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Marketing with Facebook: Step-by-Step Process for 2023 is the best way to start for anyone looking to run a successful business online. 

On average, with 66% of users visiting a local business’s Facebook page at least once every week, marketing with Facebook has become the need of the hour. 

Using Facebook as a marketing tool can be overwhelming as you try to figure out the strategy most suited to your business and how to execute it best. There is no one way of marketing with Facebook because it constantly evolves as the platform grows. 

Hence, getting a grip on the basics and learning how to do Facebook marketing will help you navigate and better execute a business strategy and will optimize Facebook as a marketing tool for you and you can earn money as well.

Marketing with Facebook Explained

Facebook marketing assists businesses in engaging with and retaining their customer's attention. To increase sales and brand recognition, content relevant to the business is shared online. 

Facebook also offers sponsored and organic business management solutions. The Facebook Page for Business is engaging, easy to set up, and provides a full range of tools that lets you engage with your audience directly.


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Types of Facebook Marketing

Types of Facebook Marketing

There are multiple different types of marketing tools to be used with Facebook. We will explain them and make it as easy as learning Facebook marketing for beginners. Some of the different types of Facebook marketing are as follows:

  • Image Ads

With the use of a single image and an optional footer, image advertising lets you showcase your company, product, or service.

You may boost a post that contains an image from a Facebook Page or generates image advertisements from the Meta Ads Manager. You can use picture advertising to boost interest in your products or services.

  • Video Ads

The popularity of video marketing has been rising quickly.  A video's narrative explanation and clear directions always help your viewers retain the message better. 

The majority of time spent on Facebook is spent watching videos with more than 1.25 billion users watching videos monthly on Facebook. While image advertising uses still images or static graphics, video ads use moving images.

  • Carousel Ads

Up to 10 pictures and/or videos can be displayed in a single ad using the carousel style, each with its title, description, link, and call to action.

You can exhibit various goods in a carousel ad along with descriptions about a particular good or service, or a current campaign. 

You may weave a narrative about your company through each card in the carousel. On a mobile device, users swipe, and on a computer, users click the arrows to scroll through a carousel.

  • Lead Generating Ads

You may utilize lead generation advertisements to get contact information for your business such as email address, contact information, demographics, interests, etc.

This information is gathered from people who showed an interest in your business by clicking on your ad and can become potential customers.

You may utilize a lead-generating form, also known as an instant form, in your campaign using Facebook lead advertisements. Instant forms are particularly helpful for mobile users, who spend over 1/6th of their day on their mobiles.

  • Collection Ads

A seamless and immersive transition from discovery to purchase is made possible by the ad type known as Collection. Each collection ad has a main video or image at the top, followed by a three-part grid featuring smaller images at the bottom. 

There are several innovative choices to choose from to showcase your merchandise so pick the images or videos that best represent your business and are most relevant to your target audience for the ad. 

  • Live Video Ads

You may reach a bigger audience by using Facebook Live videos to advertise your goods and services. From your Facebook Page or Ads Manager, you may promote your live video immediately. 

You may make an advertisement from this point on, and advertise your Facebook live video either during the broadcast or after it finishes.

  • Poll Ads

With Facebook's poll advertisements, you can ask your audience a question and give them a choice of two possible replies. You may conduct a survey of your target audience with poll advertisements.

Facebook poll advertising may use graphics or videos too. A poll that you add to your video ad makes an appearance on Instagram Stories and the Facebook Mobile Feed.

Importance of Facebook Marketing for business

Importance of Facebook Marketing for business

Facebook for marketing enables marketers to produce and share user-friendly content of high quality enabling sales. It is also a platform for existing and potential customers to communicate with your business.

  • It redirects traffic from active users to your business resulting in potential sales.
  • You have the autonomy to customize your ads in line with your marketing objectives and strategy to target the ideal customer for your business
  • You can tailor the call-to-actions for your audience on an individual level. 
  • You have full control over the budget you want to allocate to your ad campaigns in line with the results you desire. 
  • It is easy to execute and analyze marketing campaigns, hence Facebook tools and Facebook marketing for beginners venturing into the world of online business are great assets.
  • It helps to retain your existing customers all the while increasing your reach and bringing in a greater number of active users as your target audience.

Facebook Ads - the when, why, and how explained

Facebook Ads - the when, why, and how explained

Knowing the rules of the game is a must irrespective of what the game is. Similarly, reading Facebook’s Ad policies before using Facebook as a marketing tool is very important and can save you time and trouble in the long run.

