Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Facebook has a massive 2.9 million monthly active users and is one of the leading social media platforms to leverage if one is looking to earn money on Facebook.

Facebook is the unofficial pioneer of the new age of social media and despite the newer platforms that have since joined the digital media lineup, Facebook still has an excellent standing.

This makes it a great platform if you are looking for Facebook earning in Pakistan . However, it isn’t as straightforward to make  on Facebook. One needs to know their monetization eligibility and the community rules and regulations to maximize Facebook earning in Pakistan.


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Is it possible to earn money on Facebook? 

The first question we must address before delving into the details of how to make money on Facebook, is whether we can make earn money on Facebook and if we can, can we make  money on Facebook in Pakistan?

With more than 4 billion views every day, the potential to earn money on Facebook exists. Facebook knows this too and has introduced new ways for people to monetize their Facebook accounts and also make money through Facebook earning in Pakistan ideas.

You can choose to have a single account for personal use and as a monetizing profile as well, but it is best to keep your personal profile and your Facebook pages that you aim to earn  from separate accounts.

Before you start, do keep in mind that Facebook monetization in Pakistan  isn’t an overnight thing. It is a time taking and tedious process and may take you some time before you are eligible to monetize your Facebook and make money.

Facebook Monetization In Pakistan Eligibility

If you are unsure about your Facebook monetization in Pakistan eligibility, it is highly recommended that you check it before you start working to make  money on Facebook in Pakistan, or anywhere else in the world.

This will save you from a lot of trouble if you don’t and you can figure out how to become eligible for Facebook monetization in Pakistan. If you already are eligible, then you can go on ahead and start your journey to figure out how to make  money on Facebook in Pakistan or across the Globe.

How To Monetize Facebook Account In Pakistan?

Wondering how to monetize Facebook account in Pakistan?

To be able to monetize your Facebook account, you need to have a significant amount of followers on your page. 

You need to be at least 18 years old to qualify for Facebook Monetization in Pakistan. To check your eligibility, follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook Creator Studio
  2. Visit Home Page
  3. Click the Monetization tab on the right side 
  4. Check the Overview section.
  5. Review which monetization are you eligible for.
  6. Enter your details
  7. Tap ‘’Set up Monetization’’

Facebook has three categories to decide an account's monetization eligibility if you want to know how to monetize Facebook account in Pakistan:

  1. Facebook Community Standards
  2. Partner Monetization Policies
  3. Content Monetization Policies

1. Facebook Community Standards

These are the general rules and guidelines for anyone on Facebook that should not be violated if you are learning how to monetize Facebook account in Pakistan.

These may include directions on what kind of content and information is not allowed on Facebook for example:

  • Wine
  • Illegal drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons
  • Spreading Hate Speech 
  • Sharing Misinformation
  • Animals
  • Real money gambling products
  • Some healthcare products
  • No Graphic Content
  • No Unsafe Content, etc.

2. Partner Monetization Policies

These policies pertain to the integrated payment systems that you intend to use for monetary transactions and to make online payments. This is relevant to not just your page on Facebook but the content you publish as well.

3. Content Monetization Policies

This is a check and balance on the type of content you publish on your page and is relevant to your entire page’s content and to each and every individual piece of content you publish.

Is Facebook Monetization Available In Pakistan?

Are you still wondering, "Is Facebook monetization available in Pakistan?" Let's end that suspense.

Meta's New Launch: Facebook Stars

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has rolled out its exciting new feature - Facebook Stars. 

For our talented creators in Pakistan, this is the golden ticket to connect deeper with their fans and, yes, earn from their content.

An Announcement to Remember

After his visit to Meta’s Asia Pacific hub in Singapore, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto took to video, sharing, “Huge shoutout from @Meta! Is Facebook monetization available in Pakistan? 

Absolutely! Pakistani creators, it's your time to shine on @facebook. With the new Facebook Stars, earn from what you love doing. 

Grateful to be the first from Pakistan to be at Meta and share this with all of you. A massive thanks to the Meta crew!"

An Insight Into Facebook Stars

Wondering how it works? Facebook Stars is all about rewarding your creativity. 

Whether you're sharing videos, photos, or even text posts, your audience can show their appreciation by buying Stars and sending them your way. 

And whether you're live or have on-demand content with Stars turned on, the love can flow in.

But here's another big question, "Is Facebook monetization available in Pakistan for everyone?" 

Well, if you're a creator with at least 1,000 followers and have been active in the past 60 days, you're in to make money using Facebook.

How It Benefits Pakistani Creators

Although you can make money using Facebook, it isn't just about making money; it's about building a connection. 

With Facebook Stars, creators can track earnings, set milestones, and explore various settings for an optimized experience. 

It's accessible across various Facebook platforms, from Reels to Live, on-demand videos, and more. 

So, for the last time, if you're wondering, "Is Facebook monetization available in Pakistan?" - It's a big yes which means it's time to turn those stars into earnings.

