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Facebook has a huge potential to help your business grow if you know how to get more customers on Facebook. 

With over 60% of all social logins belonging to Facebook, it is imperative for any business to not only leverage the platform but to know how to increase Facebook sales. 

It is not enough to simply have a Facebook account for business, you also need to know how to optimize your Facebook business profile to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Some of the tips and tricks on how to increase sales on Facebook are knowing who your target audience is and when to post, what is trending, and what is most relatable to your audience.


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How to get more customers on Facebook

How to get more customers on Facebook

There are multiple ways to figure out how to get more customers on Facebook. Depending on your goals and the strategy that you develop to achieve those goals you can make use of any number of these methods.

Figuring out how to increase sales on Facebook can get overwhelming but we have got it covered for you in this article. Here are the top 20 practical tips to learn how to get more clients on Facebook:

1. Customize your Facebook

While it is important to have a Facebook business page, your work doesn’t end by simply setting up a business page on Facebook.

You need to customize your Facebook business page and have a detailed profile adored with all the necessary information that an existing or potential customer may be interested in.

To customize your Facebook for your business, some of the things you will need to do are mentioned below: 

  • Set up a business profile
  • Upload a profile picture that tells your audience what your business is about
  • Claim the vanity URL Facebook assigns you and customize it by removing the randomized numbers at the end with your business name.
  • Upload a cover photo relevant to your business
  • Update your ‘about’’ section with all relevant information and a short description of your business and the inspiration behind it.
  • Have a Reviews section where your customers can leave honest feedback so people know the customer’s experience. This helps build more credibility.
  • Highlight your business achievements and important milestones to give an authentic picture of how your business is doing
  • Always have a call to action button feature on your Facebook business profile and pick one of the preset prompts to make it easier for customers to answer your intended call to action.
  • You can also create clickable custom tabs on your business profile on Facebook. You can do so for your business collections or upcoming events or as a news board.

2. Always have a content calendar

You need to have a strategy aligned with your business goals and objectives. Based on this strategy and keeping in mind your target audience, you will formulate a content calendar. 

A content calendar is essential to the execution of your marketing strategy. It is a plan you have in place which dictates when and where the content will be posted.

This not only makes sure that the content you are posting is relevant to your business and that your target audience relates to it but it also makes sure that you do not miss out on any important dates or events.

A content calendar also gives you enough time in advance to curate the content you want to showcase on your Facebook business page feed. It is thus essential to have a content calendar to ensure your marketing strategy runs smoothly.

3. Have a Facebook Group and Use a searchable name for your group

Once you have set up your Facebook page and started getting people interested in your business, it is a great time to redirect them to the Facebook Group you created for your business.

Having a Facebook Group gives the members a feeling of exclusivity and makes them feel special. It also helps you foster a community that champions your business and is great to market your products.

Make sure when choosing a name for your business page that you use a name that is something that is not only relevant to your business but also something that people would search for on Facebook.

With over 10 million Facebook groups, more than 1.8 million people visit them on a monthly basis. If there is someone who has yet to come across or follow your business page, and they search for a common thing, your group can pop up and that can redirect them to your business.

4. Regularly upload posts to your Facebook Stories

Always remember that quality over quantity is the name of the game. However, that doesn’t mean you do not have a regular posting schedule for your business page.

Be careful not to overwhelm your customers and audience by bombarding them with a lot of stories.

While 50% of the 2.94 billion Facebook users like watching stories, sharing too many stories may annoy your customers. If they can not find much value in your posts they might end up unfollowing your business page.

Similarly, posting too less will take you off of your audience’s radar as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. 

Hence finding the perfect balance and posting things less frequently but posts that deliver more value to your intended audience is a great way to get more customers.

5. Optimize post timings

To ensure maximum reach for your posts, it is important to the best times to post on Facebook for your business.

These depend on several factors such as who your target audience is, what is the objective of your post, what time zones your audience belongs to etc. 

Ideally speaking, a general rule of thumb is that the worst days to post on Facebook are said to be Saturdays and Sundays. The best timings to post are between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesdays.

