Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Everyone is looking for newer ways to generate income, be it through a side hustle, using online websites, or money earning apps.

Money and the ability to earn money are important factors in any individual’s life, for everything in the world requires money. From travel to health, food to shelter, clothing to education, nothing in this world comes for free.

This is why we should look for different ways to earn money and add alternate revenue sources to our income stream, especially those avenues that let us earn money at home. 

One such way of generating income is through money earning apps.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

What Are Money Earning Apps?

Money earning apps are applications that can be used to generate income and earn money online. 

These apps either started on the business model that lets people earn real money online or with time they evolved into income-generating hubs.

Whatever the case, these apps now enable their users to earn money through them. Entire ecosystems revolve around these money earning apps and there is no stopping this revolution in the digital economy.

Who can earn money through Apps

Anyone who has the following things can earn money online through apps:

  • A smart device 
  • An internet connection
  • A will to increase their income.

You will also need to have payment solutions to withdraw your earnings. If you can use your existing bank accounts for this purpose, that’s great.

Otherwise for online earning app withdraw Jazzcash Easypaisa or similar e-wallets can be used if they are compatible with the payment integrations of the app you are using to earn money.

Importance of Money Earning Apps 

A practice that is the norm across the globe, the Importance of money earning apps in Pakistan is starting to be felt increasingly.

One indirect reason for this could be the global recession, however, a lot of credit is due to the exposure real money earning apps in Pakistan are starting to get.

Many local players have entered the market and started offering online earning app withdraw Jazzcash and Easypaisa which has made it more accessible for people to cash their earnings.

This has led them to believe that are now a possibility and you can earn money at home just that easily!!

List of Money Earning Apps

There are many applications available online that can be used to earn money. Here is a list of 15 money earning apps you can use to earn money.

1. Markaz App- Resell And Earn Money

Now, what we’re about to tell you will make you think ‘is Markaz app real or fake’?
Don’t believe us?

Check it out for yourself!

Markaz App is one of the most popular online money earning apps in Pakistan. Anyone can use it to become a reseller and gain access to 10,000+ products listed on their portal at wholesale rates.

This is possible because Markaz App is a social commerce platform linking resellers to wholesalers. The reseller decides the profit they want to earn and adds that to the wholesale price listed on the Markaz App. 

Then they share the link to the product they are looking to sell with their customers. Once a customer makes a purchase using the link shared by the reseller, the profit goes to the reseller.

Markaz App takes care of the delivery and payments and the reseller only needs to focus on selling the products they get free access to.

This makes earning through Markaz App the safest and most hassle-free experience for anyone looking to start earning money without investing any money. It also makes the Markaz app top the application store list for being the best resell and earn money app in the market.

How To Use Markaz App?

Let us break it down further for you by teaching you how to use Markaz app.

1. Download The App From Playstore

The first step in becoming a reseller is to download the app from the Google Play Store. Type Markaz in the search bar and download the app with Markaz’s green logo on display. 

2. Set Up Your Account

After the download has been completed, now the next step is to set up your account. This will involve providing some basic information about yourself, such as your name and email address.

3. Verify Your Account

To ensure the security of your account, you'll need to verify your email address or phone number. This will involve clicking on a link that will be sent to your inbox on your email account or phone number.

4. Link Your Facebook Account

Linking your Facebook account will allow you to promote your reselling business to your friends and followers. This step will come in handy when it’s time to start sharing your selected items with your friends and/or followers.

5. Add Business Details And Bank Details

In order to receive payments for your sales, you'll need to provide some basic information about your business, such as your business name, address, and bank details.

6. Look For Items You Want To Resell

Browse the app and look for items that you think will be popular with your target audience.

7. Start Reselling By Sharing It In Your Circle

Use your social media accounts to promote your items and attract potential customers

2. Instagram

Instagram is the social platform that is quickly becoming synonymous with e-commerce. This means that you can use Instagram’s 2 billion-plus monthly active user base to your advantage and start earning money online.

You can do this by either selling your own products or services on Instagram or you can become a reseller. You can also become an influencer and with the right amount of followers, you can charge brands for promotions, run ads, and use affiliate links to earn money.

3. YouTube

YouTube is the highest used social media platform in the world with over 2.9 billion active monthly users.

Once a YouTube channel hits 1,000 subscribers and hits the yearly target of a minimum of 4,000 watched hours the channel can be monetized. YouTube pays you up to $0.18 per view so the more views your videos get, the more your earnings will be.

So make sure that the content you are making and uploading on your channel is interesting and something people find useful and relate to so you get more subscribers and more views.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another underrated social app that can be used to generate income. You can use it to share affiliate links in different groups and on your status or even with your friends and family.

You can also use WhatsApp for your business if you have one. Make a WhatsApp business account on your business number and start engaging with your customers in a more convenient way. 

