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Cluttered and chaotic pathways never lead to prosperous endings. Whether it is your tiny working space or your business’ huge warehouse, organization and categorization uplift the productivity levels twofold.

A major part of the supply chain, warehouse management is a crucial but much-neglected process. The best way to organize a warehouse is a debatable topic as some businesses consider it to be a time-consuming and impractical process. What they often forget is that mismanagement in the first step of the selling journey weakens the business foundations from its inception.

With 80% of the businesses relying on manual processes to manage a warehouse, management becomes a cumbersome task. The best way to organize a warehouse covers a broad range of processes undiscovered by today’s occupied managers. 

Trying to figure out the best way to organize a warehouse in today’s competitive business environment? Let’s dig into the best warehouse maintenance practices.


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Warehouses- The Foundation of your Business Journey

What is a Warehouse?

Where does your favorite product stay before it grabs your attention from the shelf? Way before a product enters a store, warehouses act as the first home. A warehouse is a crucial part of logistics management that offers storage space for your inventory. Depending on your business size and requirements, the warehouse can be a huge building block or spare rooms and garages to stock, pack, and deliver products to the retailers or wholesalers.

For many online businesses, warehouses play the role of a store that stores and maintains inventory before order fulfillment. With scalability in the business process, the size and requirements of warehousing grow as well. While the types of warehouses can vary from business to business, security and reliability remain the most crucial factor. 

Essential Features of a Warehouse

If you are looking for the best way to organize a warehouse, keep the following features in mind before making your final decision.

  1. Assess the number and quality of racks in the warehouse to see if they can hold your inventory without any risks.
  2. Check if the location provides easy access to your outlet and main highways or not.
  3. Remember to check for expansion facilities in case you need more space in the future.
  4. A temperature control system should be present in the warehouse if your inventory requires a specific temperature.
  5. Read the ordinance laws of that particular state to see if they align with your requirements or not.
  6. Are you a business owner working for a storage facility for industrial or medical equipment? Consider the bay size before choosing a warehouse. 

The Three Basic Types of Warehouses

The Three Basic Types of Warehouses

As a business owner you might wonder how to organize a warehouse but are you familiar with the types of warehouses present to facilitate your supply chain management

Here’s a brief list of the basic warehouses that exist in the business world.

  1. Public Warehouses

As a business startup owner, financial constraints might hold you back from fulfilling your business ideas

Providing affordable storage space for small businesses and startups, public warehouses are government-owned spaces to store inventory.

Such warehouses lack automation but enable businesses to access a suitable space that stocks and controls their products for a short period.

  1. Bonded Warehouses

Providing a temperature-controlled environment accompanied by logistics facilities and security, bonded warehouses are a suitable platform for imported products. 

They are known for holding dutiable goods before their release to save businesses against local taxes

Stock your products duty-free in bonded warehouses before you find the right buyers.

  1. Private Warehouses

Requiring high initial investment, private warehouses are costly but technologically advanced spaces for huge enterprises, e-commerce platforms, and small-scale businesses.

If you are looking for a warehouse to maintain your inventory for a long period, private warehouses are your go-to option. 

Businesses that have the financial resources to own private warehouses add convenience to their operations through the automation and reliability provided by them.

The Markaz App Revolution

We are here to revamp the social commerce platforms. With the Markaz App, you are relieved of the burden of maintaining storage space for your inventory. 

Before the inception of the Markaz App, online business owners relied on bulk sellers to maintain their inventory.

Bulk-buying robs businesses of the opportunity to have cash on hand as it requires a huge initial investment. It also required businesses to own large warehouses to store inventory and streamline the selling process. The products were later on sold through social media platforms or e-commerce websites. 

The Markaz App revolutionized online selling by being a social commerce platform that enables sellers to choose products directly from the website and sell it to the customers. 

Eliminating the storage hassle for new business owners, the Markaz App is on its way to changing the complete shopping experience.

What is the Best Way to Organize a Warehouse?

What is the Best Way to Organize a Warehouse?

Tired of figuring out the warehouse organization structure that streamlines your business operations? In today’s ever-evolving times, maintaining a warehouse is a complex process. Here’s a quick guide to equip you on how to organize a warehouse for your business.

1. Label it All 

Spending hours in the warehouse to find a product only to realize it is not the one you are looking for is the highest level of misfortune you can witness during peak sales hours. To avoid such hassles and save the customer’s time, it is recommended businesses label their products to ensure smooth management. 

By facilitating the warehouse employees to access the right products at the right time, you don’t only make their jobs easier but boost operational productivity as the whole selling process speeds up. 

Businesses that partner with the Markaz App are quick to find their required products without maintaining a warehouse for them. 

How to find the products using the Markaz App?

  1. Open the Markaz App
  2. Click on catalogs
  3. Select your desired product range from the left panel
  4. Choose the right product
  5. Start selling

The Markaz App brings all your desired products to your fingertips.

2. Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels

Cluttered spaces and disorganization lower the operational efficiency of your businesses to an unfathomable level. 

Once you enter the dark pit where all your products exist in a mismanaged state, there is nothing that can bring you back. Businesses should maintain an optimal inventory level in the warehouse to avoid inventory overload and disorder. 

Adopt a lean inventory approach and store only the required products. You lower your order fulfillment time and boost customer satisfaction by stocking optimal inventory.

The Markaz App has a wide range of top-notch suppliers on board to facilitate product availability. We deliver products through our reliable logistics partners in the quickest possible way. Pay PKR 90 for delivery all across the country.

3. Choose a Safe Location

Safety should be your utmost priority while designing the warehouse organization structure. Safety standards must be maintained when it comes to choosing the best way to organize a warehouse. 

Set up safety testing procedures to ensure a safe environment for your employees. The last thing you would want to risk is worker safety. Never choose a location that is affordable at the cost of employee well-being. An environment that enables employees to work without safety hazards results in greater productivity than the ones with risk at every step. 

Use ergonomic equipment to protect employees while achieving the highest level of efficiency.   

4. List Down the Returned Products

Where do the returned products go? Back to the warehouse. Once you receive returned products from the store, list them down to ensure cost-efficiency. 

By noting down the number of returned products, you make sure the business bears no extra costs due to refunds and the products enter the business lifecycle again. The returned products should only be sent back to the seller if they are not faulty.

5. Add Automation 

With automation taking over the business environment, warehouse management witnessed a ripple effect too. While organizing a warehouse, always remember to automate business operations. 

As a business owner, you should never rely on manual labor to carry out rote procedures. An ideal warehouse automation system includes barcode scanners, wrapping machines, conveyor belts, and order fulfillment solutions. Automate your warehouse procedures and witness a massive change in business operations.


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