Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

After the global pandemic hit several industries, eCommerce in Pakistan rose like a phoenix and experienced unprecedented growth. The e-commerce sector is expected to generate $1 billion in revenues by 2020 due to its rapid growth. This is partly due to the ever-increasing number of consumers accessing the internet, which passed 40 million this year, and the availability of online sales and promotions.

According to InsiderIntelligence, global online sales are projected to increase by 45 percent in 2021, compared to 13.9 percent in 2019. This trend has not been lost on Pakistan; according to statistics published by the State Bank, the number of registered online merchants grew from 1,707 in 2019-20 to 3,003 in 2020-21, a 76 percent increase.

Most successful online retailers are multi-category sellers with offers ranging from electronics to groceries. The next level is large-scale niche retailers or direct-to-consumer websites owned by brands.

Below, we have provided a list of rising e-commerce companies in Pakistan.


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  1. Markaz

To make money, moving quickly is often the best approach. A quick cash flow motivates you to put yourself out there, sell online, and remain committed to your business venture. The challenge of fast money gives you a reason to strive for more despite challenges and setbacks. And that's where Markaz comes in.

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The Markaz team will handle your shipping and delivery needs, so you don't have to. Furthermore, you can get step-by-step updates on the status of your product through the app. The delivery companies include Trax, Leopard, and Postex.

Markaz provides the most seamless cash-on-delivery experience. As long as the customer has not paid for the product and has not transferred the payment directly into your wallet or bank account, the service cannot send the product free of charge.

Money-back guarantees and return policies: If your customer does not like the product or it was damaged in transit, your team will pick the product up, or the customer can return it for a refund. All products are tested by quality assurance before being listed on the app to prevent quality problems. Absolutely no questions asked.

  1. WBM International:

The Anjum Brothers established the WBM Group in 2000 and own WBM International. WBM International is well-known for its authentic products that are sold in Pakistan.

There are 600+ products on this platform. Additionally, they sell genuine products online of the highest quality. Most of the products sold on this platform fall into the beauty, fashion, and kids categories.

WBM International has up until now only sold its products on its portal, but it has now made it open to third-party sellers as well.

  1. Shopon:

Among the emerging e-commerce platforms in Pakistan is Shopon. Many smart electronic products are on this page, including smartwatches, DSLR cameras, mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices. As with any other platform, Shopon brings you the products at the most discounted prices.

  1. Telemart

With 27 years of experience managing and handling online sales and customers, Telemart is among the most renowned names of e-commerce in Pakistan’s industry. Even though we have only heard Telemart's name for the last 7-8 years, they were already in the market selling online even before it was fashionable.

The store offers a wide range of items, from clothing to mobile phones and accessories. The brand is known for its originality in mobile phones and innovations, such as gold-plated iPhones.


With an average of 436,670 views per month, iShopping is ranked fifth. Recently, the retailer has experienced some traffic loss, but its expanding product selection might change that.

Due to its long tenure on the market, iShopping holds a similar level of brand recognition to ShopHive. As most of its traffic comes from search engines, its brand name is improving due to improved marketing.

While the online retailer has a well-designed website, the lack of recommendations on product pages makes it hard to engage visitors.

  1. Yayvo

Even Pakistan's largest courier company (TCS) offers eCommerce services in Pakistan. Along with the kitchen and home, there are also phones, computers, books, and beauty products. In addition to the usual categories such as flavors, tickets, events, gift ideas, and handicrafts, TCS connect offers additional categories that make it stand out among the other top online web stores in Pakistan.

  1. is another e-commerce startup in Pakistan's industry. This store has gained much popularity among youth with an extensive range of Apple products. At the store, you can find hundreds of different mobile phones and smart gadgets from different brands.

You'll find multiple options on Qmart, whether you need a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Get attractive bundle deals to save money if you order multiple products.

  1. is one of the new crops of online shopping sites emerging in Pakistan so soon. The company offers a full range of products to meet the needs of online shoppers throughout the country.

This store offers a unique selection of men's and women's fashion needs. You will also find jewelry and beauty products along with the latest clothing options from top brands. A number of customer bases choose to buy smartwatches and gadgets from their company because of their affordability factor.

Additionally, the store provides a separate section for people who want to customize their items. Prints can be personalized on wallets, mirrors, gift boxes, mugs, pillows, and cell phone covers.


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To stay competitive and identify new market opportunities, e-commerce business owners should keep abreast of industry trends. Ultimately, growth will depend on your business goals. Furthermore, you could research product development and market penetration as well as internationalization.

No matter what route you choose, there are several considerations: When will you expand? In what manner? How will you allocate your resources? These are important questions that deserve serious consideration.

Nonetheless, the future of rising e-commerce companies is built upon trust. Online users spend most of their time on social media, which is where brands need to be transparent, authentic, and easily available to them. With brands investing in live shopping and video, social e-commerce is at the core of online shopping for tomorrow's consumers.