This will improve your customer service greatly and enable you to broadcast messages to a large number of individuals at the same time.

You can also use WhatsApp to drive traffic to your blog or other social media accounts. Share links to your blog posts with your contacts and share recent content you have uploaded on your socials with them as well.

You can also use WhatsApp to market and sell your services. Advertise your expertise and start getting clients through your contact list.

These are some of the many ways you can earn money online through WhatsApp.

5. Givvy

Givvy is an application that lets you earn money by playing online games and through referrals. 

The greatest thing about Givvy is that the money you earn can be transferred to your bank account within 24 hours or less.

You can also choose prizes listed on their gift list in exchange for the Givvy coins that you earn. 

6. Honeygain

Honeygain is an application that pays you for something that you may already have. If you have a strong, stable internet connection with unlimited data or a large number of MBs that go unused, honeygain can help you convert those MBs into cash.

Simply download the application on your mobile phone and leave it running in the background. Now people using that application will be able to link to your internet through Honeygain.

Honeygain keeps your information secure and only has access to the information you agree to share with them.

7. InDriver

InDriver is a ride-hailing service that you can register with as a rider. You can then accept the ride you want to take and earn money for traveling to and fro your workplace by taking rides around your work location.

8. FoodPanda

Among other things, FoodPanda is a food delivery service that also provides a platform for home chefs to list their products and sell them to a wide audience through the application.

If you have a knack for cooking or baking and enjoy making food, this could be a great opportunity for you to combine your passion and your work and earn.

9. Canva

Canva is a software that lets you make custom designs using preset templates. You can use Canva to design different things and sell them online.

Once you have your template, just upload it to any online e-commerce site such as Shopify or Etsy. Now whenever someone downloads your templates, you earn money.

A list of things you can make using Canva may include:

  • Greeting cards
  • Announcements
  • Gratitude Journals
  • Coupon booklets, etc.

10. Greetings Island

Greetings Island is another application that lets you create different announcements and greeting cards and customize them. 

You can use these to set up your business online creating and selling e-announcements. You can even use these templates to get printouts for customers who want to get hard copies. 

11. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online earning app that lets you earn money in exchange for filling out surveys. These surveys range from movies to politics and everything in between. 

You can also use Swagbucks to shop at select stores or to purchase services listed on the Swagbucks app to earn money. 

Swagbucks also pays users for viewing videos and playing games along with other tasks that can be done in exchange for money through the application. 

12. lets you buy and sell all kinds of products online. You can use to sell things online.

You can either sell things you already own and do not use anymore but are in good condition. Or you can thrift things that you feel people will be interested in and list them online to sell. 

You can also flip things such as furniture or decor items and sell them for a profit.

13. Google Pay

Google Pay is Google’s official payments application you can use to make monetary transactions. 

Using the Google Pay app to make or withdraw money gives you rewards. Similarly, if you recharge your account and add more money to your account you get rewards for it even if you use that money for something else. 

You also get a referral bonus every time someone signs up for Google Pay using your referral link

14. Foap

Foap is a money-making app for people who take and make photographs and videos. The user uploads their content to the app and every time someone buys their content, the user gets paid. 

The application takes 50% of the earnings as platform fees and you have the option to sell your content to multiple users.

15. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an application that enables you to earn and stay healthy at the same time. For every 1,000 steps walked and recorded on the sweatcoin, the app gives you 1 sweatcoin. 

Once you have enough sweatcoins, you can use those to get something from the products listed on their app. 

16. CashKaro

CashKaro is an innovative cashback app that pays users for shopping online at their favorite stores. With its omnichannel approach, CashKaro provides a great platform for shoppers to save money while still supporting their favorite brands and retailers.

The app offers a plethora of discounts and cashback options, making it easier than ever before for people to maximize their savings when they shop online.

In addition to this, users can refer friends and family members to the app and earn even more cashback on their purchases.

The earning potential that CashKaro provides is quite impressive, with users able to accumulate a large sum of money over time depending on how frequently they use the app.

Users can enjoy a cashback of up to 10% or more on each purchase made through the app at popular stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc., giving them an added incentive to splurge on their favorite brands.

Referring new members also helps them increase their earnings as they will be entitled to referral benefits every time someone signs up using their referral link.

17. HBL Konnect

HBL Konnect is a comprehensive digital banking solution from Habib Bank Limited, providing users with a wide range of financial services.

On the platform, users can transfer money domestically and abroad, pay bills, and manage their accounts with ease. Not only are these services convenient, but HBL Konnect also offers various incentives to its users.

For example, its referral program allows them to earn money by inviting new members to join the platform.

The platform also provides cashback incentives on various bill payments and mobile top-ups as a way for users to save money on everyday transactions.

