Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Good old times when one person would earn, and a family would live comfortably. But today, with all the economic crunch, hikes in fuel prices, and low or no annual increments, a standard lifestyle is becoming a dream. 

Even when both partners earn, the living situation is mostly hand-to-mouth. Having side hustles and online gigs have become a necessity. Your saving account looks like empty wells of Thar desert. 

Making money online in Pakistan is a growing trend that doesn't slow down anytime soon. There are many ways to earn online without investing a dime. This is possible due to ample marketplaces, platforms, and freelancing gigs available for Pakistanis based within the country and internationally. 

While there are many ways to make money online, some of the most popular methods include selling products or services, taking surveys, participating in affiliate marketing programs, and writing articles or blog posts. 

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the many ways you can make money online in Pakistan today! Whatever method you choose, there's sure to be an opportunity to make money online that suits your skills and interests.


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10 Creative Ways To Make Money Online In Pakistan

1. Markaz App

Markaz is a new online earning app in Pakistan that aims to give more than one millions of entrepreneurial opportunities to people who do not have access to efficient online earning platforms. 

In that sense it’s a decent option for anyone looking to make money online in Pakistan – and that too, without any investment.

The question is, how does a zero investment platform legitimately outperform the competition in the Pakistani eCommerce industry?

The answer’s simple.

Markaz spearheads communication to connect buyers with resellers, and eventually the wholesale retailers acting as anonymous stock sources.

Your role will be to work as a reseller, someone who spots different products on Markaz App, and then promotes them across different private networks, such as;

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram Messages
  • Facebook Messages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Conventional SMS Messages

Practically, speaking the list could go on and on. 

The point is, anyone can start reselling without spending anything to scale the business. It’s a self-starter model basically. 

Moving on, whenever someone places an order, Markaz resellers buy that product by placing the exact order with a sourced wholesale dealer. Meanwhile, courier services do their due diligence to pick up and deliver the order, on behalf of the reseller.

Markaz claims unparalleled access to funds disbursement within 48 – 72 hours (*max) of each order completion. 

But there’s more…

Of course, if you are a budding first time entrepreneur in Pakistan, you’ve had your fair share of scammers. Yes, they do litter the online buyer experience with deceptive services and product listings. To mitigate this issue, Markaz has a bunch of quality assurance specialists to ensure that wholesale dealers are in line with the company’s policy.

Vendors with faulty products aren’t entertained – and even if something slips through the cracks, buyers are offered instant refund on behalf of the said reseller. 

Utilizing video, long-form articles, and guides, the Markaz App's online academy educates resellers on selecting listed products and categorizing them to promote, updating their marketing tactics across digital channels, and optimizing their selling tactics. 

2. Freelancing

In Pakistan, the term "freelancing" is picked up as a way to make money. Many people don't realize that freelancing can be one of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan. If you have a talent for writing, editing, assisting, or social media, then freelancing is a job option you can consider without investing anything. 

All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Once you find a freelancing job that interests you, complete the task and submit it to the client. You will then get paid for your work - usually on a per-task or per-hour basis. So if you're looking for a way to make some extra money, consider freelancing! It's a great way to earn money online in Pakistan.

For many people, freelancing is the perfect way to make money online. It offers the opportunity to work from home, set your own hours, and choose your own projects. And with the vast array of online tools and resources available, it has never been easier to get started. If you're looking to make money online in Pakistan, here are some tips to get you started on the right foot.

Create a portfolio that showcases your work. This will give potential clients an idea of your skill level and what you're capable of. Be sure to include samples that highlight your unique strengths and abilities.

Finally, stay organized and stay focused. Keep a detailed schedule of your assignments and deadlines, and invoice promptly after each project is completed. As with any job, freelancing requires time and dedication to be successful. 

Some of the popular websites for freelancing in Pakistan are, BrightSpyre, Bayrozgar, and Mustakbil are bringing employers and talent together.

3. Data Entry

There are many ways to make money online in Pakistan, but data entry is perhaps one of the easiest. These jobs are best for people who are not qualified and want to work from home. All you require is good typing speed and a good command of the English language for these jobs. 

You do not need any educational background to do these jobs. Companies will often outsource their data entry needs to freelancers, so there is always a demand for these services. 

Data entry is an excellent option if you are looking for an easy way to make money online in Pakistan without investment. Just be sure to find a reputable company to work for, and you can start earning money right away.

One of the primary reasons many people opt for data entry jobs is that they do not require any investment or registration fee. You can start these online data entry jobs from home without investment. 

You just need to create your profile to make money online in Pakistan, and if you pass the test, you can start working right away. This makes it very convenient for those who want to work from home but cannot afford to invest in a job.

Additionally, most data entry sites offer flexibility in terms of hours and days, so you can work when most convenient for you. So if you are looking for a way to make some extra money without having to leave your home, data entry might be the perfect solution for you.

4. YouTube

These days, everyone is looking for ways to make extra money. And with the rise of the internet, there are more opportunities than ever to do just that. One of the most popular platforms for earning money online is YouTube. 

You can find creators from all over the world making a living by sharing their talents and creativity. If you're interested in earning money online in Pakistan, YouTube is a great option. 

There are several different ways to make money on the platform, and all you need is a creative mind and a willingness to put in some consistent effort. So if you're looking for an easy way to make some extra cash, then YouTube is definitely worth checking out.

Making money on YouTube is a great way to monetize your online content. Whether you're a content creator or just looking to earn some extra cash, there are a few ways to do it. The first revenue stream you can explore is ads. 

By joining the YouTube Partner Program and setting up monetization, you can start earning money from your YouTube channel. You'll need to have a certain number of subscribers and watch hours and meet other requirements to do this. Once approved, you can start running ads on your videos and earning money for every thousand views. 

