Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

People are using resale apps in greater numbers than ever before as the biggest shopping season approaches, and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to meet customer demand.

On Markaz, we have more than 1000 resellers who are earning well from the comfort of their homes. In 2023 reselling apps is the biggest resource to earn passive income and offers a myriad of other benefits as well.  

These advantages provide us the ability to better understand the wants and needs of the resale market now and in the future. 

Why? We're doing this because millions of Pakistanis are using online selling platforms or thinking about doing so. We want to provide you with the resources necessary to find what you want and resell what you can best.

Moreover, this is the best time to join the resale market. According to our research, resale marketplaces will see a 40% increase in sales in 2022, while one-third of shoppers say they would increase their resale activity in the coming year. 


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

What is Markaz App?

Markaz is revolutionizing social e-commerce platform in Pakistan and introducing a new way of earning through online selling platforms to the region. We are a marketplace where you can locate some of the most outstanding products to satisfy your customers' requirements. 

Resellers can access a virtual shop with millions of products from reputable suppliers at wholesale pricing as well as payment and shipping options, all in keeping with the Be Your Own Boss goal. Making it easy for people to sell things and make money from the comfort of their own homes, they take care of everything for them.

To give our consumers the greatest possible experience, Markaz App makes use of cutting-edge technologies and a wealth of data. Our goal is to create 1,000,000+ micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan by the year 2022. Currently, those working on Markaz App as resellers are already earning up to 45,000 PKR per month.

What Does The App Offer?

1. A Catalogue of 10,000+ Products

We provide a carefully curated selection of clothing, bedding, jewelry, and small electronics to meet the needs of our resellers.

This puts us in a unique position to ascertain what the modern reseller and buyer are seeking over the upcoming holiday season and even beyond. 

2. Fastest Growing Community

We are Pakistan's largest and fastest-growing community of resellers, with over 100,000 App downloads.

Our easy-to-operate business framework makes it extremely easy for users to become a part of the social commerce scene without extensive training. The app requires no learning curve, and you can start earning from the get-go.

3. Network Expands over 1200 Cities

The most complete doorstep delivery network. All three of our logistics providers — Leopards, Trax, and MNP — ensure the shortest possible delivery time.

Markaz collaborates with the best logistics companies to provide prompt and effective delivery to our resellers and their clients.

Our extensive delivery network gives our resellers a competitive advantage over other apps and resellers. We handle drop-shipping so that our resellers can focus on their business.

4. Empowering Women

The COVID-19 challenges impacted practically everyone, but women with children left or lost their jobs at a far higher proportion than men with children.

In Pakistan, just 20% of the workforce is made up of women. With over 50% of resellers being female, we enable Pakistani women to participate in the workforce and the economy.

Nevertheless, working from home has several benefits for working women. Women could gain more from the advantages of remote work as the pandemic subsides and businesses throughout the world embrace a new era of flexibility and empowerment.

5. Highest Earning

Our resellers can earn as much as 50%, giving them the ability to earn more money and better their lifestyles.

We provide the quickest payouts, and resellers choose the commissions and channels they wish to work on.

6. Loved by Customers

More than 80% of our clients would be extremely dissatisfied if Markaz ceased to exist. Re-affirming our commitment to delivering improved services.

Both students and stay-at-home parents have a lot going on. We oversee the cash on delivery and delivery operations and provide assurance for quality-related returns and refunds.


“Super amazing app, the developer keeps in mind the ease of doing business while developing this app. Very cooperative and quick from Markaz.”

Mohammad Owais Khowaja

“Experience is almost very good with Markaz; thanks for establishing our own business without investment; great work. Keep it up, and also work on your app”.

Danish Saeed

“Markaz is a good app. I highly recommend people with strong social circles to use this app and benefit their contacts around.”

Dervish Forever

Benefits Of Becoming A Markaz Reseller

Benefits Of Becoming A Markaz Reseller

At Markaz, we are putting a lot of effort into accelerating Pakistan's eCommerce development. As we coordinate the top suppliers and reseller community in Pakistan, our resellers can make up to Rs. 45,000 each month.

1. Zero Investment Requirement

Our resellers are content to work hard for a living. To launch their business, they don't need to make any investments.

2. Sell in Your Social Circle

To increase sales, resellers use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp to spread the word about their products.

3. We Handle Delivery And Cash Collecting

Students and stay-at-home parents have a lot on their plates. We oversee the shipping and cash-on-delivery procedures and provide assurance for returns and refunds based on product quality.

How To Bring In Cash Web-Based Utilizing Markaz?

  • Introduce Markaz App: Install the app to start a business with almost little investment. To use the App, first register your phone number and business name.
  • Peruse Quality Attire And Style Items: Search through thousands of clothing and design items our team has chosen for you and your clients.
  • Share Your Number One Items: Determine the products that your customers or companions from virtual entertainment companies would enjoy. 

Share the images of these goods with them in person or share them on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Additionally, you can place orders through websites like Daraz.

  • Request and Earn: If your customers want something, they should be free to articulate their preferences directly at your place. Anywhere in Pakistan, Markaz will deliver the goods by Courier and collect payment via COD (Cash on conveyance). By setting your net revenue for each item sold, Markaz allows you to procure. 

Sell immediately with a 30% profit margin on top of that.

  • Bring in Cash - 45 Thousand: Sell these discounted things with your preferred benefit and achieve focus to receive reward benefits.
  • Wide Range of Affiliates: Housewives, employed women, female entrepreneurs, students, employed males, financial experts, business owners of shops, cosmetologists, or planners. 

Anyone interested in starting a home-based web business can join us and become an affiliate with no investment.

  • Reduced Costs Mean The Most Noteworthy Benefit: We get products directly from Pakistan's top wholesalers. We provide the best products, which resellers can sell for larger profits, allowing them to expand their businesses quickly and without risk.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

Become a Markaz Reseller Now! Be Bold and Independent

For Suppliers

Imagine you could put more energy into improving your brand, streamlining operations, and product design and innovation rather than customer acquisition and sales.

All business owners deal with marketing, which makes maintaining and expanding a company difficult. By setting up a wholesale channel, you can conveniently transfer part or even all of that obligation to other parties such as Markaz.

For Resellers

Since you don't have to worry about developing each item you sell, reselling wholesale goods allows you a lot of flexibility when choosing your range. 

Finding the best sales opportunities relieves you of the need to worry as much about creating your brand and promotional messaging.

Thanks to Markaz, every Pakistani can establish a business and earn money through an online selling platform. We offer personally selected premium goods at a discount. Our members can work from home with the freedom to spend more time with their families.