Moreover, HBL Konnect gives customers various investment options such as their savings and fixed deposit accounts that help them cultivate wealth over time.

With this comprehensive financial tool at hand, people in Pakistan gain access to valuable resources that can assist them in managing their finances more efficiently online.

All in all, HBL Konnect has numerous options for users looking for an easy and secure way to make transfers or investments without having to physically visit a bank or other institution.

18. RozDhan

RozDhan is an innovative way to make money online while having fun at the same time. The app, which is popular in Pakistan, provides a range of activities and opportunities for users to make money.

By watching videos, reading the news, or referring friends to the app, users can earn rewards. Additionally, there are games and quizzes available within the app that give users an additional opportunity to boost their earnings.

The earning potential of RozDhan depends on how often and actively the user uses the app. Those who use it more frequently can expect larger payouts.

Users also have options regarding how they want to receive their earnings – they can choose from PayPal or Paytm as payment methods.

Overall, this app is a great way for people in Pakistan to increase their income without too much effort or spending large amounts of money.

19. Toptal

Toptal is an online marketplace that connects businesses around the world with top-tier freelancers for high-impact projects. The platform allows companies to quickly and efficiently fill short- and long-term positions with highly specialized professionals.

To ensure only the highest quality, Toptal pre-screens each of its applicants using a rigorous three-stage process featuring psychometric tests, video interviews, and deep technical assessment.

Once accepted, the freelancer becomes part of an exclusive global network of industry veterans who can be tapped for project needs in a variety of fields ranging from software engineering to design, finance, product management, marketing, and more.

Benefits of working with Toptal include flexible work arrangements that allow freelancers to thrive while maintaining complete control over workload timelines; competitive pay rates; access to ongoing professional development opportunities; and exposure to exciting challenges across industries.

20. Daraz Seller Center

The Daraz Seller Center is an e-commerce platform designed to make selling products online easier and more profitable. It's perfect for anyone who is just starting out in e-commerce, as it allows you to enter the market with minimal investment.

All that's required is the initial cost of the goods you wish to sell, plus any associated shipping costs.

Once your goods are ready to be sold, Daraz steps in with a wealth of helpful resources to get your product listed and advertised quickly and efficiently.

On top of helping you advertise and list your products on their marketplace, the Daraz Seller Center also provides a comprehensive customer service system.

Through this system, you can readily answer questions about your offerings and provide assistance with order fulfillment when needed.

Additionally, its marketing suite affords you access to powerful promotional tools such as targeted ads and analytics for further insight into how well your product is performing across different sales channels.

21. PomPak

PomPak is a financial management game that teaches you how to make smart decisions with your money.

Developed by the State Bank of Pakistan, this innovative program offers an engaging way for everyone from beginners to experts to learn how to earn and save money.

By navigating through various puzzles and making sound financial judgments, players will gain valuable insights on how to optimize their financial planning.

In addition to providing educational content on the basics of budgeting and wealth management, PomPak also offers users a chance to obtain certification by passing the various tests within the game.

These certificates represent not only a deeper understanding of personal finance but also a newfound confidence in managing real-life finances.

This app is well worth checking out as it could be the ideal tool for anyone looking to enhance their money management skills and pave the way for more successful investments down the line.

22.  Opinion APP (Triaba)

The Triaba Opinion APP is the perfect way to earn money online from the comfort of your own home. This app, similar to Google Opinion Rewards, compensates you for sharing your opinion with surveys and polls.

The amount earned for each survey completed ranges between $0.13 and $3.25, so you can earn a small amount of cash quickly in exchange for your answers.

The surveys are straightforward and easy to do. Most surveys don’t take more than a few minutes – so even if you only have a limited time available, you could still rake in some extra cash by participating in these surveys!

And although the payouts may not be huge compared to other income sources, they won’t take up lots of your free time either. So why not give it a try? It may turn out to be an enjoyable way to make an extra buck or two!

23. Toloka

Toloka is a revolutionary app in the market of best online earning app in Pakistan It is one of the leading earning apps in Pakistani offering cash withdrawal through methods like jazz cash, easy paisa, and bank transfer.

The signature feature of Toloka is that users do not have to attempt the same task over and over again to earn money. Instead, they can experience different tasks every time to earn money.

The coins that are given for signing up allow you to get Pak Rs 800-900 which is really great if it is your first time using Toloka.

Moreover, this app works on cryptocurrency principles unlike other apps making it much more secure for your transactions.

You can make money off this app by playing games, inviting friends, uploading pictures and so many other ways thereby giving everyone a chance to make some easy money through things they may already enjoy doing anyway.

Toloka helps people in Pakistan monetize their leisure activities as well as provides them with a convenient source of income during any financial constraints or emergency needs without having to worry about privacy breaches or hacking since all transactions are encrypted following secure protocols.

