Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Online shopping is one of the most popular activities that Pakistani consumers engage in when they use the internet. Pakistan’s eCommerce industry is the 37th largest in the world and one of the fastest growing, too. 

Every day, thousands of shoppers’ order something or the other online. In 2021, the country’s eCommerce revenue was nearly US$ 6 billion - that’s quite telling of how lucrative a business online selling is in Pakistan.

Consumers will purchase almost anything they can online for the convenience that online shopping offers them. However, if you’re thinking about launching your own online reselling business, you need to know what the most selling product in Pakistan is before you start reaching out to wholesalers to procure supplies.

The post-COVID19 digital commerce landscape

When COVID-19 hit the world, almost every brick-and-mortar business in Pakistan resorted to eCommerce or social commerce channels to make sales. eCommerce businesses witnessed obvious sales growth during the pandemic, leaving little to be had for offline retail. This remains the case even today, two years down the line.

In the current post COVID-19 world, the average end buyer habitually turns to online sellers for every need. A seller’s decision to deal in the best selling products in Pakistan is the norm now, and it’s unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.

- The post COVID-19 digital commerce landscape in Pakistan looks promising with a significant rise in online spending.

- The overall growth of ecommerce in the country has been supported by the increased adoption of smartphones and increasing internet penetration.

- A number of ecommerce players have emerged to meet the needs of consumers, and there is a healthy competition between them.

7 Absolute Hot Selling Avenues In Online Pakistani Industry

Women’s clothing

The number one product to sell online in Pakistan is clothing, the most popular sub-category being women’s clothing. Whether it’s ethnic or Western, local or imported, low-price or mid-range, it all sells. If you’re not already convinced, know this - in 2021, 16 million web users in Pakistan shopped online for fashion products alone.

Post-COVID19, small online clothing businesses have popped up in main cities such as; Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to meet the country’s ever-growing demand for women’s clothing. 

For the low startup costs that come with social commerce, you’ll find countless local Facebook and Instagram pages selling women’s apparel, from the ready-to-wear shirts and lowers to traditional three-piece outfits to hand-embroidered fabric at different price points.

There are a few reasons why women's clothing is one of the hottest selling online products in Pakistan.

- First, Pakistani women are trendsetters and love to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

- Second, Pakistani women are very fashion conscious, and they love to shop for clothes not just for style sake but also for comfort.

- Third, Pakistani women have a higher disposable income than men, which allows them to purchase more expensive clothing items.

- And finally, Pakistani women are increasingly working outside the home and need comfortable clothing that can be worn both at work and at home.

Babies’ clothing

Babywear is another popular clothing category to sell online in Pakistan. With limited options to choose from in the offline market, most mothers turn to social commerce businesses to order entire wardrobes for their young ones. 

So, are you trying to understand what to sell online in Pakistan if you've narrowed down babywear as a category?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the types of babywear that you will need to sell will vary depending on your niche and industry. That being said, some items that you may want to stock in order to sell online in Pakistan include:

1. Onesies - A popular item that is often sold as a diaper cover-up, Onesies are perfect for keeping your little one warm and dry during chilly weather.

2. Sleep sacks - A must-have for any new parent, sleep sacks help to keep your baby warm during the night by trapping body heat.

3. Onesies and sleep sacks - Sold together as a set, these items make a great bundle deal for parents looking for everything they need in one hit.

4. Bibs and burp cloths - Bibs and burp cloths are essential for keeping your baby clean and comfortable while they're eating or changing their diaper.

5. Blankets - A versatile item that can be used for a variety of purposes, blankets are great for keeping your baby warm during chilly weather or as a soft place to lay them down when they're sleeping.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find what you need to start top online selling products in Pakistan 2022!


The next most selling product in Pakistan is footwear.  The Pakistani footwear market is massive, with a projected revenue of US$ 172.5 million by the end of 2022.

It may come as no surprise that women’s shoes is the best selling footwear category in Pakistan. Countless social commerce businesses that sell beauty and fashion products will offer women’s shoes in their product ranges.

Leather shoes used to take the lead for the longest time. What’s interesting is that one of the best products Pakistan has to offer in the footwear niche is one that people of all ages wear - sneakers. They’re a happy medium between comfort and style for everyday wear. Over the past few years, sneakers have become a fashion staple. More and more online shoe sellers introduce sneakers imported from China to their assortments at pocket-friendly prices. By the looks of things, this trend in online selling is here to stay.

