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What does your future in the market industry look like? With a whole lot of competition comes the need for in-depth market research and relevant insights. No matter which industry you belong to, the saturated market will leave a spillover effect on your business sooner or later. 

The majority of the business industries rely on market research to combat the impact of competition and stay on top of the market. Facebook ads library plays its part by providing extensive market information to businesses to help them overtake the competition.

The Facebook Ads Library is a treasure trove of data for social media advertisers. The ad library is Facebook's public collection of all ads that have run on their platform. If you've ever wondered how well your competitor's Facebook ad campaigns perform, the ad library is an excellent place to start your analysis.

The Facebook Ads library is revolutionizing marketing campaigns by providing a platform where you meet every customer at their precise location. 

Here’s a guide to using the Facebook ads library to maximize your reach and scale your business growth.


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Market Research in Today’s World

What is Facebook Ads Library?

With the market research industry globally producing $45 billion in revenue annually, Facebook provides a digital library with comprehensive information on all the paid advertisements posted on its platform known as the  Facebook ads library

Facebook Ads Library is a free tool that allows you to search for and download ads from the past 90 days. You can search for ads by topic, audience, device and date. The information available in this library includes the ad's name, headline, description, copy and images.

Since its inception, this market research tool has been utilized by people from several industries such as journalism, government agencies, brands, etc. 

Don’t you always want to keep an eye on your competitor’s next move and stay one step ahead to maintain a competitive edge in the market?

 In 2019 Facebook created a space to provide open access to ad analytics. Whether you are a Facebook user or not, the Facebook ads library is available to give you an insight into the marketing campaigns all over the platform.

How to access the Facebook Ads Library:

  • Go to the Ads Manager page in Business Manager.
  • Click the dropdown menu next to your company name and select Ad Library .

The Need for an Ads Library

Being surrounded by cutthroat competition, every business needs to remain on its toes to see the daylight. While you can be doing your best, someone will always be ahead of you. 

By keeping track of your competitor’s decisions and choosing your next move tactfully, you not only maintain the market leader position but gain a strong customer base. 

This is where the need for a digital library with relevant marketing information came into perspective. Facebook launched its digital ad library to enable businesses to gain a holistic view of their competitor’s ad campaigns and utilize their creative insights to revamp their marketing strategies. 

Facebook’s digital library facilitates every business to access a transparent platform that allows a sneak peek into competitors’ actions free of cost. Many businesses operating in the red ocean fall behind due to a lack of market research tools. By availing of Facebook’s ad library, every business can view the competition without exhausting their finances.

Suppose you sign up for a partnership with the Markaz App and plan to initiate your first sales transaction by sharing the desired products from our catalog within your social circle through Facebook, who would not want to gain a quick insight into the competitor’s marketing analytics to evaluate and revamp their strategies? 

With constant innovation and ruthless competition, the digital ad library created by Facebook supports its users to gain access to all the landing pages of promotional campaigns running on its platform.  

Features of Facebook Ad Library

Features of Facebook Ad Library

1. Worldwide Availability

Whether you are present in the cosmopolitan USA or monarchic Saudi Arabia, the digital ad library is available to fulfill your business requirements all around the world. 

Every country that needs ad authorization can access the Facebook library. Other than some restricted content such as gambling and alcohol ads, every user can gain entrance into the library without logging in to their Facebook accounts. 

For restricted information, Facebook requires users to log in from their accounts as underaged users have limited access to content to ensure maximum safety. The worldwide availability of this platform supports businesses all around the world to conduct market research with utmost efficiency.

2. Maximum Ad information

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms used by the Markaz App resellers to get in touch with their customers and share product information. 

If you are a Markaz reseller and want to utilize all its features, it is crucial to advertise your products on the relevant social media platforms. We recommend our valued resellers access Facebook's library to view ad insights. 

The digital library gathers information from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram which shows its relevance as a searchable database for the top social media platforms. All you need to do is enter a keyword and it will bring up all the ads within a day along with the update history by the creator.

