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Being one of the largest players in the world of social media and e-commerce, it is essential to know the top selling products on Instagram if you are a business or looking to start a business.

With more than 2 billion active users month on month, Instagram has successfully held the reins to the Millennial and Gen Z population with over 60% preferring to use Instagram even over TikTok. 

There are over 200 million businesses on Instagram meaning it’s a great opportunity to start an Instagram business account. But with so many businesses out there, the challenge is to have a business that deals in top selling products on Instagram.

Figuring out the best things to buy and resell for a profit and then knowing how to sell products on Instagram is what sets a business apart from its competitors


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Top selling products on Instagram for 2023

top selling products on instagram 2023

The top selling products on Instagram 2023 helped businesses dominate the market on Instagram and increase their sales. Figuring out top selling products on Instagram for 2023 will help businesses plan their products and target audience accordingly.

For people entering into the world of e-commerce, or even veterans in the field, it is important to predict the upcoming trends to ensure you allocate your resources wisely not only to the procurement of products but marketing as well.

Once you have figured out the top selling products on Instagram for your business niche, you can choose to make custom products or figure out the best things to buy and resell for profit to generate revenue. 

Finding out the right products as per upcoming trends can be a tedious task with little to no room for error as your entire business and projections depend on this. For this reason, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 10 top selling products on Instagram in 2023.

We have categorized these products and shared a few examples of each type of product you can sell on Instagram in 2023. If you are looking to learn how to Sell Products on Instagram this article is the ultimate guide to get you started.

Top Selling Products on Instagram Categories 

There are over 200 billion businesses listed on Instagram which means there is a huge variety of products and services being sold on Instagram. We have shortlisted the top 10 categories for you and highlighted the most popular products within each category.

It is your choice to source them yourself, drop ship, or make these products yourself if you have the skills and sell them online.

1. Pre-loved 

top 10 selling products in the world

With the increasing focus on climate change and activists and influencers championing sustainable living practices, businesses dealing in preloved items have seen a boom in sales.

These pre-loved items can range from everyday products to luxury items. The few things to keep in mind when running a business dealing in pre-loved items is to only get the best things to buy and resell for profit.

This means you should ensure the authenticity of the product you receive. You should also ensure that the article is in good enough condition to resell. 

If it is a clothing item, ensure that it has been dry-cleaned and properly ironed. For bags and accessories, check the items for any damage. If it is negligible damage, then list the product on your business feed and be sure to mention the damage details for transparency.

The top trending products in demand in the pre-loved category are:

  • Pots & pans
  • Footwear
  • Accessories (bags, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, etc)
  • Clothes

2. Apparel

Clothes are a necessity for everyone. It is a recurring purchase that individuals need to make, be it to stay on point with the latest trends or simply because they have outgrown their clothes or they are too worn out.

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure, apparel is a forever industry. What we need to know is the latest trends for the upcoming year to decide the kind of clothes we want to sell and figure out how to sell products on Instagram.

To know this, follow the fashion icons in your product niche and see what colors, patterns, brands, and styles they are endorsing. Take inspiration from them and find the best products for your target audience.

You can deal in multiple types of apparel but the broad categories include: 

  • Children 
  • Adults (formal, semi-formal, casual, seasonal rotations, etc)
  • Pets (jackets, name tags, custom leashes, etc)
  • Athleisure (outerwear, inner wear, footwear, gloves, yoga mats, etc)

3. Home decor products

Humans are inclined towards visually pleasing things and prefer their surroundings to reflect that. The most important place to almost everyone is their home. 

What makes a house a home are the people in it. And these people give that home a personality by decorating it with different home decor products to reflect their style and taste.

For as long as people will live, houses will exist. And as long as houses exist, people will work towards making their homes. This is why a home decor business has huge potential.

There is a huge variety of products within the home decor category and depending on your business model and skill set you can choose to sell any of the following home decor products or even a mix of them.

  • Handmade crafts sourced from expert craftsmen
  • Homemade products personalized to the customer’s requirements 
  • Manufactured products easy to procure and sell
  • Home linen (anything from bedding, to flooring, to towels, etc)

4. Personal care and grooming products for men 

Gone are the days when men paid no heed to things like personal care and grooming. With the increasing pollution indexes worldwide, it has become necessary for men to take care of their skin and hair.

