Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

The internet is a cesspool of business ideas that rarely come to fruition. 

Almost 80% of successful ecommerce ideas are blocked by sheer lack of money. The common notion to maneuvering the e commerce process to successful business scalability requires proper strategy, and meticulous execution.

Both traits are often missing, sans the overflowing motivation factor. 

On top of that when you consider Gen Z’s overwhelmingly positive reaction to get rich quick schemes. Usually, these schemes target budding + young entrepreneurs, roping them in through YouTube shorts, YouTube videos, fake guru agendas on different social media platforms and whatnot.

Naturally, as one could hazard a guess, these unsuspecting entrepreneurs fall for such shams quite easily. Before they know it, they’ve either been robbed of their hard earned money, or whatever remnants of running a successful ecommerce business they once had.

Let’s Not Forget the Key Element of How To Execute & Run a Successful Ecommerce Business Without Any Investment

This guide highlights an honest approach to making money online and running your own business.

The interesting thing or the crux of all key takeaways is persistence and hard work. These two elements are naturally eliminated from every single guru’s training manual on the internet. Well, not all of them, but most of them do not rivet the audience toward the realities of mastering any e commerce platform.

The guru’s approach is essentially based on a 5 step ideology where you are expected to turn up a few pony tricks; pay few dimes for a crash course on becoming the next millionaire and get your website, or ecommerce business ideas up and running by evening.

On the contrary, we’re talking about person-hours, hard work, strategy planning, research and lucubrating that’ll go into creating your e commerce company, and then ensuring a successful ecommerce business scalability.

Let’s get started.

5 Overwhelmingly Successful E Commerce Business Ideas In 2023 & Beyond

1. Become a Reseller

Start with Markaz!

It’s a plain, and simple online e-commerce platform that bridges the gap between wholesale retailers sprawled all across Pakistan, and their counterparts – i.e. product resellers.

All you need to do is sign up for a ‘Seller Account’ on the Markaz Android App and select a bunch of products to retail. You get a unique reseller link, which you can use on popular social media platforms to promote “your” products.

The more sales you make, the higher your commission percentage is. Period. There’s no personal investment involved in the entire process.

Here’s Markaz Reseller Signup Process Summarized

  1. Download the app and sign up to become a reseller.
  2. From the wholesale listed products on the app, select the products you want to resell. 
  3. Once you have selected the products, set a markup on them.
  4. The markup would determine the profits you will generate.
  5. This will lead you to a purchasing link.
  6. You can share the link in your social circles or through different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

The resellers reportedly make up to 50% in commissions without any ceiling. In other words, Markaz’s concept is based on simple ideology – i.e. A rupee earned, is a rupee made, through honest work without any shortcuts.

2. App Development

App Development is closely affiliated with being a successful e commerce business mogul.

The sharks have employed fully-fledged companies at large-scale operational level. Meanwhile, if you are just about getting started, you should look into creating low-to-medium difficulty mobile apps as a practice run.

These apps could be 2D games loosely based on previous popular concepts in Android and Apple App stores.

At this point, you might be aching to ask the following question:

·    I do not possess any programming skills. Therefore, it’s safe to strike off app development from my bucket list!

Don’t sweat it.

There are tons of mobile and web app development tutorials available online. Plus, with the recent influx of A. I. tools, such as ChatGPT, it’s not that hard to generate code snippets for your app. All that is required from your end to run this type of successful ecommerce business is persistence and due diligence.

According to Statista, mobile app development is expected to reach 299 billion downloads by the end of the year 2023.

That’s all the more reason to get started today.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

What To Do When Developing Apps As Part of E Commerce Business Ideas

·         Research Is a Steppingstone; Don’t Ignore It

Research, research and research before picking up a niche to develop an app in.

Each day, tens and thousands of apps are launched in online app stores. They are usually created by digital nomads, just like you. However, not all of them make it to the Editor’s Choice section, or a high number of downloads + reviews category.

If there’s no demand for your mobile app, no one’s going to download or bring it up in their social circle.

Research is important to scratch the stragglers away from the real deal.

·         Monetize Without Invasive Ads

We’ve seen plenty of mobile apps with invasive marketing strategies.

Some of these ads are blatantly designed to make the users click them. Meanwhile, the X-shaped button is intentionally reduced in size and placed in the far corner of the screen to help “improve” the CTR.

Is this strategy plausible? Well, it might be, if the target audience is between 5 – 8-year-olds who are served ads, while playing kids’ category mobile games. However, if you are targeting a different age group, and a different demographic, be intelligent about your successful ecommerce store’s monetization strategy.

3. Search Engine Optimization and SEO Consultancy/ Services

SEO is another great way of establishing your foothold as a successful ecommerce business owner. You can either learn and adapt to provide SEO services on your own website, through freelancing platforms as a contractor, or approach different companies for that matter.

