Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Now that you've grasped this, let's dive into the heart of the matter – the fundamental question: how is dropshipping for beginners different?

What Is Dropshipping?

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is like running an online store without the hassle of stocking or shipping products.

Here's how it works: You set up your store and display products. When a customer places an order and pays you, you purchase the item from a supplier at a lower cost. 

The supplier takes care of shipping directly to the customer. The difference between what your customer paid and what you paid the supplier is your profit.

Here's to simplify it further:


Are you new to dropshipping? Fantastic! Brace yourself for the ultimate guide on dropshipping for beginners, like no other you've encountered. 

From unraveling the mechanics and motivations behind dropshipping to equipping you with essential knowledge for launching your very own dropshipping venture – this guide has got your back!

Dropshipping might appear as a quick route to online earnings (thanks to those self-proclaimed "gurus"), but remember, it's an authentic business endeavor you're embarking upon. Dedicate your time and energy to crafting something remarkable. 

As a dropshipping beginner, don't simply replicate others. Most individuals venture into dropshipping for increased income and the allure of enhanced freedom.

Business Model

  • Your business regularly purchases products from a supplier, often in Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) to secure wholesale prices.
  • You store the products in inventory until a customer places an order.
  • Each customer's order is processed by you, and you handle packaging and shipping.

Dropshipping Business Model

  • You forward the order details to your dropshipper.
  • Upon receiving the order, the dropshipper charges you for the product (wholesale price + dropshipping fee). They then package and ship the products directly to the customer. You don't handle storage or packaging.

Is Dropshipping Good Business?

Primarily, dropshipping boasts two key advantages that contribute to its remarkable profitability:

  1. The surging demand for online products remains a consistent driver. 
  1. The exceptionally low upfront investment and operational costs sustain impressive profit margins.

In fact, the anticipated global annual retail dropshipping revenue is set to achieve a substantial 476.1 billion USD by 2026.

Evidently, dropshipping stands as the optimal approach to tap into the escalating online product demand.

Moreover, this business model necessitates minimal financial commitment, rendering it an attainable venture for all.

Certainly, in the world of ecommerce, each fulfillment method comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Determining if the rewards outweigh the challenges greatly hinges on your specific goals and business context.

Let’s delve into the potential pros and cons to consider when pondering whether dropshipping aligns with your business vision.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropshipping

Potential Benefits of Dropshipping

1. Overhead Costs: No need for storing or shipping products, which can potentially trim overhead expenses linked to maintaining storage spaces and shipping items to customers.

2. Starting Costs: Ideal for those starting a business on a shoestring budget, as you sidestep the need to invest in facilities or resources for processing orders.

3. Reduced Risk: Since you don’t invest in inventory, the risk of losses from misplaced items or excessive product orders is diminished.

4. Multi-Channel Selling: Dropshipping enables you to run your business on your domain, platforms like Amazon, or social media channels—or even across all these avenues.

5. Operating Freedom: The beauty of dropshipping lies in its capacity to fulfill orders regardless of your location, offering the possibility of operating from virtually anywhere.

6. Scalability: Collaborating with suppliers permits you to accommodate more orders without inflating the inventory you manage and ship.

7. Wide Product Range: Depending on your arrangement, there might be no obligation to pre-purchase inventory, allowing you to offer an expansive array of items and boost your potential earnings.

8. Flexibility: Not certain about the products to sell? Dropshipping empowers you to test various dropshipping business ideas and identify top-sellers, all without the anxiety of jeopardizing your investment.

Potential Drawbacks of Dropshipping

1. Competition: Due to the low entry barriers, dropshipping witnesses intense competition among sellers vying for attention.

2. Product Quality: Hands-off order fulfillment lessens your ability to supervise and assure the quality of products being delivered.

Tip: Opt for products that are easy to ship. Bulky or heavy items can complicate shipping and impact costs. Moreover, consider the implications if customers request returns or replacements.

This can lead to higher shipping fees and reduced profit margins.

3. Brand Identity: As your offerings might resemble those of other sellers, building a unique brand identity can be a challenge.

