Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Everybody is looking for opportunities to start their own business these days, as we all know. People in Pakistan can choose from various industries to start their own business in.

With growth drivers including digital channels, increased internet access via mobile devices, and technical advancements, it's no surprise that the online fashion industry has exploded and more and more people are choosing to buy clothing online.

If you're a business person with an interest in fashion, there are lots of opportunities to get in on the action.

Statistics from 2022 indicate that Pakistan, Turkey, New South Wales, Australia, and other countries claim more than 4,000 clothing store online.

Regarding the largest textile exporters in Asia, Pakistan ranks eighth in position. Both its production and consumption of cotton rank third and fourth, respectively. A total of 40% of the labor force is employed, accounting for 46% of the manufacturing industry. 

If that isn’t reason enough to start your clothing store online in Pakistan. Revenues from the retail sale of clothing stores in Pakistan reached $9.1 billion in 2020, showing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9 percent from 2014 to 2020.

Let's get to the helpful steps and exciting advice you'll need to establish your clothing brand. The prerequisites, required capital, and advice for launching the ideal clothes business will all be covered in this article.


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Selling Clothing Online vs. Offline

Selling Clothing Online vs. Offline

Here are some of the main benefits of online sales over traditional offline sales

  • Fewer Barriers to Entry: Online storefront setup can be completed in a few days or weeks, but starting a business in a more conventional setting can require much more time and capital upfront.
  • Lower Overhead Costs: A brick-and-mortar store can cost PKR 150,000 to PKR 450,000 to open, whereas the majority of online clothes company concepts cost much less.
  • Omnichannel Marketing: In order to provide a smooth consumer experience across all channels, including online and in-store, omnichannel commerce helps connect them all. This might lead to a 33 % boost in income.


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How To Start A Clothing Store Online In Pakistan

How To Start A Clothing Store Online In Pakistan

1. Start with Investment

You don't need significant investment to launch your clothing store online because it's important to realize that launching any kind of business doesn't require one.

With the bare minimum of funds, you can launch your own clothing online while having fun. You must use whatever income you make to advance and enhance your company.

Since you are still learning, you should start your clothes business with a small investment because it is crucial to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of business strategy and practices.

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2. Have A Solid Business Plan in Place

One of the most important phases in starting a clothing store online is pre-planning; this involves making decisions about how you will present, sell, and reach sales goals, as well as determining what motivates and inspires you.

It's also important to have a catchy name that reflects the quality of the company you run, which can effectively represent your integrity as a business owner and provide insight into your particular industry to those who hear about it for the first time.

Pick a niche you're interested in. When you think about what you like to wear, what you'd like to see on the market, and what you'd like to share with your friends and family, you'll know what to look for.

Choosing a business model is an important step in developing your online retail business plan. Print-on-demand, bespoke cut-and-sew, private label clothes, and dropshipping are the four most frequent methods of selling clothing online on the internet.

3. Find Authentic Raw Material

It all comes down to finding and investigating the suitable market for the materials you need to establish your own clothing store online. Additionally, it's important to balance the quality of the raw materials with a reasonable price tag.

Friends who already work in the apparel industry might be a great source of information and advice in this area. Getting guidance from those who have been successful in the clothes business is a good thing.

4. Choose an E-Commerce Platform of Your Choice

An ecommerce platform is essential if you wish to open your clothing store online. Fortunately, there are many effective ecommerce platforms on the market that can support your business. However, before selecting the quickest or cheapest solution, consider the following:

  • How do I wish to manage your company? Do I require a lot of assistance, or will a simple, hands-off platform suffice?
  • What level of technical knowledge do I possess? Do I have the coding skills necessary to make my website functional?
  • What features, such as an email marketing campaign, SEO, a unique domain name, or SSL certifications, do I want my platform to offer?
  • How much money can I spare to invest in an e-commerce platform? Do I have the funds available to purchase more plugins, themes, or add-ons?

Some platforms are "bare-bones," giving users a "blank canvas" to design their own clothing store online; these are frequently referred to as "open source." 

Since the user has total access to the source code with open-source solutions, everything from the product pages to the themes to the check-out procedures may be completely customized.

In Pakistan, Markaz is bringing the social commerce revolution to the fore. A platform where you can find some of the top things for your customers. Start your own clothing online business and make money from the comfort of your own home by reselling these items on the internet or to friends and family.

5. Use A Good Business Model

An effective business model is essential to the long-term success of any venture. You'll get stuck if you don't have a source of inspiration or a business strategy that you can follow.. In this regard, it is critical to follow a model that inspires you and learn from other online clothing brands and their techniques.

In order to start your own clothing store online, you'll need to hire a skilled and dependable tailor who can sew for your brand. Your apparel products and unique style are the foundation of your brand.

6. Price Your Clothing Products

There is only one way to bring down the market, and that is to lower the price. To begin, try to sell your clothing for the lowest possible price compared to other clothing stores in order to generate some revenue right away.

Begin your fashion clothes business by deciding how much to charge for your products. Consider both your profit margin and the economic position of your potential clients to determine how much they are willing to pay for your product or service.

7. Make Your Online Clothing Brand

The name of the company makes the initial impression. Choose a name that will stick in people's minds if they hear it for the first time, so that when they hear it again, they remember it.

The online clothing brands name should reflect the market you're aiming for. When your target audience hears your brand name for the first time, develop an emotional connection with them. Knowing what your customers want is the key to psychological hacking.

8. Start the Manufacturing  Process

Don't be dishonest with the manufacturer. Don't compromise on the quality of your goods, and don't worry about what other people think. To meet the needs of your brand, build a robust network of top-tier producers.

Many Pakistan clothing manufacturers are there to aid you in making your own apparel.

Always remember to pay attention to even the tiniest elements of your customer's requirements. 

It's critical to meet even the most basic requirements while yet maintaining a firm belief in the power of the extraordinary. In order to maximize your online clothing brands potential, go the extra mile and look for the top manufacturers like (Pakistan Clothing Manufacturer).

9. Time To Market

Advertising and marketing are intertwined, and social media platforms can help spread the word. It is the finest way to promote your clothes brand through a marketing campaign. 

Write a blog post about your brand and include high-quality images of your products in the blog posts you write about it. Spend some money developing and marketing your company's website.

Markaz is a social e-commerce platforms that allows you to market your products within your circle that means you will already have a significant amount of clientele  from the get-go.

10. Scale-Up Your Clothing Brand

Unquestionably, one way to grow your clothing store is through cash on delivery (COD). It allows clients to have more control over their schedules and provides a new level of comfort. You need to develop trade credit, which is an excellent technique for building a relationship with your clients over the long term.


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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

We hope this article will inspire and encourage you to establish your own clothing store online. With the support of industry experts and professionals, this step-by-step guide was crafted to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

If you're too busy with something else and need someone to develop, maintain, establish, advertise, and run a profitable apparel brand for you, Markaz is here to help. You can work with Markaz as a supplier to launch your own apparel brand, and we'll take care of the rest.