Furthermore, the saying, the first impression is the last impression, hasn’t had as much truth to it as in today's world. Men need to be properly groomed especially in formal or official settings or even on a casual dinner out with friends and family. 

Men today are the most inclined to focus on their appearance and ensure appropriate personal care and grooming. Some of the top selling products in this category are:

  1. Electronic tools (shavers, trimmers, foot massagers, etc)
  2. Hair Care products (hair oil, beard oil, serums, heat protectors, shampoos, masks, gels, conditioners, etc)
  3. Skincare products (sunscreen, moisturizer, facewash, aftershave, etc)

5. Beauty and Personal Care

Beauty and personal care products have been around for centuries in some shape, way, or form. 

With advancements, the industry has evolved and newer products are being introduced every so often.

It is essential to figure out the latest trends that people are aspiring to, be it cleansing or moisturizing. 

Women are always looking to enhance their natural beauty and are always on the lookout for the next best product to be added to their vault of personal care products. Some of the most trending products for 2023 are

  • Skincare (vitamin C serums, cruelty-free sunscreens, mild cleansers, etc)
  • Makeup 
  • Tools (Makeup tools, face and body sculpting tools, self-care tools, etc)
  • Fragrance

6. Childcare products

Procreation is one of the primary instincts of human beings. This means for as long as humans will exist, so will babies.

Anyone who has ever had a baby would vouch for the fact that parents would go to any length to ensure the best products for their child.

They want maximum safety, comfort, convenience, and durability when it comes to childcare products. Along with that, they want very visually pleasing products.

Some of the most bought products when it comes to childcare are:

  • Safety products (car seats, strollers, child locks, baby monitors, breast pumps, bottle sterilizers, etc)
  • Interactive toys and activities (sensory activities and toys, motor skills development toys and activities, etc)
  • Early years educational products (children’s books, activity-based products that develop their skills)

7. Sports and Wellness Products

Today's individual is much different from their predecessors in many ways. One of those ways is physical activity or the lack thereof.

People of old used to get a lot of physical activity and hence had little to no need for a lot of sports products or wellness products.

They played simple games and not everyone had access to them. With today's sedentary lifestyle and most people working from their chairs and a laptop, physical health took a major toll.

To combat this, a rise in people’s interest in sports products, workout equipment, and wellness products means this is a great niche to sell on Instagram.

Here’s how to sell products on Instagram. Have a business that sells any or a combination of the following products:

  • Workout equipment (yoga mats, dumbbells, exercise bands, etc)
  • Workout plans (provide guided and tailored workouts and rehabilitation programs if you have the expertise)
  • Meal plans and subscriptions (have a subscription plan for meal plans that you can sell. You can sell a simple meal plan or sell an entire subscription plan where you also send out prepared meals for that meal plan)

8. Eco-Friendly and sustainable products

With the rise in global temperatures, people are starting to truly understand the extent of climate change and the damage that has been done to our environment.

In hopes of leaving a better world for the generations to come, a gradual but definite shift is taking place as people modify their spending choices and lifestyle habits.

Some of the products in the burgeoning eco-friendly and sustainable market are:

  • Healthcare products ( chemical-free healthcare products such as face wash without microbeads)
  • Sustainable packaging (reusable, recyclable, compostable packaging instead of plastic and styrofoam packaging has seen a huge rise in demand)
  • Pay it Forward (have a buy one, pay one forward model of business, where whenever someone buys something they can also buy one more to pay it forward to someone deserving who can not afford the product.)
  • Sustainable gifts (gifting plants instead of a bouquet of flowers, seed paper instead of normal wrapping paper, jute cloth instead of bubble wrap, etc)
  • Cut-price ranges( reselling leftovers from export products that would otherwise go into a landfill owing to minor faults that can be ignored)

9. Fashion accessories

Adorning oneself with accessories was once the hallmark of royalty or the elite. With time, fashion accessories became more readily available to the masses.