4. Regulatory Hurdles for Local and International Markets: Starting a Pakistan-based online business necessitates an NTN certificate and potential GST registration, essential for bank account setup. International expansion also requires an NTN, while substantial exports demand an export license. Logistic services like Leopards, Swyft, TCS or DHL are alternatives for smaller quantities.

However, regulatory complexities and associated costs with shipping companies can pose challenges for local and global business growth..

5. Fulfillment Timeline: Delegating fulfillment to a service curtails your control over order selection, packaging, and shipping timelines.

6. Inventory Management: Real-time stock updates might not always be feasible. Frustratingly, customers might place orders for items that are out of stock, adversely affecting their experience.

7. Supplier Errors: Inexperienced dropshippers could make mistakes during order fulfillment, resulting in flawed orders, subpar packaging, or missing items.

8. Complex Customer Service: Despite dropshipping, you’re still accountable for customer satisfaction and reputation management. If fulfillment hiccups arise, handling customer support could fall on your shoulders.

9. Payment Gateway Challenges: Starting dropshipping businesses from anywhere is possible, but in countries like Pakistan, setting up payment gateways can be problematic. 

Unlike in many parts of the world where PayPal is widely used, Pakistan doesn't have access to it. While Payoneer is an option for WooCommerce, it's not integrated with Shopify.

Payoneer's recent API introduction might allow future integration with Shopify.

However, NETbilling requires a US, EU, or CY company address, leaving 2Checkout as an alternative. 

Yet, signing up with 2Checkout is complex and lengthy, with significant verification requirements and a transaction fee of 5.4% + $0.45.

Is Dropshipping the Right Choice for You?

Dropshipping is an appealing option for those interested in the industry and aspiring entrepreneurs. If you resonate with these qualities, it could be a promising venture. 

To help you decide if this model aligns with your goals, here are crucial aspects to consider:

Aspects You Can Control

  • Your Schedule: You have the flexibility to determine how much time you invest in your store. Your efforts will directly impact your results. Running and managing your store should only take you two to eight hours a week.
  • Product Selection: Approximately 16% of all dropshipped products on Shopify consisted of clothing items. The freedom to choose what to sell and collaborate with your preferred wholesalers.
  • Marketing Approaches: You have the autonomy to decide how to market your store, whether through influencers, ads, or other strategies.

Tip: Consider incorporating influencer marketing or guest blogging on eCommerce platforms for dropshipping to enhance your website's traffic.

These strategies can significantly boost your traffic and drive more sales.

Aspects You Can't Control

  • Supplier Factors: Finding a reliable supplier is the main challenge faced by 84% of eCommerce retailers aiming to start a dropshipping business. 

Moreover, if your supplier discontinues a product, you must find an alternative or remove it from your store.

  • Product Quality: Without physically seeing the product, ensuring its quality is challenging. Customer reviews will depend on your handling.
  • Shipping Time: Since you're not responsible for packaging and shipping, you can't set precise delivery dates. 

Since dropshipping often involves products shipped from China, the minimum shipping time is typically around 20 days. However, customers might find this extended wait inconvenient.

Tip: To address this issue, consider opting for local dropshipping suppliers through the Markaz App.

This choice ensures faster shipping and a smoother customer experience.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

Dropshipping for Beginners: Building a Profitable Online Business

Dropshipping for Beginners: Building a Profitable Online Business

Starting a dropshipping business requires careful planning and execution.

Whether you're a beginner or have experience in online business, here's a detailed step-by-step guide to help you establish a successful dropshipping venture using Markaz:

Selecting the Right Niche

Choosing the best dropshipping niches for beginners is crucial as it sets the foundation for your business. Focus on a specific area that aligns with your interests and has market demand. Consider these steps:

  • Research: Explore various niches and assess their profitability and competition.
  • Passion and Demand: Opt for a niche you're passionate about, but ensure it also has a significant demand.
  • Market Gap: Look for gaps in the market where you can provide unique value.