How Facebook Pays You In 2023?

Curious about 'how Facebook pays you in 2023'? 

Well, it's streamlined and efficient. If your account qualifies for monetization, you'll need to set up your payment details. 

  • Start by launching your Messenger app if you want to set up a payment method to see how Facebook pays you. 
  • Next, tap your profile picture at the top left. As you scroll, you'll find the 'Facebook Pay' option. 
  • Here, you'll get choices to either add a new debit card or link your PayPal account. 
  • After selecting, input your payment details and hit 'Save'. 

That's it! That's how Facebook pays you in 2023. Remember, always ensure your details are accurate to avoid payment hiccups.

How Can I Earn Money From Facebook In Pakistan?

Are you wondering “How can I make money from facebook in Pakistan?”

Once you have established that you do have Facebook Monetization Eligibility and are willing to put in the hard work to make money, we can move on to the much-awaited step to answer your question - how can I make money from Facebook in Pakistan  in Pakistan and all over the world.

There are multiple ways to make money using Facebook. We have listed down a few of them for you to benefit from

  1. Markaz App
  2. Facebook Videos
  3. Subscription Links
  4. Leverage your followers
  5. Brand Collaborations
  6. Live Video Stars
  7. Online Paid Events
  8. Redirecting Traffic
  9. Facebook MarketPlace
  10. Participate in Giveaways and Challenges
  11. Find Employment
  12. Referral Bonus Opportunities
  13. Sell your Expertise
  14. Facebook Groups

1. Markaz App

How can I make money from Facebook in Pakistan through the Markaz App?

Markaz App is a great place to start if you figuring out how to make  money using Facebook in Pakistan.

Markaz App is a great place to start if you figuring out how to earn money on Facebook in Pakistan.

Markaz App is a social commerce platform that connects resellers to wholesalers. The app has over 10,000 products across 35+ categories that a reseller can choose from.

Markaz App takes care of all logistics, delivery, and payments which means the reseller only has to focus on selling. It also lets you decide the profit margin the reseller wants to keep above the wholesale price.

Products are mentioned with their wholesale price on the platform. The reseller shares the link to their contacts and whenever someone buys using the resellers link, the reseller earn the profits.

This makes the Markaz App one of the easiest ways to earn on Facebook. Resellers can add links to their products in their videos, share them in groups, influencers can endorse a product and share a purchase link to earn from Facebook.

2. Facebook Videos

Using your videos to embed ads in them increases the probability of the ad being viewed entirely instead of being skipped as soon as possible. 

This is based on the hypothesis which stands true to a great extent that if a viewer has watched a significant part of a video on Facebook and then the ad plays, the viewer is more likely to not skip the ad. 

This will not only increase your ad views but also the duration of the ad being viewed by your followers. Which in turn would mean more money for you.

3. . How To Make Money From Facebook Without Investment Through Subscription Links

How to make money from Facebook without investment?

If you have a loyal following it is a great idea to add subscription links to your account that are paid to access.

For instance, a travel vlogger with a sizable following may start a Patreon account or launch a monthly newsletter with exclusive snippets for paid subscribers.

If you are working on a project or idea that people are interested in, you can even set up a Go Fund Me account to get people to support you financially as well as engage with your content.

If you are curious about how to make money from Facebook without investment, do keep in mind that subscription links are an exclusive feature of Facebook offered only to those creators who have:

  • 10,000 plus followers or 250 plus return viewers
  • 50,000 engagements on their published content or 180,000 minutes of watch time.

If you are able to achieve the above by learning how to make money from Facebook without investment, Facebook sends you an invitation to use fan subscriptions.

4. Leverage your Followers

Many Facebook users often question “How can I make money from Facebook in Pakistan?” Monetisation is what helps you make money through Facebook.

We have established that Facebook monetization’s key is having a robust fan following with a healthy engagement rate.

Facebook has decided to curb the Tiktok influx of videos on their platform by incentivizing Facebook creators and influencers to promote organic content. 

Facebook has set different challenges for creators and influencers in terms of the total number of views they get on a video that is Facebook-specific. Reaching the targeted volume of views can earn the creator or influencer up to $4,000!

5. Brand Collaborations

It is the classic way of earning money online across various platforms with followers. If you have a sizable fan base that follows you, you can partner up with different brands looking for digital collaborators to create content for them and promote it on your platform.

So if you are wondering how to make money from Facebook without investment, brand collaborations is a great idea.

This is a great option for people looking to monetize their Facebook account and have existing content that is consumed by their audience and is in line with all Facebook community guidelines.

Do keep in mind that if you are going for a brand collaboration, you will need access to their Brand Collabs Manager which you will have to request them to share with you.

6. Live Video Stars

Stars is a new feature of Facebook. It is a way to earn through streaming a live video from your platform. 

You go live on video online on Facebook and your viewers can buy and send you stars to support you. Whenever a viewer sends a star, they get visibility on the live video.