3. Quick Research

Enter your desired keyword and the library will provide a comprehensive search result displaying all the ads relevant to your search intent. Whether it is a page, post, or Instagram video, the digital library will bring it all together for you on its platform. 

To access advertisements other than social and political issues, users have to visit a page in the Library as such ads are not shown via the search engine. 

The digital library features a filter to obtain ads relevant to your region, state, or page name. Market research has never been easier. With the Markaz App, we aim to boost your sales and provide a smooth stream of income which is only possible by conducting effective market research through the Facebook ad library.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

How to Use the Facebook Ads Library

How to Use the Facebook Ads Library

Are you a Markaz reseller who wants to navigate through the ad goldmine developed by Facebook? 

Here’s a quick guide on how to use it for maximizing your market research.

1. Access the Library

The first step to utilizing the Facebook library is to access it via this link or search engine. 

Next, add your current location, ad category, and focus keyword to search for ads on the platform. 

The results will ensure you gain maximum market knowledge about the current business trends. 

2. Track Your Competitors

If you have a business, you may have noticed that your competitors are spending money on Facebook ads to promote their products or services. If so, you may want to see what they're doing and try to replicate it for yourself.

One way to do this is by using the Facebook Ads Library feature. It allows you to see all of the ads that your competitors have been running on Facebook in the past seven days. This includes what their ads look like and how much money they spent on them.

You can find out how your competitors are advertising by searching for a specific company name or keyword in the search bar at the top of any page inside of Facebook's Ads Manager app (it's not available as part of the desktop). The results will show you any ads that match your search criteria and how much each ad cost its owner.

3. Use Location Filters

The Markaz App enables you to resell all across Pakistan and facilitates quick delivery through its efficient logistic partners consisting of Trax, MNP, and Leopard. 

With the wide delivery network, our resellers can target a broad range of customers but every product has a specific target market. Make sure you focus on the relevant target market and do not go haywire while designing your operational strategy. 

Filter out the search by specific locations and review the ads running in your desired geographic area. You will gain access to all the ads running in your target segment through the drop-down list or search option. Another option is to visit a particular competitor’s Ad library page and filter out the ad based on your preferences.

4. Utilize A/B Testing

 A/B testing is a powerful tool for market research. It allows you to test different versions of your ads to see which ones are more effective.

A/B Testing works by creating two versions of your product, then showing each version to different groups of users. The product with the higher conversion rate will be determined as the winner.

Will your competitor’s current strategy work out for your brand? Conduct A/B testing to find out the best strategy between your two hypotheses. You can test your hypothesis by changing variables through A/B testing. Choose between the two strategies through Facebook’s performance analysis based on cost per conversion or cost per result basis. 

It is a quick way to measure the impact of two strategies or changes in the campaign.

5. Analyze the Competitor’s Budget

Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool that lets you measure your competitors’ media spend. You can see how much they are spending on a daily basis, which ads they are running, and where their traffic is coming from. This information can be very useful when planning your own campaign strategy.

Does Facebook require you to spend half of your financial resources on its platform to run an ad? Not really, as its algorithm focuses on ad quality, engagement, and action rate to determine the ranking of an ad on its platform. Create a powerful ad that ticks all the boxes and marks your territory through Facebook.

The Markaz Academy provides guidance, support, and education regarding strategies that resonate with the customers and scale business growth. As our resellers offer a bespoke experience to the customers by a customized experience through Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, we recommend them to use the Facebook Ad library for market research and design their upcoming strategies effectively. 


Facebook has made it easier than ever for businesses to research their competition and find new customers. The Ad Library is a treasure trove of data that can help you understand your industry, learn from your competitors, and even find potential leads. By taking advantage of this free resource, you can start selling with Markaz App today. 

Follow the above-mentioned guideline once you sign up as a reseller with the Markaz App and let the Facebook ad library do its magic to take your new business venture to places. 

We diversify your income stream through the Markaz Academy which enables our resellers to stand out by being the torch bearer for them. 

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