Conducting Competitor Research

Understanding your competition is vital to positioning your business effectively. Follow these steps:

  • Competitor Analysis: Research other businesses in your chosen niche. Evaluate their product offerings, pricing strategies, and branding.
  • Market Saturation: Avoid niches that are oversaturated with competitors, as it can be challenging to stand out.
  • Brand Positioning: Identify ways to differentiate your brand from existing players.

Finding a Reliable Dropshipper

Your choice of dropshipper greatly influences your business's success. Here's what to look for:

  • Supplier Reputation: Opt for a dropshipper known for accurate and timely deliveries, along with high-quality products.
  • Direct Manufacturer: Whenever possible, choose suppliers that work directly with manufacturers to reduce middlemen involvement.

Creating Your Online Store

Your online store is your virtual storefront. Follow these steps to set it up:

  • Ecommerce Platform: Choose a user-friendly platform like Markaz to create your online store.
  • Branding: Customize your store with your business logo, colors, and a professional design.
  • Product Listings: Add product images, descriptions, and prices to showcase your offerings.

Implementing Marketing Strategies

To attract customers, effective marketing is essential. Here's how to get started:

  • Social Media: Leverage social media platforms to reach your target audience through engaging content and promotions.
  • Paid Ads: Invest in paid advertising on search engines and social media to drive targeted traffic to your store.
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers in your niche to expand your reach.

Analyzing and Optimizing Listings

Regular analysis and optimization of your product listings can enhance your sales. Here's what to do:

  • Analytics Dashboard: Utilize tools like Amazon's brand analytics to track sales trends and customer behavior.
  • Product Demand: Identify high-demand products and consider adding them to your catalog.
  • Search Ranking: Optimize your product listings for search engines to improve your ranking.

Evaluating Dropshipping Supplier

Selecting the right dropshipper is vital for smooth operations. Here are essential considerations:

  • Supplier Policies: Understand their policies for returns, damaged goods, and order fulfillment.
  • Shipping Speed: Inquire about the time it takes from sale to final delivery.
  • Insurance and Fraud Protection: Ensure orders are insured and inquire about fraud protection.
  • Customer Support: Test their customer support responsiveness and effectiveness.

Communication and Transparency

Open communication with your dropshipper ensures a seamless process:

  • Tracking Numbers: Verify if they provide tracking numbers for shipments to keep customers informed.
  • Billing Process: Understand their billing procedures, including fees and handling charges.
  • Contract Terms: Review the dropshipping agreement contract thoroughly.

Starting a dropshipping business with the right strategies and a reliable partner like Markaz can lead to a profitable and successful venture.

By meticulously choosing the best dropshipping niches for beginners, dropshipper, and marketing strategies, you can set yourself up for success in the competitive world of dropshipping.

Local Dropshipping Through Markaz App

Local Dropshipping Through Markaz App

Navigating the world of e-commerce as a beginner can be both exciting and challenging, especially in a dynamic market like Pakistan.

To set your entrepreneurial journey on a path of success, considering local dropshipping through the Markaz App can be a strategic move. 

This innovative approach not only aligns with the needs of the Pakistani market but also offers newcomers a simplified and efficient way to venture into the realm of online business. 

In this guide, we'll explore why local dropshipping with the Markaz App is an ideal choice for beginners, highlighting its benefits, accessibility, and potential for growth.

Step by Step Guide on Dropshipping for Beginners

Step 1: Download the Markaz App

Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone. Search for the "Markaz App" and click on the download button.

Wait for the app to install on your device.

(Note: The Markaz App offers a seamless platform for local dropshipping in Pakistan with zero investment.)

Step 2: Account Verification

After installing the Markaz App, open it. You will be prompted to enter your active mobile phone number on the screen. Once you've entered your number, click "Next." 

You will receive a verification code via SMS on the provided number. Enter the code in the app to confirm and verify your account. This step ensures the security and authenticity of your account.

Step 3: Select Your Gender

After verifying your account, you'll be prompted to select your gender. Simply choose the appropriate option (male or female) from the provided choices. This information helps personalize your experience on the Markaz App.

Here is how the App Homepage will look like

Step 4: Select Your Product

Browse through the available products on the Markaz App and choose the one you'd like to sell.