24. Clipclaps

Clipclaps is one of the most popular best earning app in Pakistan 2023, allowing people to make money without any initial investment. It features a wide range of tasks for users, from watching videos to completing surveys.

The most convenient way to earn money on this platform is by watching the videos available and receiving coins in return. These coins can be claimed and converted into a dollar after accumulating enough of them.

This fantastic feature makes it a great choice for those trying to increase their current income or just looking for some extra cash.

When collecting enough coins, users must withdraw their earned money from Clipclaps to enjoy its advantages properly.

The process couldn't be more straightforward; you just have to send an easy load to your mobile network as it usually takes only two minutes or less than that.

Zero transaction fees apply when transferring the money from the Clipclaps app and you don't have to bother with complicated bank procedures while withdrawing your earnings either.

Such convenience makes Clipclaps one of the most reliable options amongst other online earning websites out there!

25. MCXworks

MCXworks is a mobile app that allows users to earn money through the completion of various tasks. This app does not exist on the play store and must instead be obtained from its official website.

In order to use the app, users must first create an account before being able to access the two different processing methods- one paid and one free.

Not only does MCX provides instant monetary rewards for each task completed but it also grants a user with points that can be used later on special offers or discounts.

Should you require assistance in using this app, there are multiple tutorials available on YouTube that can help provide more insight as well as graphical illustrations of how this app works.

MCXworks is an excellent way for anyone looking for passive income opportunities to make some easy money from the convenience of their mobile device!

26. TRX

The TRX app is a new cryptocurrency app that allows users to quickly access and invest their funds. Upon signing up, users will be given an initial amount of TRX in their accounts.

The value of the currency is calculated in Pakistani currency, giving investors more stability when trading.

Through the app, users can withdraw their money through Jazz Cash or Easy Paisa with ease and confidence.

The TRX coin is similar to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The coin has become increasingly popular due to its accessibility and ease of use for transactions both online and in person.

Trading on the platform is completely secure, making sure that all investing history stays private and always secure.

And with the current value of Pakistani currency increasing steadily, there could be huge opportunities for investors to grow their wealth on the TRX platform.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.


Earning money is a necessary side-effect of being alive, so it is only befitting to find and leverage all avenues one can to make more money.

Using apps to make money online is one of the few ways people can earn more money. There are multiple apps in the market for this purpose.

People can choose whatever application they want to use based on how they aim to earn money. They could become resellers on the Markaz App, rider-sharing individuals on InDrive, and Chefs on FoodPanda among other things.

People can also use their free time to fill out surveys, watch videos, play games, online shop, and review items and in exchange for their services, these online earning apps will pay them.

There are challenge-based earning apps as well where for every challenge fulfilled you unlock a new level and earn points that can later be cashed or exchanged for goods.

Now that we’re ending the article, we’ll ask you one question to answer: is Markaz app real or fake?


What are some of the most popular money earning apps in Pakistan In 2023?

Research has shown that some of the most popular earning app in Pakistan 2023 are RozDhan, FreePaisa, EarnKaro, Zupee Gold, Cash Boss and Task Bucks.

Of course this earning app in Pakistan 2023 roundup is alternative to Markaz. So, read on… 

RozDhan is one of the popular online earning apps that rewards users for completing various activities such as watching videos, reading news, and playing games. Users can earn real cash by referring to other users and completing tasks on the app. Payments are made via Paytm or bank transfer. 

FreePaisa is a new earning app 2023 that allows users to make money through surveys, daily check-ins and offers from major brands. Users can also earn through a referral program when they get their friends or family members to sign up with the same referral code they have used. 

EarnKaro is another popular earning app in Pakistan 2023 users, 

It lets them shop online at discounted prices while earning cashback on every purchase made through this platform. As a bonus, EarnKaro also pays out commissions for every successful referral promoting their products or services to others. 

Zupee Gold Among quiz-based money earning apps available in Pakistan, Zupee Gold gives users regular opportunities to win cash prizes based on their skills at answering questions correctly in topics ranging from cricket to movies. 

The more accurate answers one gives during quizzes conducted within certain allotted time frames; rewards will be granted accordingly after each round of play involving many participants together at once!  

Cash Boss is a relatively new earning app 2023 in Pakistan with yet another way for people to make some extra money off of their smartphones without having invest anything upfront. 

All you must do is complete offers such as downloading apps or signing up for websites/services and getting rewarded with real cash amounts credited directly into your account (or redeemable via payment gateways). 

Finally, as far as online earning app 2023 recommendation goes, TaskBucks allows Pakistani residents access work opportunities like micro tasks - surveys & feedback forms along with product reviews or content writing assignments etc., which they can carry out while being anywhere away from home.