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Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and SnapChat are among the highest-rated platforms in terms of business scalability and user engagement. With that much traction going on, Facebook promises healthy prospects for worldwide businesses. However, at the same, the issue of how to increase followers on Facebook is predominant.

A lot of new and old businesses, especially, the smaller ones, are still clueless about how to increase followers on Facebook.

The most common, and the most obvious approach would be to set up a Facebook page. That’s what everyone does.

Post your grand Facebook page announcement, after a month or two of exhausting the leads through personal Facebook contacts and their references, you’d opt for paid Facebook ad strategies. That’s a good thing, but everyone is only an expert as far as running those ads is concerned.

Customizing Facebook ads campaign, active monitoring, and audience selection, based on demographics + user choices is an entirely different breed. It requires expertise, dedication, and time, which isn’t something that your average business owner is equipped with.

This post highlights different strategies on how to increase followers on Facebook, and whether a given strategy is the right fit for your business.

We’ll go through various talking points to see how things pan out in the long run for a typical business owner who is entering this free-floating social media market with high business scalability expectations, but with very little knowledge and foresight of how to increase Facebook followers in the long run.

10 Tips On How To Increase Followers On Facebook In 2023 & Beyond

1.  How Well Are You Aware of Facebook Page Categories?

Regardless of whether it’s a new Facebook page, or an old one, the social media platform has a very aggressive algorithm that assigns 1 out of 3 categories to a given page.

From what we have learned over the past few years, Facebook keeps a tight lid on Facebook page categories concerning algorithmic updates.

As of right now, there are 3 main Facebook page and business page categories:

·         Category A – Massive celebrity, and business pages that are not only verified but also have an ever-growing page of active users.

·         Category B – Tons of business individually set up Facebook pages, dedicated to memes, websites, and vice versa. Despite their follower counts toppling over a million or several thousand users, these pages still struggle from time to time to figure out how to increase Facebook followers.

·         Category C – Brand new, or relatively new Facebook pages. They have a low user count, and they need to lucubrate for several months, and years on end to move from their existing category to the top of the food chain.

Since you’re in the low tier, the first rule of business on how to increase followers on Facebook is to move from Category C to Category B.

‘A’ category pages are either dated pages with a history of actively engaging with users, or they are worldwide recognized brands and celebrity accounts. In either case, raking massive follower count isn’t a big issue for them.

The rest of this post will showcase everything you need to know about increasing Facebook followers so that the platform’s algorithm accounts for your efforts.

2.  It’s All About Facebook Content Relevancy

Content relevant to what your page is promoting is the bane of your existence and eventual long-term success.

We have seen tons of new businesses struggling to maintain an active user count, not because they don’t post regular updates, but because their content is either thin, or it isn’t related to what the businesses intend to promote.

A nice example would be to promote irrelevant memes on your Facebook page in a haphazard fashion to increase Facebook page followers. At the end of the day, it’s real people, sitting behind those desktops or mobile screens. Relevancy is the key to keeping your audience’s interest levels high!

3.  Remain Active, & Post Often

Dead Facebook pages or those with scarce content updates are quickly forgotten.

Even though you have a new page, and owing to the low followers + likes count doesn’t incite a lot of motivation, don’t forget to post regular updates. At the very least, you are ensuring that your page is active, which is something that the platform’s own SERP algorithm aggressively takes into account.

4.  Static Facebook Page Content Vs. Animated Content

A well-known strategy on how to increase Facebook followers that Taco Bell, Mcdonald's, and many others engage in is posting animated content updates. We’re talking Gifs with amazing copywriting, Gifs with multicolored backgrounds, and two related content images that often inter lap with one another.

The idea behind this methodology is to keep users' attention levels high. Since videos and moving images are known to maintain interest levels, many businesses post such updates instead of making static image or image-based content updates to their pages.

5.  Are Your Feeds Shareable On Facebook?

Shareable content is all about posting updates that evoke information, entertainment, some kind of inspiration, and vice versa.

It could be memes related to your services or whatever the page is promoting. It could be something along the lines of a giveaway or a recent announcement about partnering with a co-brand.

As long as the specific feed has a sense of shareability, there’s no stopping your content outreach – and that too, without partaking in paid Facebook ad campaigns.


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6.  Exhaust All Personal and Referral Leads

Given the fact that your Facebook page is relatively new, or you’re still coming to grips with how to increase followers on Facebook, the general rule of thumb is to refer your pages to your immediate circle.

Start with friends and family, and ask them to share your page’s link within their social circle. One person gives it a Page Like, and another one in their social circle sees it and does the same. We call it the herd mentality, and it’s a proven way of increasing Facebook likes with minimum effort.

