Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Although COVID-19 did disrupt the online and real-life business industry, people were quick to make a recovery.

Most of the success factors during and post-pandemic aftermath are attributed to an overall sense of initiative and intelligent thinking. Many businesses transitioned to a digital-only model, saving the cost of doing business on-site and vice versa.

Those business owners who didn't innovate, especially during the last two years, either threw in the towel too early or dropped the axe on their golden geese.

The question is: where does this conversation lead to?

Interestingly enough, when we talk about recovery after the pandemic, the eCommerce sector made booming progress on all forefronts. 

As per e-marketer's global economic forecast, the total spending on e-commerce sales will surpass $7 trillion by 2025, and here's how you can make the best use of this opportunity. Let's discover 15 of the best online business ideas in Pakistan.

Pakistan's budding entrepreneurs rose to the occasion when they digitized their eCommerce business operations. It was a successful transition that's still going strong with bravado for generating passive income. And this streak was evident across many different tier 1 and tier 2 countries.

This post will talk about 15 unique business ideas for budding Pakistani entrepreneurs. The first one's our favorite. Though it might seem like a bit of cliché' as we're the driving force behind it, but our writers did intense R&D to create unbiased op-eds for the common good of online readers.

Read on…


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15 Online Business Ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs 

1. Buying and Selling Platforms (*Markaz. App & Many More!)

Entrepreneurs usually have to deal with a lack of funding at the start of their business venture(s).

Don't worry. 

If you are in the same dilemma, it's more of a common scenario than you think for you, regardless of which industry you're looking to operate in.

However, to the keen eye, many opportunities either don't require just as much investment or literally go with a 'no money upfront policy. 

Thankfully, Markaz app does all that by offering a centralized hub to connect entrepreneurs and wholesale product vendors from all over Pakistan. 

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So, yes, Markaz App doesn't require you or anyone else to become a reseller to start making money online in Pakistan

What does a reseller do exactly?

Resellers are offered unmitigated access to a ginormous product inventory – and that too, sourced from all kinds of reliable wholesale vendors from different remote locations. Regardless of whichever product the reseller chooses to go for, it can be privately promoted through a unique link through the person's internal network. 

Once anyone makes a purchase, there's a flat profit margin.

Rinse and repeat until you have a substantial amount of money on the side as more of a passive income substitute. 

Of course, there's a sense of mistrust among buyers for any online buying and selling website. 

As much as people want to buy stuff on impulse, scammers are out there on large to disrupt what we'd call a delightful customer experience. To prevent such incidents from occurring, Markaz App and many other up-and-coming have employed a quality assurance process before products are green-lighted to be sold online.

The process isn't entirely ironclad, but it's close to securing sellers and buyers in a protected environment.

From the buyer's perspective, customers are often reluctant to trust a new eCommerce platform; thus, we offer refunds and returns if any quality issues arise to gain customers' trust and provide a reliable platform for them. 

We sell our products to resellers at wholesale prices without imposing any bulk buying limitation. With only 90 PKR delivery charges all over Pakistan, resellers can quickly increase their order per mission and penetrate the market due to low delivery charges.

Download the Markaz App and earn PKR 45,000+ per month through online buying and selling platforms. 

2. Content Writing

If you believe you can cast a spell on the reader's mind through your words, content writing is one of the top business ideas in Pakistan. Although currently embryonic, the content writing market pays PKR 15k-20k to new entrants. 

All you need to start your business is your mind and a computer with an Internet connection. It is one of the best business ideas in Pakistan because it revolves around the low-risk, high return approach. 

You can sign up for a free account on Fiverr or Upwork.

3. Blogging

Although a relatively saturated industry, blogging is one of Pakistan's best online business ideas. 

Many people are already a part of the blogging community, but that should never stop you from pursuing your dream to make people read your daily journal. Yes, blogging focuses on creating informational diary-style text entries on a website that can attract millions of visitors every day. 

Deep inside your heart, you know what you are good at. Whether lifestyle, beauty, or health industry, choose your specific niche and let it do the magic. Start earning by blogging today as you do not have anything to lose but lots to gain. To access a step-by-step guide to creating a blog, click here.

4. Online Food Business

Do you cook in a way that leaves people asking for more on their plates? Have you ever realized this could act as your source of income? Many people have exceptional cooking skills but fail to utilize them to benefit themselves.

Start an online food business and see how many people in your surroundings are looking for healthy homemade food options. Choose a specific target market and design a menu filled with dishes that best serve them. Fuse your passion and livelihood and witness how it changes your world.

5. Online Tutoring

As a consequence of the pandemic, students are restricted to their houses, and gaining knowledge from effective sources has become an impossible quest. 

