Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

Time was never a flat circle. In fact, it is more like a bumpy polygon. If you look around enough, you will encounter repurposed ideas on almost every corner. Knowing the crooks and curves of where you are at any given moment is key to making all of it fit. And tech giants have made ease of doing business with their technologies.

This is where we are today in social commerce, an idea that has been revived countless times and then faded away again. But to fast forward, the pandemic has wholly turned the face of technology. The landscape is constantly evolving, and many businesses are reaping gains.

Enhancing your business operations with technology has helped attract more capital more efficiently and effectively. Technology is put in place to facilitate the process that may already be in place. New opportunities for efficiency are further being created as business technologies are improving. 


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Tech's impact on business ease: Top 5 ways. Embrace innovation. Stay ahead.

Many tools and social e-commerce platforms are surfacing for enhancing workplace productivity, eliminating waste, and streamlining workflows, making ease of doing business.

The transition process may seem intimidating, but it is well worth going through the growing pains. Here are five ways technology is revolutionizing the ease of doing business.

1. A Mobile-First Business Environment

 A Mobile-First Business Environment

Mobile-First is here to dominate. You can manage every aspect of your business remotely using smart devices or tablets with the right software. Manage your sales enablement, content marketing, customer relations, and back-end tasks such as shipping and invoicing in one click. However, mobile is not only for you - but also for your consumers.

The paradigm shift has revolutionized prospect marketing. Technology has also made it easier for us to stay in touch with one another. Millennials and Gen-Z are more likely to use a mobile device every day for shopping, selling, socializing, and discovering local businesses. They are also more likely to share their experiences with friends, acquaintances, and Instagram strangers.

Be that having your co-workers and employees available via text/video chat at a moment's notice or being able to send targeted promotional emails to pre qualified customers who are shopping nearby. With the rise of mobile technology, communication has been seamlessly integrated to create a hyper-real web of real-time information. 

The ease of doing business has never been more simplified in a mobile-first business environment. 

Pro-Tip: Your customer journey is the best place to begin. To understand your customers and prospects, you must uncover all their touchpoints when interacting with your brand. It is important to outline the customer journey from the first interaction to the last, no matter where it occurs. How do you define the customers' experience at each of these touchpoints?  

2. Convenience and Offers are the Key Components

Convenience and Offers are the Key Components

The shopping experience should be convenient for every customer. With long working hours, consumers are finding it hard to visit brick-and-mortar markets regularly. Fortunately, technology in the eCommerce industry has enabled consumers to change all this. 

Today, savvy shoppers can easily access online stores from their laptops, mobiles, tablets, and other devices at any time, anywhere. 

Online stores have a large selection. In addition, e-commerce stores can make it possible to offer a much broader range of sizes, colors, and other options for clothing and fashion accessories than can be offered in a physical store - often more options than a retailer can stock.

However, there are also some other factors that influence customers to turn to eCommerce. One of those factors is the ability to track their order status. The customer can check online whether their order has shipped or is being delivered. Additional benefits include lower prices and same-day delivery options. 

In light of how technology has changed the whole concept of shopping, it is not far off that the e-commerce industry will also be able to offer express delivery options, such that one can dispatch the order within minutes.

Markaz assists with all operational challenges that new eCommerce entrepreneurs may face, including supply/stock management, delivery, and payment. Let Markaz handle the logistical hassle while you explore the world of online business in Pakistan. 

3. Business of Any Size can Become Visible

There was a time when the big players dominated commerce with their plush outlets, which customers remembered. Even the best small brands lived anonymously while the biggest ones captured market share. Smaller players didn't have access to global markets. Their main source of clients was the local crowd from the vicinity.

However, the Internet and advancements in technology have made it possible for businesses of all sizes to establish themselves. All businesses can reach a broader customer base, regardless of how big or small. With the advent of eCommerce websites, small businesses can compete with bigger brands. With the click of a button, consumers can now discover even the smallest brands.

It is also a major boon for both small businesses and startups. The growing power of the eCommerce industry has allowed both to be able to spread their wings into the global market.

Being an expert doesn't require you to have 20+ years of experience. And guess what? Social media hasn't been around for 20 years either. If you have the Markaz app in your hand (literally), nothing can hold you back! Even if you think the market is crowded, someone will always want your product or service.

Getting crystal clear on the fundamentals will empower you to decide your best next step and kickstart your business. With Markaz, resellers are not only able to diversify their income streams but also receive the education, support, and guidance they need to operate well.

4. Social Shopping

Besides being a means of entertainment, social media is also influencing most people's purchasing decisions. While browsing through the major platforms, you will likely encounter people asking for shopping recommendations.

Businesses who understand social media's power are taking advantage of the huge crowds to increase their visibility. Social media is one of the most common advertising methods for online businesses. 

Instagram and Facebook, on the other hand, have now added functionality that enables consumers to shop on the platforms themselves. Optimizing your social media posts to appeal visually to the target audience is a necessity if you intend to effectively market your products.

5. Small Businesses are Gaining Ground

The future looks increasingly bright for small businesses jumping into the e-commerce market. Peer-to-peer e-commerce sites such as Markaz are enabling small businesses to compete with big-box retailers such as Daraz.

Markaz allows you to become a reseller without any initial fee or investment. This social e-commerce platform is your top pick for an easy business in Pakistan.

Social media and smartphones are helping consumers discover brands that they might not otherwise have discovered. Now, the thrift store down the street can set up shop online and offer its products to the world.

The benefits don't just go to longtime mom-and-pops. Startups are exploding across the country at an unprecedented rate. With social media, mobile, and cloud technology, entrepreneurs are better positioned to get businesses off the ground faster. Technology features such as those of Markaz further enable entrepreneurs to run their businesses from the comfort of home. 


Start your very own online reselling business with Markaz App.

Technology Has Become a Wave

  Technology Has Become a Wave

As technology continues to evolve, mutate, and adapt, especially throughout 2022, you cannot avoid getting swept away in a tidal wave of progress.

The businesses that fail to adapt will be left behind, while those that learn to keep up will prosper. There's some merit that's allowed you to enjoy success thus far, so you don't need to rebuild your business from scratch. 

To fully maximize your business's success, it is imperative to understand how technology can affect your business (for better or worse) and how you can apply advancements to your advantage. The development in the eCommerce industry allows retailers and businesses of any size to remain in consumers' minds.

Business owners who always wanted a global reach, but lacked the resources required to do so, must now fully understand that they can achieve their goal. You can capture an audience in other cities by simply having an online store or by advertising and marketing your products through platforms such as

This can only be accomplished if they implement new eCommerce technology as effectively as possible. The emergence of new technologies has changed the entire outlook of customers and the way we shop. 

To achieve ease of business and success in terms of a larger customer base and better sales, companies should combine traditional marketing techniques with new concepts in the e-commerce industry.