7.  Have You Tried Facebook Live Lately?

Just like YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms, Facebook also has a Facebook Live feature.

We recommend going live every now and then after you have amassed a decent number of followers. Doing so at an early onset won’t bring in a lot of traction, but after you have gained enough Facebook likes, going Live will garner more engagement and followers, respectively.

Imagine that your Facebook store is fully built. You have tons of products to offer, or there is an important announcement just around the corner. Host a Facebook Live event, with a prior announcement to keep your audience anticipation levels high.

Once you go live, go through the talking points that you have prepared in advance, and fill your audience in on what the Live feed is all about. Ask them for recommendations, and hit the share button so that your Facebook Live event continues to bring in traffic days later.

8.  Try Partnering with Another Brand

If you’re cracking the code on how to increase followers on Facebook, a great way is to hinge on influencers.

These partnerships could be long-term paid relations, free one-time events, organic mentions, etc. Since launching your Facebook page, be on the lookout for similar pages within your services niche. Start by reaching out to pages with relatively higher Facebook Likes and talk to them about free or paid influencer deals.

Many times, people are more inclined to do you a favor if you were to ask them politely about it. The bigger the influencer is; the higher your follower count will be.

Paid influencer partnerships work on a slightly different level. You need to reach out to the Facebook page owner, or its respective manager and hash out details of the paid strategy. They’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process with their rates and potential outreach. However, Facebook and other social media influencers have a very high price tag when it comes to paid mentions.

If you have the budget to do so, go for it. Otherwise, hold on to that thought until you have enough revenue to spare on paid influencer deals.

9.  Adding Your Facebook Page Link Wherever It Matters the Most

Fb page likes are a result of different active and passive strategies.

One of the easiest ways of remaining “seen” is to mention your Facebook page link wherever it’s relevant. Here are some tips on how to do that:

How To Promote Your Facebook Page Where It’s Needed

·         Depending on your website’s CMS, add a Facebook page plugin for users to share the on-site content on their Facebook profiles.

·         CTAs asking users to share, like, or follow your Facebook page can be sent through email newsletters, on-site popups, and opt-in pages on your website.

·         If you’re running a YouTube channel for your business, or against your Facebook profile, don’t forget to mention a direct call to action in each video, and a link on the network where you’re promoting your content.

·         Within each blog post, don’t forget to embed a hyperlink to your Facebook page, for as long as it’s not aggressively done.

·         Lastly, don’t forget to promote your Facebook page, profile, or group on other social media networks. Facebook isn’t the only place where you can talk about your ‘page’, there are plenty of other platforms out there too!

10. Choose The Right Time To Push Updates, and Stick To It!

Posting at the right time means staying in touch with your audience within the same time zone.

If you are promoting your content on Facebook across multiple time zones, then set up a posting strategy that caters to all audience members. That means making updates at a particular time of the day, or whenever your average audience count is at the highest level.

The right time to post Facebook updates, send emails, and create overall awareness matters because that’s exactly when your users are expected to be in front of their mobile devices. Sleeping users are no good for your Facebook page.

The same goes for out-of-office folks, and potential leads that are away from their desks.


By the end of the year 2027, the user count on Facebook is estimated to grow by a whopping 260 million – and that’s just the hypothesized growth spurt for the United States only.

For the rest of the world, we can barely imagine the enormous traffic that the website will be pulling in. It means that each day you have millions of free-floating opportunities from a leads conversion point of view.

That also means intelligently planning your strategy on how to increase followers on Facebook and improvising for the best results. We recommend getting started sooner than later because the internet is an ever-evolving digital playground that hardly ever rewards missed opportunities and strategies with a delayed execution timeline.

Good luck!

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Can I run Facebook page paid ads to increase my followers quickly?

Technically, you can, and no one’s stopping you from doing so. But, as a brand new page that was just been founded a few months, or a year and a half ago, we don’t recommend doing so frequently.

Paid ads are a surefire way of gaining traction, but they are also a burner into your new business’s revenue. If you have substantial income allocated to running ad campaigns, go ahead and do it. If your business is on a shoestring budget, the best strategy would be to go through all the aforementioned tips on how to increase Facebook followers and then revert to paid ad campaigns.

How to ensure organic Facebook page likes without spending much?

Organic Facebook likes are a culmination of regular page updates, and free influencer partnerships, ensuring that post updates are made at a specific time of the day and vice versa.

Basically, it’s an aggressive practice where you need to hash out a strategy that can be executed daily, without long intermittent pauses, and so on. For more ideas, go through the aforementioned tips on increasing Fb page followers.