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When was the last time you experienced a positive customer experience and referred the business to your close circle of friends? Satisfied customers promote your business without any incentives. All you need to do is provide an outstanding customer experience and they will return back to your business with their family and friends. Businesses remain ahead of the competition by 80% when they offer exceptional customer services.

While customer satisfaction is a major aspect of large-scale businesses, small businesses survive and thrive on it. If not more, satisfied customers rely on customer service as much as product quality. With a multitude of competitors available in the market, you can only stand out from the competition by offering high customer value to the customers. Let’s dive into the details of the importance of customer satisfaction for small businesses.


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What is Customer Satisfaction all About?

The Main Concept

Do your customers attach value to your services and product offerings? If not, you are surely lagging behind in providing satisfactory services to your customers. It measures the rate at which customers resonate with a business's products, services, and experiences. Whether you are able to surpass your customer expectations or not, defines your customer service.

Whether you are an online business or a retail outlet, customers are the driving force behind your growth. Businesses that disappoint their customers suffer from low customer retention. Unhappy customers not only abandon your business but also spread negative word of mouth which drives potential customers away from your doorsteps. 

Gone are the days when customers attached value to the products only, today satisfaction encompasses a wide array of services offered by the business. Rather than focusing their sole attention on products, small businesses should keep track of their customer service response rate, after-sales service, and satisfaction rate to gauge business performance.

The Main Elements

  1. Customer Service Experience

How often do we remember a customer service representative’s polite behavior? Most customers remember all the times they were welcomed with a smile or the times a business delivered the order in time. All these small gestures fuse to create a positive customer service experience. Timely delivery, convenient returns, and after-sales services are all a part of the customer service experience. 

Efficient customer service can turn a happy customer into a returning one whereas negative customer feedback always guides businesses towards improvement. Never get defensive when customers reach out to you with a complaint as it could ruin your customer experience. Respond politely to the customer complaint and resolve the issue within a definite time frame. 

Businesses that take too long to resolve queries lose out on current and future customers. To facilitate a smooth customer service experience, the Markaz App offers quality-related refunds and quick delivery across 1200 cities in Pakistan. By choosing our platform, you can retain customers for life and scale your small business growth.

2. Product Quality

What is customer satisfaction when it comes to product quality? Inconsistent product quality puts off the customers in no time. When customers constantly choose a brand, they are quick to notice when the delivered product or service is not up to the usual standard. By offering inconsistent product quality to customers, you are turning them away from your business. Maintain a stable product quality to build strong customer relationships. 

Download the Markaz App and connect to a wide range of wholesale suppliers through which you can order high-quality products at affordable prices for your small business and make your mark in the industry. Our products are sourced from the top manufacturers in Pakistan, therefore, quality consistency would never be an issue if you choose Markaz to sell your products.

3. Product Value

Is your small business offering products worth the customers’ money? No matter how high or low your prices are, they are at the right level if they meet the customer's perceived value. Perceived value is the ability of a product to meet the customer’s expectations. If your product is affordable but does not reach the customer’s desired standards, the probability of customer retention reduces. 

Fortunately, we have a remedy to resolve low perceived product value. You can always offer discount cards and vouchers for the next service or product. In this way, customers will feel valued by the brand and choose to visit it next time they are on the lookout for the same product. 

The Markaz app offers a wide range of products ranging from beddings, gadgets, and clothing to home decor, Islamic accessories, and cosmetics. To browse the complete catalog, download the app on your smartphone and visit the catalog section. Each product offers high value to the customer at affordable prices. We have partnered with the top suppliers to ensure maximum product value.

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction for Small Businesses

1. Greater Customer Loyalty

Unlike large-scale businesses that have a generalized approach toward each customer, small businesses have the advantage of being able to personalize their customer interactions. As a small business with a limited amount of customers, your utmost priority should be to retain those customers forever. Puzzled about how to enhance customer loyalty towards your brand? Customers that are happy with your products and services and review them positively are more likely to turn into returning customers. 

So, providing an overall positive customer experience that satisfies each customer is the key to customer loyalty for small businesses. Customers also perceive small businesses to be more personable, therefore, it is crucial that you put all your attention to customer experience if you are looking for customers that spread positive word of mouth within their circles. 

To enable a remarkable customer experience to boost loyalty, personalized human interaction is mandatory. Unlike other online businesses that automate customer assistance services, the Markaz App provides a human-centric experience to customers through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp interactions. Our buyers and customers can contact us to resolve any issues or product-related queries and we will happily assist them through our services. Join the Markaz App and witness your one-time visitor turning into a loyal customer due to increased satisfaction.

2. Free of Cost Promotion

Are you a small business owner who is looking for effective ways to promote your business? Now, you can market your business without any costs through your existing customers by providing them with exceptional services. According to 64% of marketers, word of mouth is more effective than any other marketing strategy. Brands that please their customers with their products and services tend to have higher chances of free promotion by the customers. 

We all have recommended a brand in our social circle after receiving high-quality products, services, or an overall positive experience. Such recommendations are more reliable than paid ads as potential customers are aware that the person has no hidden agenda to boost the business’ sales and is talking out of a personal experience only. 

Resell your products through the Markaz App and enhance customer experience by offering a wide range of high-quality products, quick and reliable delivery services, and responsive customer assistance. We also ensure your customers remain satisfied with your offerings and build customer trust by facilitating quality-related refunds and returns. 

Contact our team in case of any faulty product and we will happily return/exchange it. With such remarkable features, nothing will hinder your customer from promoting your brand within their social circles. 


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

3. Higher Sales Revenue

A customer abandoning their order midway because of inconvenience or a bad customer experience would be the last thing a business wants to witness in its lifetime. Although each small business can always look out for more potential customers in the market, losing out on old customers surely reduces sales revenue. Brands that value customer contentment have a steady source of income as a result of continuous purchases. 

Track the level of satisfied customers through the Markaz App by visiting the order section on our app and checking the number of returned orders. Analyze which area requires improvement and facilitate customers on their next visit by offering loyalty cards, discounts, etc.

4. Beat the Competition

As small businesses are a part of the red ocean, they are constantly surrounded by cut-throat competition. You can only stand out from the competition by offering a better overall experience than your competitors. Customers who value your brand for the experience you provide, attach more value to your brand than the competition. According to statistics, customers happily pay more for a better experience. So, differentiate your brand from the competition by surpassing your customers’ expectations.

5. Strong Brand Reputation

Would you ever buy from a brand that has a reputation for selling faulty products or lack of after-sales services? Customers are wiser than ever today. With the rise of online reviews and feedback, customers are quick to judge a brand’s reputation by reviewing online feedback. Always value customer feedback and resolve their queries timely to boost your brand image in the market. 

Happy customers leave positive reviews online that attract more customers to choose your brand amongst the pool of competition. Markaz App has a huge number of satisfied customers and 80%+ of the customers would be disheartened if Markaz exits the market.

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