To find out all these details for your business, you need to do the following:

  • Find the highest engagement times for your business in the Facebook Page Insights feature
  • Find out the timezones for your Facebook Audience via Audience Insights feature on your Facebook business profile page
  • Pick the timings most suited to your target audience and test out your posts by posting at different times to find the best option for you.

6. Have great customer service on Facebook

Having a great business with a well-maintained online presence and an engaging Facebook feed isn’t enough to run a successful business. 

The most important aspect of any business is its customers. Depending on how good your customer service is, you either get to retain your existing customers and acquire new customers, or you lose existing and any potential customers.

Excellent customer service is also a great way to save on customer acquisition costs. Using Facebook by doing some simple things can help you.

  • Set up canned responses or auto-responses whenever someone sends you an inbox message
  • Ensure quality products are being delivered and you send what you show
  • Have your page reviews option enabled to show authenticity and transparency
  • Respond to comments on your page
  • Have a clearly defined policy and have it mentioned on your page 
  • Accommodate the customer as best as you can in line with your company policies
  • Be courteous in your interactions and have a pleasant tone of voice

7. Have a budget allocated to boosting posts

Now that you have your page set up, your marketing strategy aligned and you are posting on your feed regularly, it is time for the next steps.

Your organic posts can do only so much without getting a boost. It is best to start with a small realistic budget that you allocate to boosting your posts on Facebook. You may use Facebook Ads manager to do so.

You can start by boosting different types of posts based on your target audience and see which ones do best. This will also direct your content direction and strategy.

8. Know your target audience

You are putting in all this work for your target audience, but who is your target audience? You should have an in-depth knowledge of who are the people most likely to become your customers.

To know this, you need to know your page insights and see who visits your page, their age and interests, and any other relevant demographic information that you can use to create the perfect customer persona.

Knowing your customers helps you develop the right kind of messaging to get them to engage with your content. It also helps you align your product or service with your audience’s persona.

You can use Facebook Ads Library to conduct your market research as well.

9. Try A/B testing with boosted ads

Once you have decided to boost an ad to your audience, make different variants of them. These variations could be visuals, products showcased, colors used, captions, etc.

Run two ads side by side with the same baseline such as the same message but different colors in the same visual being used. See which one does better. Remove the other ad and continue to boost the better-performing ad.

This way you will also be able to figure out what your target audience responds to the most and how to increase Facebook sales.

10. Test out the product catalog ads feature on Facebook

Adding your products to Facebook catalogs, which is a feature of Facebook shops, is a great way to showcase your collections to your audience. This makes it easy and convenient for your customers to find what they are looking for.

Once you have your product catalogs in place, you can easily convert them into catalog ads with specific collections from a specific catalog added to your ad and targeted at the right kind of audience.

There is a huge potential in categorizing your collections in catalogs as over 1.5 million users buy from Facebook shops every month. 

11. Keep Track of your Custom audience on Facebook 

Custom audience is a great way to make the most of your budget and get great results. A custom audience is an audience you choose to float a promotion to after you have figured out their interest in your product or service.

Let’s say you float an ad showcasing your products or services. After a few days, you see who actually watched at least half or more of your ad. Now retarget these people with a custom ad.

Custom audiences get custom ads and they are only targeted to those who actually were interested in your products or services. You may offer them a deal or discount to convert them into paying customers.

12. Work smart with Facebook’s saved audience feature

When you are running a business, there are a lot of things that you need to keep track of. So it is best to work smart and optimize wherever you can.

Facebook lets you save the configurations for your audience. This way you can create a custom audience by putting in their demographics etc. Once done you can then save this configuration.

This helps you quickly pick and choose the audience you want to direct a post or ad to instead of filling in all the details every time.

13. Optimize ad placement for your business

On Facebook, your ad can be displayed in different places in different ways. It also varies if you are using Facebook on a mobile device or a computer. 

For instance, you may show ads on the right side of your news feed or in your news feed as you scroll through it. Some of the different places Facebook Ads may be placed are

  • In Facebook stories
  • As search results
  • On the feed
  • In Apps
  • In Messenger
  • In Facebook Marketplace

Experiment with ad placement for your business and use the Facebook Analytics tools to pick the best option for your ads. 

