Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

The constant urge to initiate a business venture of your own and exit your taxing job is at its peak in today’s times. With increasing inflation and low growth rate in the corporate world, employees are on the lookout for new opportunities. Fortunately, there has been an increase in online selling platforms, and starting your own low investment business is not an impossible task anymore. 

In the world of cut-throat competition and high investment capital, aspiring entrepreneurs often overlook the power of their creative side and skills. If you are aiming to enter the business world but lack financial resources, it is time you explore low investment business ventures that generate high returns.

One such low investment business opportunity is starting your clothing line. Set foot into the multi-billionaire apparel industry and make your mark in it with the right effort, resources, and guidance.

Business Ventures Boom Amidst Pandemic

While the economy collapsed with the onset of the pandemic, small businesses rose to their peak. One of the main factors that fueled the growth of business startups is the unforeseen layoffs in the corporate sector. One day people were all set to take their corporate jobs to new heights and the next day they were jobless. 

Such unpredictable times called for unthinkable measures. Employees realized their true potential and set foot into the business world. Why rely on external sources to earn a living when you can make money on your own? According to the Census Bureau, there was a 95% increase in the number of business startup applicants from 2019 to 2020. All credit goes to the pandemic, people are opting for their own business ventures as it is a source of income that won’t disappear overnight.

With that being said, we realize that starting your business venture is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you have the right business idea, you can scale your business venture in no time. An outstanding business idea cannot flourish without ample resources. Financial constraints hold back most entrepreneurs from translating their ideas into reality. People are gradually shifting towards low-investment business ventures that can thrive in such uncertain times. 

What if we tell you about an online platform that requires zero financial investment from the reseller's side? The Markaz App offers a no initial investment e-commerce marketplace that enables resellers to make money from the comfort of their homes. 


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

Opting for a Clothing Business

Unable to select a niche for your upcoming business venture? We are here with a profitable recommendation that requires low initial investment and high returns.

Wide Target Market

As a startup or a new business venture owner, you would want to opt for a niche that caters to a large target market to scale your growth. Apparel is a business segment that is not a luxury but a necessity.

Whether you opt for a clothing venture that targets low-income individuals or high-end customers, your business will always stay in demand. Choosing it as your business venture guarantees constant growth and profitability.

Minimal Technical Expertise

Not every individual is well-versed with technology but that should not hold them back from making money in this capitalistic world. The clothing business is one such business that requires minimal technical knowledge.

All you need is your creativity and ability to gauge customer demand. Whatever little technical help you require, the Markaz App is here to manage your logistics, inventory, and delivery. You do what you’re good at and let us handle the technical aspects of your business venture.

Low Capital Requirement

Worried about the lack of financial resources? Start a clothing business and succeed without investing huge amounts of money. Unlike other business ventures that require financial input to take off, apparel businesses can flourish without massive investments. All the raw materials that go into creating your final product line are locally sourced which saves business costs.

Inventory storage is not an issue when you can source raw materials easily, thus owners can survive and thrive on small amounts of merchandise. The Markaz App manages your day-to-day inventory updates and streamlines business operations.

High-Profit Margins

Low risk and high returns are a dream of every low investment business owner. Clothing brands, once successfully established, create a strong brand image in the customers’ minds. Sell high-quality products that leave an ever-lasting impression on your customers and witness them turning into your loyal customer base.

It offers high-profit margins as customers attach value to your clothing line. Today, aesthetics can make you stand out from the crowd. So, create aesthetically pleasing clothes and wrap them into eco-friendly packaging to develop a strong bond with your customers and the environment. 

Customers remember how you sell more than what you sell, therefore clothing businesses can earn huge profits by staying true to their brand value and vision. Set your desired profit per order and track your commission using the Markaz App.

How to Start a Clothing Business with Low Investment

1. Select your Target Market

Do you know who your customers are? Never go with the one size fits all approach when it comes to a clothing business. The first step to starting a successful business is to narrow down your target market to a sizable segment. Choosing the target market lays down the foundation of your clothing business as all your future efforts will be directed towards a particular set of customers.

When you aim to design your clothes, you can immediately picture the customers wearing them in their everyday lives. Creating a strong brand image that your customers can identify with is crucial to success. After envisioning your clothes for your potential target segment, you can create a focused brand image that reflects your target market. 

List down your target customers’ shopping routine, favorite brands, trends, purchasing power, and clothing preferences. Once you are done with the target market selection, it is time to avail the Markaz App’s services to streamline business operations with zero investment and start selling effectively. 

2. Choose a Selling Platform

After deciding what and to whom you want to sell your product, the next step is choosing where you want to sell it. For entrepreneurs with limited financial resources, choosing the right selling platform becomes a hassle. Opting for an outlet in the initial stages of business puts extra strain on finances.

You would surely not want to invest money in a physical store when it could be deployed elsewhere to enhance the business performance. With the Markaz App, entrepreneurs can start a clothing line with zero initial investment. Just sign up for an account on the Markaz App and reach out to your desired customer segment through our platform. 

Our selling platform offers a wide range of products that can be shared along with the product description and pricing via WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram, and Facebook. Once the customer selects a product, set a profit margin for yourself and determine the final price.

Place the order through our app and get it delivered to customers across 1200+ cities in Pakistan. For a low-investment clothing line, there can never be a better business solution than Markaz.

3. Find the Right Suppliers

Having a business idea in your head does not mean anything unless you have suppliers and designers who can translate it into reality. Finding the right suppliers on a low budget is a hassle, especially when you are entering a saturated market. Partner with the Markaz App and let us connect you to our existing suppliers. Not only do we provide you with a vast range of suppliers but also impart business guidance through our Academy. Thrive and flourish with the Markaz App without investing a single penny.

4. Pick Reliable Delivery Services

Do you want to turn one-time visitors into your loyal customer base? It is only possible if you provide them with an outstanding customer experience. An ideal customer experience exceeds the product and covers every aspect of a business. By delivering products in a timely and reliable manner, you can surpass customer expectations and become their go-to brand.

In today’s time when each delivery imposes high delivery, the Markaz App ensures quick delivery with the lowest delivery cost i.e. PKR 90 per order. Now, deliver your products all across Pakistan through our reliable delivery partners.

Markaz’s Logistic Partners

  1. MNP
  2. Leopards Courier
  3. Trax


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

5. Boost Customer Experience

Businesses that adopt a customer-centric approach gain 60% more profits than those that don’t. Facilitate your customers through responsive customer service and respond to their queries promptly to build credibility.

With the Markaz App, you don’t need to worry about streamlining your business operations. Your customers can connect to our customer service representatives through Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

Another common fear associated with online selling platforms is receiving low-quality products. The Markaz App guarantees quick quality-related refunds and returns, so your customers can place their orders without any apprehension.

Download the Markaz App and start your low-investment clothing business through our reliable selling platform. Happy selling!