You can also explore other revenue streams, such as selling products or services or partnering with brands and businesses. Whatever route you choose, there's potential to earn some serious money on YouTube.

As anyone who's spent any time on social media knows, influencers are everywhere. And while some people may see them as nothing more than people with large followings who get paid to promote products, the truth is that they can be potent marketing tools. 

Brands are well aware of this and increasingly invest in influencer marketing and sponsorships. This creates a massive opportunity for you as a creator if you can negotiate the right deals. By aligning yourself with the right brands, you can make good money and help promote products and services that you believe in. 

So if you're looking for a way to make money online in Pakistan, influencer marketing is definitely something to consider.

5. Sell Photos Online 

If you are a passionate photographer and looking for ways to make some extra money, then selling your photos online could be a great option. There are several ways to do this, and with a bit of research, you can find the platform that best suits your needs. 

While you might not become a millionaire overnight, selling your photos online is a great way to make some extra money while doing something that you love. Platforms such as Etsy and Shutterstock allow you to sell your photos as digital downloads, while others, such as Foap, will pay you for each sold photo. So what are you waiting for? Start snapping away and start earning!

Selling photos through a stock site is an excellent income-generating idea, and it's incredibly well suited for people in Pakistan who are looking for how to make money online. You can upload a photo once and sell it repeatedly, pretty much forever. 

You may have to submit a selection of pictures and be accepted before becoming a contributor to an online stock photo library. Still, some sites will continue reviewing all your submissions and happily bounce any that they think do not meet their standards. 

In general, making money through stock photography is a question of volume: the more good quality photos you can upload, the better your chances of making sales. So if you're serious about turning your photography hobby into a source of income, start snapping away!

6. Telemarketing

Suppose you're good at marketing and can communicate well with people in the US, Ireland, or the UK. In that case, telemarketing could be a great way to make money online in Pakistan without investment. 

Telemarketing can be a great way to make money online in Pakistan with some practice. You would need to contact companies that are looking for someone with your skillset and try to sell them a product or service. In most cases, you would be working on commission, so it's important to meet your monthly targets in order to earn a good income.

To be successful, you have to be convincing and good at keeping the conversation civil and on target. Often, you would learn the skills on the job, and hence you do not need any previous experience in the role.

Several freelancing sites host listings for remote telemarketing jobs. UpWork is one of the most popular, and there is usually a good selection of jobs available. 

Once you've found a few listings you're interested in, the next step is to apply. Each listing includes information about the requirements and pay rate. This can give you a good idea of whether or not a particular job is right for you. You will typically need to submit a resume and cover letter and sometimes provide a writing sample. 

Once you've been selected for an interview, be sure to prepare well to make the best impression possible. If everything goes well, you could be on your way to earning money online in Pakistan through telemarketing.

7. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, all you have to do is promote products of different companies, and in return, you will get a commission from each of them. It is like the digitalized version of a salesperson job, in which you can work for several firms and sellers at a time and earn from them.

To get started, choose a platform where you can promote affiliate links. Building an audience is much easier than starting with a blog or website than on other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Creating a blog and website is easy and very cheap.

Pick a niche; instead, you will face a ton of competition in the market. It helps you build a more focused audience and allows you to rank better in the search engines.

Shopify, Amazon, and AliExpress are a few of the top affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan. These websites allow the affiliates to attract more people to buy a product.

8. Graphic Designing

If you are interested in graphic designing, making money online in Pakistan without investment wouldn't be an unachievable dream. There is a significant demand for logo templates, brochure designs, PowerPoint templates, and flyer templates. You can create a few high-quality templates and sell them on marketplaces like GraphicRiver and Creative Market. 

You can also find a micro-niche in graphic designing and offer specialized services. This could be an easier way to reach the target audience with a specific need. It will be easier to promote your service and land clients.

Even elementary and general courses on sites like Udemy have generated tens of thousands of sales. But instead of repeating the same courses that have been covered hundreds of times. Try to find a unique topic to create a course that targets a niche. It's a surefire way to find success.

9. Website Development

As a web developer, you can make websites for businesses and organizations. Due to COVID market dynamics, many businesses have solely moved to online spaces. Therefore they need a storefront in the form of a website. 

Many universities offer advanced courses on web development, including HTML, CSS, PHP, and more. They enable students to build a website and use programming languages like CSS, HTML, and PHP.

But you do not necessarily need a degree to earn from web development services. Nowadays, you can learn skills like web development from several online sources such as Udemy and Coursera. This has been one of the fastest-growing ways to make money online in Pakistan without investment.

Once you are proficient, you can also teach newbies web development, which will become another income stream for you. 

10. Academic Writing

Out of all the various fields of freelancing, though, academic writing has become one of the most favored due to the variety of work that it offers. You can rarely get bored as you will always write about something different.

You can make money online in Pakistan without investment if you have good writing skills. But to get paid more and be the favorite freelance academic writer of most clients, you need to keep improving your writing expertise.

To be a top freelance academic writer, build strong connections with clients, and register on multiple educational freelance writing websites. Not only will this help you expand your network, but your chances of landing big-budget projects will increase.

Some of the best sites you can sign up for include,,,,, etc. Alternatively, you can also find work via social media directly from students. So make sure you have an excellent professional presence on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.


There are dozens of ways to make money online in Pakistan, and Markaz App is one of the most promising options. 

With zero investment required and a wide range of supply chain and enablement possibilities through social media cross-platform promotion, Markaz App provides everything you need to get started. With a simple, user-friendly interface, 

Markaz App is perfect for those who are looking to make money online in Pakistan with zero investment.