14. Optimize content with links 

You can use your ads, boosted posts, and posts on your feed, add them to your bio or about me section, and even your group to share links to your business website. 

You can add links to your products and services in your posts so people can easily access them. 

You may also add an action button to these posts linked to your website. Make sure to shorten your link’s URL and add that instead of putting in long URLs that may distract your audience.

15. Focus on lead generation 

Lead generation enables you to attract your existing and potential customers and redirect them to your business in such a way that it boosts sales. 

This can be done via paid campaigns or boosting ads and posts or organically. Organically it will not cost you to generate these leads in terms of promotions and it will be depending on the content and post timings to attract customers. 

16. Focus on building a community 

Your community is people who champion you, your cause, your business, your products, and/or services. It is the group of people who render you support and validate your business.

Building a community that stands by you and swears by your offerings will bring in more customers. People trust a business with a strong community. 

Use your Facebook business page and the group that you have created to have meaningful conversations with your community. Facebook’s algorithm also favors meaningful conversations.

17. Stay away from scams for vanity numbers

While having a huge number of likes on your Facebook page might look nice, if they are not organic or authentic, these inflated numbers can do you more harm than good.

Buying likes for some money doesn’t only mean that you have fake likes that will not translate into sales, it also means that you are wasting money instead of earning it. 

Furthermore, if you have a lot of likes on your page but little engagement on your posts since those vanity likes were a one-time purchase, it may discourage authentic potential audiences from engaging with your content or buying from you.

18. Target the right customers for your business

If a product is said to be for everyone, then it is most likely for no one at all. If you do not know who your customers are, you will not be able to sell effectively.

To tap into the maximum potential of your business, market it to those who it is solving a problem for. For instance, a custom cakes business is not for someone who is perfectly happy and content buying a cake from their local bakery. 

Similarly, targeting bachelors who are either working or studying with a food business that provides wholesome lunches is going to generate much more sales for the business instead of targeting housewives who prefer to cook for their families themselves.

19. Redirect traffic from your other social media platforms to your Facebook

You may link your Facebook business profile on your website or add a link to join your business Facebook group in the email broadcast newsletter. This will bring more customers to your Facebook business and will result in more engagement.

You may add links to your products or services mentioned on Facebook or even a relevant post or an event that you are hosting on all other platforms that you are on to help redirect traffic.

20. Have an evergreen content strategy

Having an evergreen content strategy means that you create content that is relevant to your target audience at all times. It is content that people can relate to and engage with and feel the same as when it was posted.

Having an evergreen content strategy can also help form patterns in your content so that if someone looks at your posts and just by the way it is drafted, the visuals, the tone of voice, and the messaging, they know it is of your business. 

This helps in keeping you and your content relevant and top of mind for your customers and target audiences whenever they need to purchase a product or service which you provide.

Markaz App and Facebook

Markaz App and Facebook

Markaz App is a great platform used by wholesalers and retailers. Markaz procures merchandise from wholesalers at wholesale rates and lists them on their online portal. The reseller then choose the products they want to sell and link those to their client base. 

The reseller has a vast variety of products to choose from as there are over 10,000 products listed on the Markaz App. Furthermore, Markaz App lets you focus on acquiring customers and making sales by taking care of logistics and payments itself.

Being a reseller with businesses like Markaz App, this article has some of the top tips and tricks to get more customers on Facebook. You can utilize these to get more sales for your reseller business on Facebook. 

For instance, you can simply embed your reseller links in the posts or ads. Build a community of potential and existing customers by engaging with them on your Facebook business page and inviting them to join your Facebook group.


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If done right, Facebook not only has a huge potential to spread brand awareness, but it also holds the potential to help generate sales and increase your customer base.

Like all trades in the world, Facebook too has its set of tips and tricks that you can use to excel at selling on Facebook. This article explains in detail how you can leverage this platform to get more clients on Facebook.

You may use all these tips and more to benefit your business, but it is best to start slow and build on that to keep track of your progress and make changes as and when needed.