Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Pakistan is a country that is rich in culture and heritage. However, it is also a country that is facing many challenges, especially when it comes to the economy. With over 64% of the population under the age of 25, it's crucial to provide youth entrepreneurship opportunities to scale economic development.

That's where Markaz comes in. Markaz is a non-profit organization that helps promote youth entrepreneurship in Pakistan. They provide training and support to young entrepreneurs, helping them turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses with zero initial investment. Thanks to organizations like Markaz, Pakistan's future looks bright! Let’s find out more details about how the Markaz App is investing in Pakistan’s future by promoting youth entrepreneurship in the country. 


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

An Introduction to Youth Entrepreneurship

An Introduction to Youth Entrepreneurship

What does youth entrepreneurship mean to you? Is it giving young people the opportunity to start their businesses? Is it teaching kids how to be financially responsible? No matter how you define it, there's no doubt that it's a crucial part of our economy. In this section, we'll discuss the definition and causes of youth entrepreneurship.

What is Youth Entrepreneurship

It is the umbrella term for all businesses started by young people under the age of 30. This includes enterprises run by teens as well as college students and young adults. This type of entrepreneurship has been on the rise in recent years, with more young people than ever before choosing to start their businesses. 

Why is it on The Rise?

Pakistan is a young country: over 64% of the population is below the age of 30. This large pool of young people is an important source of talent and creativity, and it's no surprise that youth entrepreneurship is on the rise. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the economy, and many young people have lost their jobs or been forced to take pay cuts. This has created a need for innovative solutions, and young entrepreneurs are stepping up to the challenge. In addition, the government has implemented several initiatives to support youth entrepreneurship, such as the Prime Minister's Youth Business Loan Scheme which is an effective young entrepreneurship scheme in Pakistan. As a result of these factors, Pakistan will likely see even more youth-led businesses in the coming years. With the young entrepreneurship scheme and innovative mindsets, nothing can stop Pakistanis to excel in their business ventures.

Starting a business can be a daunting task, especially for young entrepreneurs in Pakistan who often lack the investment capital necessary to get their ventures off the ground. The Markaz App eliminates this barrier to entry by enabling youth to start earning online with zero initial investment. 

The app provides users with access to a social commerce platform to connect with suppliers and customers, as well as an academy called Markaz Academy that can guide them in starting and growing their business. With The Markaz App, young entrepreneurs can finally pursue their dreams of starting their businesses, without needing to worry about raising investment capital.

The Benefits of Youth Entrepreneurism  

An Introduction to Youth Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can bring many benefits to both individual young people and society as a whole. 

  • Firstly, it can provide a sense of purpose and direction for young people who may be feeling lost or disconnected. 
  • Secondly, it can give young people the opportunity to develop essential skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and resilience. 
  • Finally, entrepreneurship can provide much-needed hope and optimism in communities that have been hard hit by economic decline. 

By encouraging young people to start their businesses, we can help to revitalize struggling communities and create a brighter future for everyone. The Markaz App aims to build a Pakistan where every person has access to business opportunities.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

How the Markaz App is Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

How the Markaz App is Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

In Pakistan, young people face several challenges when it comes to starting their businesses. Access to finance is often limited, and there is a lack of mentorship and support available. However, the Markaz app is working to change this by promoting entrepreneurship opportunities for youth in Pakistan. Let’s find out how the Markaz App is all set to lead the country towards a brighter future by investing in entrepreneurship for the youth in Pakistan 

  1. Eliminates Financial Barriers

Starting a business can be a complex task, especially for young people with limited experience and resources. The Markaz App is changing that by promoting entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth through its zero initial investment business model. Now any young person can start making money online by reselling through Markaz's platform, without making any initial investment. This not only gives them a chance to earn an income but also gain valuable experience and exposure to the world of business. 

With Markaz, there are no barriers to entry, making it easier than ever for the youth to start their businesses and achieve their dreams. So If you're looking for an opportunity to start your own business, look no further than the Markaz App.

  1. Manages Business Operations

The Markaz App is an essential tool for young entrepreneurs in Pakistan. It streamlines business operations by managing the supply chain and inventory. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on selling, rather than on the back-end operations. For too long, women have been at a disadvantage when it comes to business. They have been unable to rely on their male counterparts to help them with logistics and supply chain requirements, leaving them at a severe disadvantage. 

However, Markaz is aiming to change that. Through its platform, the Markaz App manages logistics and supply chain requirements for women, empowering them to take control of their businesses. This is a game-changer for women entrepreneurs, who can now compete on a level playing field with their male counterparts. 

  1. No Bulk Buying Requirement

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest challenges you face is finding reliable suppliers for your products. You need to be able to find suppliers who can provide you with high-quality goods at a competitive price. Unfortunately, many online selling platforms require you to buy in bulk from websites like Alibaba or other wholesalers. This can be a costly and time-consuming process. 

Thankfully, there's a new solution on the market: the Markaz App. Unlike other online selling platforms, the Markaz App provides a list of reliable suppliers through its platform. It means that you don't have to buy in bulk from wholesalers - you can simply share the products available on the website with your buyers and grow your business. The Markaz App is changing the way entrepreneurs do business, and it's something you can't afford to miss out on.

  1. Enables Quick Delivery

In this day and age, customers want to be able to shop from the comfort of their own homes and have their purchases delivered quickly and affordably. No customer would buy from a business that takes weeks to deliver products as the main aim of online buying is to add comfort and convenience to their lives. If you're an entrepreneur in Pakistan, the Markaz App offers a great opportunity to scale your business growth. 

We offer product delivery to over 1200+ cities in Pakistan via our partnerships with Trax, MNP, and Leopards. Our delivery charges are just PKR 90 per order, making it affordable for entrepreneurs to scale their business growth by promptly delivering products to their customers. So why not give us a try today? You won't be disappointed.

  1. Ensures 100% Profit Transfer

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, it is more crucial than ever to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is where the Markaz App comes in. By providing young people in Pakistan with access to wholesale prices and the ability to set their markups, the Markaz App is empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs. 

As all profits are paid out within 48-72 hours, resellers can quickly reinvest their earnings and scale their businesses. We transfer complete profits to the reseller's JazzCash and Easy Paisa accounts. With the Markaz App, we are investing in Pakistan's future and laying the groundwork for a more prosperous and equitable society. So, download the Markaz App today and join us on this exciting journey!

  1. Equips Resellers with Guidance

Do you want to start your business venture but lack the necessary knowledge to do so? The Markaz App is a powerful platform for resellers who want to grow their business. It provides resellers with all the guidance they need to make informed decisions about buying and selling through Markaz Academy. 

The academy offers a wealth of resources, including tips, tricks, and best practices. With the Markaz App, resellers can access these resources anytime, anywhere. The app also provides resellers with the ability to connect with other members of the community. Through the Markaz App, resellers can build relationships, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. In short, the Markaz App is an essential platform for any reseller who wants to succeed.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.


The Markaz App is changing the game for Pakistani youth. By providing an opportunity to start your own business from home and earn a steady income, the Markaz App is giving young people the chance to build a better future for themselves and their families. With an earning potential of up to PKR 25000 per month, there’s no reason not to download the app today and see what it’s all about. So what are you waiting for? Download the Markaz App now Start your journey towards entrepreneurship and financial independence today with Makraz!