Daraz section and create your own store today. It is another Pakistani App that requires no initial investment. However, resellers pay some part of their commission to the platform depending on the product category. With around 40,000 active sellers, Daraz offers its Daraz Mall platform for brands that need inventory management. Customers consider products listed on Daraz Mall to be more reliable, thus resellers should opt for it to create a loyal customer base. 

Types of Sellers

  1. DarazMall Seller
  2. Local Seller
  3. Global Seller
  4. Digital Sahulat

Choose the type that fits your criteria and Daraz will guide you through its business support and e-commerce training feature.

3. Telemart

With more than two decades of experience in online selling, Telemart is a well-recognized shopping platform in Pakistan. By offering a wide range of products ranging from gadgets, apparel, and medicines to home appliances and automotive products, Telemart caters to a wide range of sellers with different business ventures. Click here to register as a vendor on sell on Telemart and connect with your potential customers today.

4. OLX

Are you a potential seller with no business venture of your own? OLX eliminates the need for a business name and connects customers to customers. This C2C business model facilitates customers to sell without any business involvement. Join OLX today and start selling your products in the market all across Pakistan. Create a product ad for buyers and upload it on the selling portal along with the name, product description, and prices. Add your contact number to respond to customer queries and negotiate the price. Sign up and start selling now.


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5. PakWheels

Pakistan’s top automobile website, PakWheels, came into existence in 2003. It encompasses a wide range of cars, bikes, and spare parts. Whether your potential customers are looking for a brand new car or a used one, PakWheels has it all. To start selling on Pakwheels, create an account on PakWheels’ Sell it for Me account and list your products on the website. Once you complete the registration process, the expert team negotiates until the highest offer and sells your vehicle at the best possible price. A dedicated sales representative manages the whole selling process and transfers payment securely to your account once the transaction takes place.

Now that you are fully equipped with all the necessary information about selling and buying platforms in Pakistan, choose the selling platform that matches your requirements and start earning from home. 

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