The key being is to stick with the fact that SEO isn’t a culmination of old-school tactics anymore.

Forget about link farming, and exact product keyword matching domain name. Such e commerce process strategies used to work wonders in the Pre-Panda and Pre-Penguin era. These days, it doesn’t hold any credibility.

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Macy’s was also involved in black hat SEO techniques to serve their pages at a higher level in the Google SERPs. All of it came tumbling down when the search engine platform introduced a quality update to serve a better and search experience to online users.

All of this happened decades ago.

SEO has evolved.

Right now, if you’re looking to master e commerce process of SEO services, quality content and quality link building is the key. This approach is slow, but it garners amazing results. And here’s the best part: all of the latest SEO strategies are available online – and that too, for free!

DO NOT pay for SEO ninja courses because they’re not really sharing anything secretive that’s otherwise already discovered, known, or reported online.

The Best Free & Paid SEO Tools

·         SEMRush

·         Moz SEO

·         Screaming Frog

·         Ahrefs

·         Google Analytics

·         Google Keyword Planner Tool

·         Google Trends

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a gold mine for people looking to own a successful ecommerce venture or an individually owned business. The best part, among many others, is that it doesn’t require an upfront investment.

It can be done for free, it has been done for free in the past, and it will continue to be adopted as a free e commerce business idea over the next decade as well.

Why so?

Affiliate marketing is based on a simple concept. You pick a product to promote among your friends, family, social circle and to online community. As long as someone buys that product, using your special code, or URL, or affiliate link, you get a small percentage against that sale.

Doesn’t that sound like Markaz’s reselling strategy? It does, but we’ll highlight that later in a dedicated post.

What Do You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing Before Getting Your Toes Dipped?

Affiliate marketing has three main quadrants.

a.   The buyer

b.   The seller

c.   And then there’s you

As mentioned earlier, you sell someone else’s product for a commission, by promoting it through your own strategy. The newbies’ approach would be to use social media for partaking in affiliate marketing business, which is okay.

As long as you are getting commission against successful sales – and that too, without the fear of capped income, you will do fine.

Affiliate marketers get paid in the form of:

·         Pay per click rate

·         Pay per sale rate

·         And pay per lead rate

But, how about another ecommerce business idea that ties in affiliate marketing and directly making sales through pure online content writing only?

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5. Owning and Promoting a Niche Website

You can own multiple websites, covering different niches to ensure that not only all your eggs aren’t in one basket, but you’re also engaged in successful e commerce business tactics from constant passive income generation point of view.

To that effect, since we were talking about affiliate marketing as one of the most popular e-commerce business ideas, how about signing up for a dedicated marketing program? A random, but credible example could be Amazon Affiliate Marketing. We are not deferring you to Amazon Affiliate Marketing; it’s just from an example point of view.

Having said that, you can write product reviews about select niche items that are popular these days. If you were to do due diligence, you can also research keyword volume against pre-selected products and promote them through your creative ink, afterward.

The cool thing about Amazon Affiliate sales is that once any user has gone to the respective product page on, using your affiliate link, the cookie information is saved for 24 hours in the person’s computer/ smart device. That’s Amazon’s way of rewarding affiliates, if you might call it that, and it’s completely ethical.

If that person buys that particular product from your website’s content, or anything else on Amazon. Com, for as long as your referral link was used, you still get a percentage against it. Plain and simple.

Similarly, writing product reviews, or engaging in listicle format posts is a great way of gaining organic traffic.

Owning to your site’s popularity, many 3rd party companies, and actual software, or product owners will shoot you an email, asking them to promote XYZ product/ service as sponsored content. That’s where the real money lies. Keep writing and promoting engaging content on your blog, and you will begin to see those double digits increase to triples.

Meanwhile, your Affiliate sales will continue to build up, as a guaranteed passive income generation strategy.


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.


We have barely scratched the surface of successful ecommerce business ideas. There’s a lot of where it came from

However, the base ingredient of any online business-related discussion is persistence and hard work. If you have paid your dues through intelligent planning, execution, and strategy deployment, it’s more of a ‘to infinity and beyond’ scenario.

We recommend going through different e commerce processes and e commerce business ideas mentioned in this post to get a gist of what you could do afterward. Once you’ve selected an idea for execution, stick with it from a long-haul perspective.

Good luck!


Is dropshipping a viable and successful ecommerce business strategy?

Dropshipping is a great e-commerce strategy with high flips in terms of numbers. But the caveat lies within deceptive sellers and the buyer’s intolerance toward late deliveries. Master the latter two and your business will be in safe hands for years to come.

Is it really that simple to start an ecommerce business for free in 2023?

No matter what year it’ll be, starting a successful e-commerce business without any money will always be there in some form, or shape. The variables that affect the net revenue, and the workflow might be different, but it’s always going to be there.

E commerce is an ever increasing industry, with tons to show for it.