Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

What does a reseller actually do? What is a reselling business? What are some successful business in Pakistan that resell? Are you looking for some online reselling business ideas?A reseller is a company or business owner that purchases a product at a discounted price from a manufacturer, vendor, or wholesaler and "resells" it at a higher price, either online or through conventional offline direct channels. 

Now as to what is a reselling business, the reselling business in Pakistan is a well-liked beginning business possibility for home-based enterprises because although some organizations require you to maintain an inventory, others may send items directly to the end client, with you serving as the transactional/order processing interface.

The breadth and possibility of the reselling business in Pakistan are virtually infinite.

Reselling in Pakistan is the exclusive emphasis of certain firms as their primary revenue stream. Others decide to add resale items to their current product and revenue streams by joining the manufacturer's affiliate program or channel partner program (a common approach for small technology businesses).

Although it's a bit of a misnomer to say that being a reseller needs minimal initial investment, education, or expertise, it does provide entrepreneurs an excellent option to launch their businesses.

Here are some things to know about how to start a reseller business and how the reselling business in Pakistan functions if you're interested in starting one, as well as some advice on how to locate, evaluate, and seize the best reseller opportunity for you.

Additionally, in this article, we will look at examples of reselling businesses and some online business ideas.


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Starting a Reselling Business in Pakistan 

Do you want to start a reselling business in Pakistan but don’t know how to start a reseller business? Here are some tips and points that you should keep in mind to ensure that your business will be a success. 

Choosing the Right Reselling Business 

Identifying the best product(s) or service to resale is the first step in finding the best suitable method.

This doesn't imply that you need to have in-depth knowledge of the product, but you do need to be able to feel and express the drive and emotional commitment required to make your reselling business in Pakistan a success.

In order to evaluate the likelihood that your selected product will succeed, you must also study and comprehend the market environment (demand, rivalry, price points, etc.); your supplier or affiliate will need you to show this understanding as well.

Identifying the Ideal Opportunity 

You might want to think about a resale opportunity with a well-known brand manufacturer if you're looking to supplement your current goods and services with one.

For instance, if you specialise in computer repair services but want to broaden your product offerings to include computer hardware and peripherals.

Identifying the ideal opportunity is essential to starting a successful reselling business in Pakistan. 

Avoid Being Scammed 

Keep an eye out for business opportunity scammers, since many of them target owners of home-based businesses with alluring work-from-home opportunities.

Plan Your Business 

Consider formalising your aspirations with a business plan as you look at reseller business options. 

Writing a business plan will force you to reflect carefully on the market potential as well as develop a clear understanding of your objectives and, most importantly, how you intend to achieve them.

Potential partners, distributors, and financing organisations will see that you are serious about your business.

Recognize the Compensation Structure 

The two most common payment methods for resellers are "purchase rate" and "percentage" models.

In the purchase rate model, the reseller buys at wholesale cost from the vendor and then resells at retail cost. The difference between the two amounts is your net revenue.

In the percentage model, there is an agreement that the reseller will sell the goods for the vendor's specified retail price. Then, compensation is given as a certain proportion of each sold unit. This strategy will involve upfront and potentially continuing negotiation on your behalf to assure profitability and competition.

Be Truthful and Thorough 

For an online business, it's critical to develop a solid reputation as a reliable, honest vendor. Reviews and user ratings can have a positive or negative impact on future business, even if you're not trying to develop repeat customers.

Buyers want to know the quality of each item, even if it is perfect and faultless. Completely fill out your shipping policy and store profile. This further establishes trust and offers potential customers a sense of who you are.

In addition, accurately characterising the state of the items you're selling will help you avoid returns, which quickly reduce your profits and require more of your time and attention.

Make sure you explain the condition of the things well upfront.  It's a major pain and waste of time and money to have them ship it back and resell it again if you don't describe it adequately. 

Use a Lot of High-Quality Pictures 

By putting several, high-quality photographs in your offering, you may further safeguard yourself against returns and disgruntled customers. 

Generally speaking, the better it is the more images you offer. It improves your listing in search results in addition to alerting customers about the condition of the goods. 

Incorporate seven to ten images into your listings. You'll get greater visibility and trust with potential customers it's critical to mobile-friendly your online presence. Always examine your store using different technological devices to ensure that you can see what a customer can see.

A word of caution: refrain from replicating an online product photo for your business. 

Post clear images of the real item you are selling; otherwise, customers may object to even minor variations.

Making listings distinctive and giving potential consumers a pleasant picture can help them avoid being unhappy or disappointed when they receive the goods.

Take Note on Your Earning Margins 

Online selling might occasionally seem like a personal venture, but keep in mind that you are actually managing a business.

It could be preferable to leave that great item on the shelf if you don't think you can make a sizable profit.

The maxim "buy low, sell high" is usually followed by successful sellers.

It's crucial to record your business so you can keep track of the money coming in and going out. 