Once you've made your selection, click on the "Download" button to obtain the product image. Additionally, copy the product description provided. 

These resources will be essential for showcasing the product in your online store and providing accurate information to potential customers. 

Step 5: Select Your Marketing Platform

Decide which marketing platform you'd like to use to showcase your chosen product. Whether it's WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other preferred platform, the choice is yours. Next, upload the downloaded product image along with the copied product description. 

This step initiates the process of introducing the product to your potential customers and generating interest in your online store.

Step 6: Set Up Your Markup Price

After receiving confirmation of the customer's order through your chosen marketing platform, return to the Markaz App.

Here, you'll find the "Order Now" button. Click on it to proceed. 

This step is crucial as it allows you to set up your desired markup price for the product.

Your markup is the difference between the supplier's price and the selling price on your online store. This customization enables you to establish a profitable margin for each sale.

Here is how you're going to approach it:

  • Wholesale Price/Supplier Price: This is the cost at which you acquire the product from the supplier. In your case, the supplier price is PKR 2256. This is the amount you pay to the supplier for each unit of the product you sell.
  • Your Markup Price/Profit: Your markup price is the additional amount you add to the wholesale price to determine the selling price. In this example, your markup is PKR 500. This means that for every product you sell, you'll earn a profit of PKR 500.
  • Delivery Charges (Same for All): The delivery charge is a flat fee that you charge your customers for shipping the product to their location. In this case, the delivery charge is PKR 90, and it remains consistent for all orders.

Now, let's calculate the selling price using this pricing strategy:

Selling Price = Wholesale Price + Your Markup Price + Delivery Charges

Selling Price = PKR 2256 + PKR 500 + PKR 90

Selling Price = PKR 2846

So, for each product you sell, the selling price will be PKR 2846. This calculation ensures that you cover the cost of the product, make a profit of PKR 500, and include the delivery charges while providing transparency to your customers.

Step 7: Fill Out Customer Details

After the customer confirms the order, it's time to gather their essential details for smooth order processing and delivery. Here's how you can do it:

  • Name: Input the customer's full name. Make sure to double-check for accuracy to prevent any errors in delivery.
  • Number: Enter the customer's active mobile phone number. This is crucial for communication and updates about the order status.
  • Address: Input the complete delivery address, including street name, house/apartment number, locality, and any specific landmarks if applicable. Ensure the address is accurate to ensure successful delivery.

Step 8: Choose a Business Name for Order Delivery

Selecting a distinctive and recognizable business name adds a professional touch to the order delivery process.

Here's how you can choose a business name using the Markaz App:

  • Business Name: Decide on a name that represents your dropshipping venture. It can be your own brand name or something catchy that resonates with your target audience.
  • Customer Recognition: Ensure that the chosen business name is easy to remember and reflects the products you're offering. This way, your customers can easily associate the name with their order.
  • Consistency: Use the same business name consistently across all communications, packaging, and interactions. This helps in building a cohesive brand image and maintaining trust.

Step 9: Tracking Monthly Profit on Markaz App

Monitoring your monthly profit is essential for understanding the performance of your dropshipping venture. With the Markaz App, you can easily keep track of your earnings. Here's how to do it:

  • Profile: Open the Markaz App and navigate to your profile. This is usually represented by your account icon or username.
  • Earnings: Within your profile, you'll find a section dedicated to your earnings or profits. Click on this section to access detailed information about your monthly earnings.
  • Monthly Breakdown: The app will provide a breakdown of your earnings for each month. You'll be able to see how much profit you've made, the number of orders fulfilled, and other relevant statistics.
  • Analysis: Use this data to analyze your performance over time. Identify trends, peak months, and areas where you can improve your business strategy.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

In a Nutshell

Dropshipping for beginners can be a lucrative path if approached with careful consideration and a strong dedication to providing value to customers.

Utilize the insights gained from exploring dropshipping business ideas and the best dropshipping niches for beginners. By leveraging platforms like Markaz App and staying committed to delivering quality products and excellent customer service, you can embark on a rewarding journey in the world of dropshipping.