Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Tough times create tougher entrepreneurs. Economic recessions followed by the pandemic gave rise to a multitude of zero-investment businesses globally as people looked for ways to make money and reduce reliance on external sources. While many organizations had to lower the workforce, the small business sector solicited more people. 

According to the Census Bureau, in the USA, 4.4 million business ventures came into existence in 2020. Such a massive surge in the number of new businesses in the USA spilled over into other countries, and we witnessed a rise in the number of small business ventures in Pakistan too. With today’s inflation, rarely does anyone have enough financial capital to set aside for starting a business venture.

Such times call for low investment business ideas. Are you thinking of starting a small business in Pakistan? We equip you with a step-by-step guide on how a zero investment business works.


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A Sudden Rise in Small Business Ventures

Constant layoffs, the pandemic, and the unreliability of the corporate world catalyzed small business processes. The world went through recession and layoffs during the pandemic so people started looking for reliable alternatives. Businesses witnessed massive closures which left many people without a stable source of income. Fortunately, many people saw the silver lining and shifted their energies to start their small businesses.

Initially many budding entrepreneurs were hesitant to step into the business arena as it required huge financial resources and experience, but this mindset changed over time.

As people looked for ways to gain financial freedom, nothing could beat starting their own small business venture. Eliminating corporate hierarchies and instability, small businesses empowered employees to live life on their own terms and make more money than their regular corporate jobs.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is held back due to a lack of financial resources? We believe that money should never act as a differentiating factor when it comes to translating your ideas into reality.

If you carefully analyze your surroundings, you will conclude that there are countless low-investment business ventures whose success is skyrocketing in today’s time. 

So, what’s stopping you? It is easily the best time to start a low investment business in Pakistan as the customer acceptance rate of low investment businesses is quite high. With endless possibilities and opportunities in the business world, all you need to do is to channel your efforts in the right direction and nothing can hinder your success.

Now, you might be puzzled about how to earn online with zero investment. With the Markaz App and its unprecedented features to scale your business growth, your low-investment business venture’s success will skyrocket in no time.

Stages of a Zero Investment Business

1. Existence

Have you recently launched your zero investment business online? In the primary stages, businesses should only be on the lookout for ways to remain alive. Focus on your customer base and services to reach the break-even point and survive in the industry.

The Markaz App is an e-commerce platform that is all set to revolutionize social commerce in Pakistan with zero initial investment. Join the app and relieve yourself from the burden of the survival stage as Markaz streamlines all your business operations and offers a survival guide through the Markaz Academy.

2. Growth

Your efforts pay off in the growth stage as more and more customers start identifying with your brand image which boosts your ROI. With increasing profits and customer base, businesses contemplate whether expansion would be the right strategy or not. Some small businesses stick to their initial goals whereas others choose to widen their network in this phase. 

Connecting to new business vendors and strengthening supplier relationships is a significant aspect of this stage. As you gain access to a wide range of existing suppliers as soon as you join the Markaz App, your business relationships are already strong during the growth phase.

3. Expansion 

As you reach stage three, you are all set to fly high and discover new opportunities all around you. With the elimination of survival risk, the expansion stage enables you to explore new markets and opportunities. Entrepreneurs do not fear competition as they have stabilized their brand image in the industry. Add innovation in the product line or tap into new markets, you’re all set to accomplish your broader goals now.

4. Maturity

Finally, your business venture dominates the industry and you are ahead of the competition. At this stage, you can either decide to expand into broader markets or choose an exit strategy.

Fortunately, the Markaz App facilitates your expansion by eliminating the requirement for financial resources. It allows you to expand your business network by leveraging your existing customers through social media platforms. 

Once you reach out to existing customers with accurate product information, images, and pricing through our platform, the customers would promote your business venture in their circle through positive word of mouth and gather more customers for your zero investment business in Pakistan.

Possible Challenges and Solutions

1. Mismanagement of Business Operations

Are you about to launch your low investment business online and worried about operations management? The Markaz App guarantees to manage every aspect of your business from inventory and supply management to delivery services. While our team streamlines your day-to-day business operations, you do what you do best-selling!

Currently, only one percent of women opt for entrepreneurship due to societal constraints such as managing logistics and delivery of products. We aim to empower women through our platform by handling every aspect of their business through our platform.

2. Unreliable Payment Methods

Ever abandoned an order that required advance payment? Most Pakistanis do not trust online businesses that operate using the prepayment system. We clearly understand their concerns as the discrepancy between online images and actual orders is quite high, hence trusting a new business venture with their hard-earned money is not a safe option. 

The Markaz App brings in COD options for the customers. Pay as you receive your packages through our reliable delivery partners. Currently, our logistics partners comprise Trax, MNP, and Leopards Courier. With the quickest delivery in PKR 90 across 1200 cities in Pakistan, choosing Markaz is surely your safest bet.

3. Lack of Financial Capital

The scarcity of financial resources is the main factor that holds back entrepreneurs from starting their business ventures. Many ideas never come into existence because of the absence of financial capital. With the Markaz App, you can initiate your zero investment business online without putting any strain on your finances. Deploy your finances towards product innovation and research and we will manage the rest through our platform. 

Unlike the past when sellers had to buy products in bulk from wholesalers to maintain a certain inventory level, now resellers can directly choose products from our app and sell them to their customers by setting a self-chosen profit margin per order. Our resellers receive 100% profits in their Easypaisa and Jazz Cash accounts within 48-72 hours.

4. Negative Customer Reviews

42% of customers would happily pay more to businesses that offer premium customer services. With the rise of online businesses and constant automation, many customers are reluctant to place an order online. While automation adds convenience and accuracy to business operations, it can never replace human interaction.

The Markaz App offers a human-centric customer experience for your customers. 

Our customer service team is always at your disposal to guide customers through. Customers can contact our team via Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for any quality-related refunds and issues.

We guarantee quick returns and refunds in such cases. Markaz's social-commerce-focused platform maintains customer trust and loyalty as small businesses thrive on customer word-of-mouth.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

How to Earn Online with Zero Investment?

As the Markaz App entered the market, the quest for a low investment business opportunity finally came to an end. Entrepreneurs can easily make up to PKR 45000 per month by joining the Markaz App.

We connect resellers and suppliers without any initial payment requirement. Once you download the Markaz App, you are directed to the home page where you can see a list of products/catalogs ranging from home appliances, apparel, and jewelry to bedding, gadgets, home linens, and much more.

Choose your desired product and share it with your customers via WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook along with product details and prices. Once the customer selects a product, set a profit margin and estimate the total cost. You are all set to place your order now.

Other than the reselling business, customers can also opt for the following ways to earn money without any initial investment

  1. Freelancing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Task completion
  4. Vlogging
  5. Dropshipping
  6. Photography

With a record-breaking surge in the number of low-investment businesses, it is the best time for you to tap the right market based on your skills and knowledge and make money through today’s hassle-free platforms. 

Fortunately, the Markaz App requires no technical knowledge from the user’s end as our Academy is all-set to equip you with strategies to thrive in the marketplace. Download the Markaz App today and start earning up to PKR 45000 from the comfort of your home.