Now anyone and everyone can buy the fashion accessories of their choice. It is also a norm to share these as gifts.

There are different types of fashion accessories and different categories within each type. Some common fashion accessories are:

  • Jewelry (handmade, industrially manufactures, crafted with recycled materials, etc)
  • Bags (handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, tote bags, backpacks, laptop bags, gym bags, and the list goes on)
  • Headgear (hats, scarves, hair bands, hair clips, etc)
  • Eyewear (sunglasses, contact lenses, etc)

10. Electronics and related accessories

Electronics are an integral part of everyday life. Nearly all daily tasks require some sort of electronic device.

Some of these are imported products, some locally manufactured, some are cellular devices,, and complimentary products such as earphones, chargers, mobile covers, etc.

Each year newer models of electronic devices make their way to the market making those before them obsolete. 

Having a business account that sells electronic products is the answer to anyone asking how to sell products on Instagram. You can choose from a vast variety of products:

  • Imported electronics (air fryers, rechargeable vacuum cleaners, PlayStation 5, etc)
  • Everyday use products (electronic toothbrushes, hair dryers, electric heaters, etc)
  • Smart devices (laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc)
  • Cameras 
  • Related Accessories (covers, straps, lens, ring lights, etc)


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Concluding Remarks

selling products on instagram

With a surge in online selling and Instagram on its way to becoming the next big e-commerce hub, knowing the 10 top selling products on Instagram for 2023 can put your business on the trajectory for great success. 

This article revolves around the top selling products on Instagram and how to sell on Instagram.


What are top selling products on Instagram 2023?

Among all the top selling products on Instagram 2023, especially if we were to sum them up, we’d say, they are likely to include fashion and beauty items such as clothing, shoes, skincare products, makeup, and accessories. 

Additionally, trending products on Instagram are related to health and wellness (such as dietary supplements or exercise equipment). They may also be among the top 10 selling products in the world, owing to their popularity in the upcoming years due to an increased focus on self-care. 

Other selling products on Instagram are lifestyle goods such as furniture or home decor could be successful as well due to the rise of interior design influencers on social media. 

Moving on without top selling products on Instagram 2023 are products associated with technology such as laptops, tablets or gaming consoles could have a strong presence on Instagram given their wide appeal across different demographics.

What are some of the red flags related to top selling products on Instagram 2023?

The common warning signs associated with selling products on Instagram are buyer and seller account legitimacy. 

If you are a seller, regardless of whether you are selling trending products on Instagram, or anything less known, ensure that the buyer is legitimate. Check their profile to get an idea of an account age and posts timeline. If they’re old, and dated, it means that the person is legit. 

Similarly, when you’re engaged in preselling top selling products on Instagram 2023, many buyers will approach you to make payments through shady 3rd party portals. This is a red flag and a big NO, for as long as the person making the payment seems skeptic, or has a profile pic that can be easily reverse-searched on Google. 

What are the Top 10 selling products in the world?

It’s a matter of perspective and market requirements, but we have summed up the following items as a few examples of the top 10 selling products in the world. 

  1. Mobile Phones - Mobile phones are the most popular product in the world and have been at the top of sales for many years. 

They offer an array of features, from entertainment to communication and professional uses as well. 

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Powers of Consumer Technology report, mobile phones accounted for nearly $400 billion in global retail sales and were the leading product category worldwide in 2018. 

  1. Computers 

Computers remain a staple among tech products, with laptops being one of the bestselling items on the planet. Needless to say, PCs and other variants of computers are categorized as top selling products on instagram 2023 . 

  1. Tablets 

Up next on our top selling products on instagram 2023 recommendations, we’ve got Tablets.

While tablet sales have declined since their introduction into mainstream markets back in 2010, they still remain one of the top-selling products around the world due to their compact size and portability—even if they do come with higher price tags than other devices like laptops or desktops. 

  1. Television Sets 

Television sets still rank high on lists for bestselling items even though alternative means such as streaming services (which themselves may require buying new hardware) are becoming increasingly popular options for watching content at home or on the go. 

  1. Printers

Though printers are found more frequently these days in office spaces rather than homes, they can be convenient if you need hard copies often enough.