Like any other business, keeping track of your income and expenses can help you make informed decisions about how to improve your performance.

Promote and Market Yourself Efficiently 

When there is no audience, selling something is difficult.

Cross-promotion and even cross-selling are fantastic ways to spread the word. Social networking is a good method to drive visitors to your business, as is adhering to best practises for listings on the platform itself (i.e., many high-quality photographs, thorough descriptions, tags, and strong reputation).

Promote yourself to the fullest on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and connect all of your profiles back to your selling platform.  Keep it intriguing; engagement is what matters.

You may begin to build after your audience is interested. Finding one-time customers through organic search is excellent, but developing recurring business is also quite successful.

Finding collectors or enthusiasts who frequently visit your shop may be a major advantage for merchants that concentrate in a single genre.

Verify Payment Before Shipment 

Although it might seem apparent, it is crucial to make sure the payment has cleared before sending your items.

Buyers may decide not to pay or payments may bounce. Unfortunately, not everyone can be trusted, so prioritise your funds to prevent being taken advantage of.

Until you are paid and the money is in your account, experts advise against shipping. If you get a check, make sure it goes through. 

When selling on online marketplaces, strive to just accept cash. It will greatly simplify things for you.

Why Become a Reseller? 

Now that you know certain tips to keep in mind when starting a reselling business in Pakistan, you want to consider what you can achieve by doing so. 

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider starting a reselling business in Pakistan. 


Being a reseller gives you the freedom to determine your own prices, unlike being a distributor who demands a large margin.

To assure your profitability, you can select the best product for your company, purchase it at a reasonable price, and then sell it for what it actually costs.

The more you charge, the more money you make.


As a reseller, you may launch your company right immediately without having to wait for any items to be delivered. You may start marketing your company as soon as you add resale items and material to your website.

Additionally, it doesn't require a significant time investment because the majority of operations are automated and you won't need to package or send goods to clients.

No Stock or Inventory 

The biggest part of reselling in Pakistan is that no inventory needs to be carried, which results in high income and low inventory costs.

You only pay for the things that website visitors order. It lowers financial risk and is an excellent tool for new businesses or those on a tight budget.

Rapid and Simple Expansion 

You can sell a variety of goods if you operate as a reseller.

It's wonderful to have the chance to expand the range of available products and get your product approved for sale.

Our reseller community is accessible to everyone thanks to our expanding network strategy.

Additionally, you may test your extended plan using various techniques to determine whether it is effective because you don't need to spend a lot on bulk inventory to ensure ample items selection.

9 Online Reselling Business Ideas

Implementing online reselling business ideas require a lot of time, effort, and investment, but with a bit of hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks, you can turn your business idea into a profitable reality.

Here is a list of 10 online business ideas that you can use:

1. Online Thrift Store: 

This involves buying and reselling gently used clothing and accessories at a lower cost than retail prices. This business model can be profitable, as there is a growing demand for sustainable and affordable fashion options.

2. Vintage and Antique Reselling: 

This involves sourcing vintage and antique items and reselling them online. This can include furniture, art, and collectibles. 

3. Online Flea Market: 

This involves sourcing a variety of items at wholesale prices, and reselling them online at a markup. This can include anything from clothing and accessories to home decor and electronics.

4. Dropshipping: 

This involves partnering with a supplier or manufacturer and listing their products on your website for sale. When a customer places an order, you forward the order to the supplier, who ships the product directly to the customer. This eliminates the need for you to hold inventory.

5. Online Consignment Shop: 

This involves partnering with local retailers or individual sellers to list their items for sale on your website. You take a commission on each sale.

6. Online Bookstore: 

This involves buying and reselling books online. This can include both new and used books, and can be profitable due to the high demand for books and the relatively low cost of buying them in bulk.

7. Online Auction: 

This involves creating an online platform where individuals can bid on items, similar to an auction. You can charge a commission on each sale or a listing fee.

8. Online Subscription Box: 

This involves creating a subscription service where customers pay a monthly fee to receive a box of curated products. You can source these products from wholesalers or manufacturers.

9. Online Pop-Up Shop: 

This involves creating a temporary online store that specializes in a specific niche or product. This can be a great way to test a new product or market before committing to a full-time business.


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Starting a Reselling Business in Pakistan with Markaz 

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Markaz is a social marketplace and allows anyone to easily start a reselling business with ease. 

Markaz provides the link between wholesaler and reseller and curates a catalog of quality produfrescts from the best wholesalers in Pakistan that you can explore and resell to your social circles via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Etc. 

Markaz also takes care of all logistical components, from delivery, to cash collection, and even quality-related returns and refunds. 

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Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

In Summary 

Resellers buy goods at marked-down wholesale pricing and then offer them to customers directly.

A low-risk approach to starting and running a product-based firm is this reselling business model.

You don't need to spend money on upfront inventory or product development, and your supplier will ship your goods for you.