Footwear has long been a favorite choice of apparel for both men and women in Pakistan. It is not surprising, then, that footwear is among the most selling products online in the country. Many people prefer to buy footwear online because it is convenient, secure, and affordable. In addition, many people believe that buying footwear online offers a variety of safety and quality assurances that are not available in brick-and-mortar stores.


If you want to sell online in Pakistan but find fashion too competitive, try selling imitation Jewellery. It’s one of the cheapest types of products to source, and one of the easiest to sell.

Genuine Jewellery is far too expensive for the average customer to buy. Consider this a profitable business opportunity if you want to sell online in Pakistan.

When it comes to Jewellery, earrings are, undoubtedly, the most selling product in Pakistan. The average online shopper who’s looking for imitation Jewellery will most likely order a pair of earrings but not a necklace or bracelet. To that end, it makes complete business sense for local resellers to promote earrings in their marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, if you’re in the imitation Jewellery business, expect some quick profits to come your way.

Some tips that might be useful include:

1. Create high-quality photos - Photos are one of the most important aspects of any online store, and Jewellery sellers should definitely take this into account. Make sure to take beautiful photos of your products that accurately represent their quality.

2. Sell direct to consumers - One of the biggest benefits of selling Jewellery online is the fact that you can reach a large audience quickly and easily. This means that you don't need to waste time and money on advertising campaigns or other marketing strategies.

3. Offer free shipping - One of the main reasons people shop online is because they want to avoid spending time in stores. That's why it's important to offer free shipping on all orders over $50. This will help you retain your customers and increase your overall sales volume.

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One of the best products Pakistan produces is bedding. For the past several decades, Pakistan has been known internationally for producing superior quality bedding. Locally made bed linen comes in varying degrees of quality and an impressive array of colors, designs and fabrics. There’s something for every consumer. 

The greatest advantage that local sellers have is that bedding products are widely available with manufacturers at reasonable wholesale prices. Even export leftovers, commonly known as ‘rejected goods’, with minor defects sell well to local online customers.

Countless bed linen retailers source from local manufacturers and sell online in Pakistan. However, sourcing is more challenging than it sounds. Only sellers who can afford to purchase in bulk have the advantage of procuring supplies for their businesses. This leaves micropreneurs out of the mix.

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The sixth most selling product in Pakistan on our list is kitchenware. In a country such as Pakistan where the average age is only 22 years old, kitchenware is bound to sell in high volumes.

Kitchenware wholesalers in Pakistan import a large portion of their supplies from China in large bulk quantities at unbeatable costs. The items they supply to local sellers are made with plastic, metal, ceramic and wood. Whether it’s a set of plastic mixing bowls for everyday use, a ceramic dinner set for a bridal gift or plastic drinking vessels for office use - there’s something for everyone.

Although every local market has at least one shop that sells economical kitchenware, more often than not, the end customer will want to order online instead. Brick-and-mortar sellers are then compelled to sell online in Pakistan in order to retain the customers, making online selling the more popular mode of sales.

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Consumer electronics

Hair dryers, irons and hand blenders are commonplace in the average Pakistani household, and with good reason - they are necessities that enable consumers to live everyday life more conveniently. That explains why among the most selling product in Pakistan is one that falls under consumer electronics.

It is the industry norm for electronics sellers in Pakistan to import their assortments from China. Some sellers also source a handful of kitchen items such as aluminum pots and pans from local suppliers. It’s cost-effective to do both, allowing sellers to set budget-friendly prices for their products. Besides, affordability is a major consideration that Pakistan consumers account for when making a purchase decision.

A growing number of Pakistani consumers purchase small electronics everyday. While the local offline market offers a plethora of consumer electronics, today’s consumer turns to online shopping. It’s quick, convenient and possible anywhere. A clear business opportunity to sell online in Pakistan is presented to those who want to sell consumer electronics.

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Markaz also enables you to accept both cash and online payments, and manages your payments for you.

All you have to do is sell, and you can do so anywhere, at any time to customers across Pakistan. 


A consumer good of sorts is evidently the most selling product in Pakistan. Vast business opportunities lie untapped for potential online sellers. Economic recovery from COVID-19 is underway in the country, increasing the consumer’s financial ability to buy consumer goods. This means that more online sellers are needed to meet growing consumer demands.

The product that we listed above is usually the most popular products in Pakistan. These top-sellers are loved by consumers because they offer high-quality products at an affordable price. In case you’ve been wondering what product to sell, try one of these first before launching your own business!

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