If you are one of those people with a firm grip over concepts and exceptional capabilities to impart knowledge, it is time to bring it into service to start an online business for yourself. Create an online tutoring platform that comprises subject experts and market it efficiently to reach out to candidates that require your services. 

There are many online learning platforms in Pakistan, and your online business idea should stand out by some means to increase the rate of sign-ups. Gather subject experts, conduct interactive sessions, and provide support material to add students in preparation.

6. Dropshipping

Enter the dropshipping business and start earning today without investing in any products beforehand. Unlike other online selling platforms, dropshipping does not require the sellers to buy products before the products are sold to the customers. 

It saves you from investing in inventory, warehouses, and initial business investments. 

Buy products online from apps such as the Markaz App that manages your logistics, delivery, and cash collection on its own. It is somehow the best business in Pakistan because it requires minimum effort on the part of the entrepreneurs and allows them to focus on the creative side of their business.

7. Online Courses

Add convenience and flexibility to learning opportunities and pave a better future for the whole country. 

Tap your skillset and identify a skill that you can impart to candidates to benefit them in the long run. People are making a lot of money by selling online courses, and you would surely want to become a part of the teaching community in today's capitalistic world. Create an online course by researching your expertise, target market, and online course selling platforms that fit your course criteria and start earning at home.

8. Graphic Designing 

Visual content imparts messages like no other source. People believe what they see which is why many organizations around the world rely on graphic designs to market their products and ideas effectively. Businesses want to boost their visibility, and nothing can beat graphic designing to increase organic buyers/visitors. 

Whether it is an advertisement, magazine, or report, graphic design is an essential part. Graphic designers give rise to ideas that capture the audience's attention for a long time. 

Start your graphic designing business online as a freelancer and earn money without any obstacles in Pakistan. If you have a portfolio, you will be able to escape the shackles of aggressive marketing too.

9. Website Development

Every business operating globally has its own website that facilitates customers to gather information and buy products online without getting queued in physical locations. 

Now that businesses are aware of the significance of websites, most of them focus on creating websites that offer seamless customer experiences. 

Thus, website development is an online business idea that can help you earn money at home by deploying your skills only. You can either work on creating new websites for businesses that enter the market or upgrade the existing websites and make money online.

10. Art and Craft

People born with an aesthetic sense and the capability to transform everything into art can benefit from their skills to make some quick money online. 

Many business ideas fall in the art and craft domain as it captures everything from making candles, calligraphy, embroidery, and home decor. All you need to do is identify your skill set and master it. Keep on practicing and start selling through online platforms once you are sure it will strike the right chords. 

As people crave aesthetics these days, your business idea will surge in popularity. Spark an art and craft business venture online and earn money by adding colors to other people's lives.

11. Event Management

One of the online business ideas that have had steady growth over the last decade is event management. Although some people are delusional that they can manage their events on their own, others have accepted the reality that allowing experts to handle business events is crucial to their success. With thousands of important managerial aspects surrounding an event, it is unlikely that the organization/person would want to manage it themselves. 

Start an event management business online that pays attention to the nitty-gritty details of every event. Build a strong portfolio and initiate your event management business today.

12. Tourism Agency

Tourism agencies are at their peak in Pakistan as numerous tourist sites are present in the country. Due to the Pakistan-China corridor, it is believed that the amount of tourists inflow in the country will rise. If you have a never-ending wanderlust and enjoy traveling to places to satisfy your soul, why not make money out of it too? 

So, if you know the must-watch sites in Pakistan and can guide tourists to enjoy their visit to the fullest, start an online tourism agency today. 

13. Fitness Training

In today's world, health-conscious people avoid going to the gyms as it can spread the pandemic. With a rise in health awareness and the number of increased health-related issues, people have started to keep track of their activities to remain fit and away from diseases. Thus, if you are a fitness enthusiast who can teach people to maintain their lifestyles at the optimum level, this online business idea is waiting to be tapped. 

Create an online fitness training page on Instagram or Facebook and use effective marketing techniques to attract customers to your business idea. Offer referral discounts in the initial stages and see your business surging in no time. 

14. Vlogging

The vlogs that make your day act as a source of earning for your favorite vloggers. YouTube vloggers make money by showcasing their lifestyles, imparting health and beauty secrets, or talking about their lives. 

You often forget while watching vlogs that you can take them as an inspiration to make money online. Start vlogging by investing in a high-resolution camera and making money through this online business idea in Pakistan.

15. Translator

Being multilingual does not only benefit the speaker but can propagate knowledge to others as well. You can work as a translator online to earn money from the comfort of your home if you have expertise in more than one language. 

A language barrier exists whenever a business moves to a new market outside the country. By creating an online translation business, you can break those barriers and earn money through your exceptional skills and expertise in two or more languages.


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