This is another way Facebook is trying to get more organic and Facebook-specific content generated on the platform. It is a way for viewers to feel closer to their favorite creators and influencers.

You can get a cent for every star that a viewer sends you. The different types of videos you can stream online can be online virtual classes, online concerts, panel discussions, get-ready-with-me sessions, and so on.

7. Online Paid Events

You can host online events by giving your viewers paid access. This means it is exclusive for only those Facebook users who pay for it. 

To set up paid online events, you need to enable the paid online events option on your page. Follow these steps to set it up:

  • Open your Facebook Page
  • Click on Events
  • Create a new event
  • Click the paid option
  • Add relevant information
  • Add the cost per ticket
  • Click done.

You have just created a paid online event. Now whoever wishes to attend your event will be able to purchase a ticket online through your event page.

On the day of the event, they can log into your Facebook event and enjoy the live stream. You can later make that live stream available to the general public to view it for free to get stars.

8. Redirect traffic

If you have a business or a blog or any other online store, you can add links to those on your Facebook posts and direct people to your website.

This will increase the traffic to your blog and get you more. Ads revenue. If you are a business this would mean more sales for your business.

9. Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook MarketPlace is a great place to find epic deals on many products and services. You can list as a seller and sell things or buy things, flip them and then resell them for a greater profit.

With Facebook Marketplace, the world is yours to conquer.

10. Participate in giveaways and challenges

Many businesses hold regular giveaways and online challenges. They offer cash prizes and/or products worth a specific value to the winners of these giveaways and challenges.

Businesses can host these giveaways and challenges themselves or partner with creators and influencers to support them in reaching a wider audience.

As a creator or influencer, you can invite your audience to participate in these and you can also participate in challenges or get nominated in challenges yourself and ask your viewers to vote for you to win. 

You can also participate in giveaways and challenges and earn cash or in-kind prizes upon winning.

11. Find Employment

You can use Facebook to look for job opportunities. You can also use the jobs you find and share them with your audience for referrals by becoming a headhunter for companies.

12. Referral Bonus Opportunities

Many companies offer referral bonuses to people who refer others to their platform. You can look for those referrals and share them with your viewers. 

Whenever someone joins using your referral link, you get paid.

13. Sell your expertise

If you have certain expertise, gather a sizable following by sharing valuable snippets on your subject matter.

Once you feel you have enough followers, you can sell your expertise by either creating merchandise people would want or create online courses that you can sell.

14. How To Earn From Facebook Groups

How to earn from Facebook groups?

There are multiple ways of monetizing Facebook groups and seeing how to earn from Facebook groups. 

Here’s how to earn from Facebook groups:

You can make  money on Facebook by making your own group, and by joining an existing group as well.

You can have a membership fee, you can sell products and services to your members, and you can also use your groups for affiliate marketing once you have a sizable group.

Now that you know how to earn from Facebook groups, you can leverage Facebook to make quick money from the comfort of your home.


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In today's world, if you set your mind to it, you can monetize anything, including your Facebook Pages  if you are eligible for monetization by Facebook.

Figuring out how to make  money on Facebook in Pakistan and abroad is not a challenge. Getting Facebook pages to the level that you start earning through Facebook is. So be sure to stay consistent and the results will speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many followers on Facebook to get paid in 2023?

If you're keen on tapping into Facebook's subscription-based monetization, the criteria are specific. 

To unlock this feature, your Facebook pages should boast a following of at least 10,000. 

However, if you don't hit this number, there's an alternative route. Having 250 or more returning viewers can also open this door for you.

Yet, that's not all. Facebook further requires that within the past two months, your content should either have engaged 50,000 times or amassed 180,000 watch minutes. 

These figures emphasize the platform's preference for engaging content that captivates its user base.

2. Does Facebook pay for reels in 2023?

Facebook Reels, inspired by the short-form video trend, has been a point of interest for many creators. 

However, by 2023, Facebook is taking a shift. According to their recent announcement, from March 9, 2023, the platform will no longer offer new or renew existing Reels Play deals. 

If you're a creator currently on a Reels Play deal, don't worry; Facebook intends to uphold its reel payment feature until your existing deal ends.

Additionally, it's worth noting that tools that were once part of the Creator Studio have transitioned over to Meta's Business Suite, which indicates how the brand is taking a more integrated approach to the brand's ecosystem.

3. How much does Facebook pay per 1,000 views in 2023?

One of the frequently asked questions is, undoubtedly, about the revenue: how much does one earn for the views their content garners? In 2023, Facebook has a general rate in place for video creators and publishers. 

For every 1,000 views, they can expect earnings between $10 to $19, which translates to approximately $0.01 to $0.02 for each view.

To put it in perspective, if your video goes viral and secures, say, 100,000 views, you could earn anywhere from $1,000 to $1,900. 

The rate shows the potential for creators to generate substantial revenue if they consistently create engaging content that resonates with the target audience.