The basics are pretty self-explanatory.

  • Do not deceive 
  • Do not scam
  • Do not lie
  • Do not discriminate
  • Do not spread hate speech
  • Do not sell harmful things
  • Do not do anything illegal
  • Do not send viruses 
  • Do not share harmful software
  • Do not show profanity or explicit content
  • Do not incite violence
  • Do not spread false information

There are many other rules and you should read up on them and abide by them. Use Facebook’s ad manager to manage your ads and keep track of them.

Facebook Marketing Tools

There are multiple tools for Facebook marketing. Some of the most famous ones are HubSpot and Facebook commerce manager. You can also use Hootsuite or Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook marketing tools are best to help you manage your ads, to respond to customer queries via inbox or comments, and publish and analyze your content and how it is performing.

Almost all marketing tools allow you to connect all your social media accounts from various platforms so you can manage them all from one place. 

Step-by-Step process of Creating a Facebook business profile

The question arises, how to do Facebook marketing? To start, you need to have a Facebook business profile.

A business profile is essential to not only market with a dedicated budget but to also market if you do not intend to invest any money initially. 

A Facebook business profile is also important to form partnerships that are beneficial for your business and engage with influencers for PRs or endorsements. 

1. Create a Facebook Business Page

To have a Facebook Business Page, one has to have a personal Facebook account. You can use your existing profile or create a separate personal account using your business’s official email address.

On your home page at the top right corner, there is a grid made of 9 dots. Click on that and a drop-down menu will pop open. Click on Page and enter the related details from the name of the business to the category.

2. Develop a targeted Facebook marketing strategy

You are now ready to start marketing your business on Facebook. To do so, you will need to develop a laser-focused marketing strategy to target your target audience.

Define Target Audience

You need to define your target audience based on their demographics and interests. Some of the things you should know the 

  • Age
  • Interests
  • Socio-economic background
  • What pain points is your business targeting

Define your Goals

Once you have your audience analysis done and your target audience defined, you can now define your goals i.e. what do you want to achieve from your Facebook marketing? You may want to 

  • Create brand awareness
  • Generate more sales
  • Direct more traffic to your web page
  • Curate a brand identity

3. How to grow your Facebook Account for Business

There are multiple ways to grow your Facebook Account for Business. Some of these may be through

  • Facebook Ads
  • Invite people to like, share, save, and comment on your page
  • Giveaways and Influencer marketing
  • Stay on top of top trends and generate content that has the potential to go viral
  • Host Facebook lives
  • Have an email broadcast list
  • Link your Facebook page to all your other social media platforms and website

4. Generate sharable content for your Facebook Business Page

A content marketing plan is essential as your conversion rates are directly proportional to the amount of content you post. 

Combine photos and videos with material that is instructive, entertaining, and promotional when marketing with Facebook. Aim to deliver the most value and information with each post.

Try to aim for 5 posts every week so that you don't overdo your marketing and annoy your audience and not so less that you are out of sight out of mind.  

5. Best practices to engage with your Facebook audience 

It is not enough to have a Facebook Business page and marketing with Facebook requires engaging with your Facebook audience. 

It is best to know the ideal timings to post on your business page to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Reshare user-generated content on your profile such as reviews and people enjoying your products or services.

The videos and photos you use should be of high quality and eye-catching to draw the audience’s gaze. Respond to the comments and inbox messages timely.

Keep your posts short and sweet and always incorporate a call to action in your posts. These are some of the best practices to engage with your Facebook audience. 

  1. Track your Facebook business page’s performance

There is an insights tab on the right side of your Facebook Business page. Use these analytics to track your page’s performance and figure out what kind of content does the best for your page with the most engagement.


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Markaz lists products sourced from wholesalers. Resellers registered on the Markaz App can take a link and share it in their social circle or through their social media business page. Whenever someone purchases using your link, the markup as set by the reseller is theirs to keep. 

People have created a Facebook business page and load pictures from the portal and whenever someone wants to purchase they share their affiliate link and generate passive income through marketing with Facebook.


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Concluding Remarks

The importance of Facebook marketing is undeniable and this detailed step-by-step is the ultimate guide to understanding marketing with Facebook for your business.

With over 2.11 billion users on Facebook, there is a huge potential to generate sales and retain and gain customers for your business. Starting a business page on Facebook is easy and just the first step to marketing your business on Facebook. 

There is a lot more that goes into successful marketing with Facebook. This Marketing with Facebook: Step-by-Step Process for 2023 is a comprehensive guide to achieving your marketing goals and objectives.