Online Business Ideas in Pakistan without Investment

With over 2.95 billion users, it's not hard to understand why countless businesses have been turning to the world of affiliate marketing on social media platform giants, such as the ever-popular Instagram and Twitter. 

This colossal user base presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a diverse spectrum of precisely targeted audiences.

But they are all pale in comparison to the sheer power of the king of all online networks: That's right, we're talking about none other than 'The' social media platform for everyone: FACEBOOK!

What is Affiliate Marketing Facebook?

Utilizing the power of affiliate marketing on Facebook marketing is an excellent strategy for increasing sales and profits. 

Affiliates can use Facebook's immense popularity to bring more viewers to their page, group, or even an outside website or landing page.

Conventionally, affiliate marketing on Facebook heavily relies on acquiring organic traffic from search engines. Yet, it's essential to recognize that achieving the scalability of affiliate marketing to a level where it generates a full-time income often entails a multi-year journey.

How Does it Work?

When it comes to Facebook, its users are usually already logged in. This allows the platform to track their behavior after they click an ad, regardless of whether or not it is an affiliate link. 

For instance, a visitor who clicks an ad pointing to ClickBank (or CJ, AvantLink, ShareASale, etc.) can be monitored by Facebook and see what items they purchase within that network afterward.

Facebook will document and forward the lead to the affiliated program whenever someone completes a transaction. 

Ultimately, they will reward you for your initial click in cases where the ad produces a sale.

That is why it is generally more advantageous to utilize Facebook ads for people who already have an established relationship with your brand or your affiliate partners instead of targeting completely new faces with no existing connections with either of those entities.

How to do Affiliate Marketing via Facebook in 2023

Marketing products on Facebook can seem daunting, but you can achieve success by understanding the basics of Facebook for affiliate marketing. 

With these tips, you'll be well on your way to successful marketing through this major social media platform.

Set Up Your Facebook Page

Crafting a Facebook page is the first important step to launching your journey in Facebook affiliate marketing. 

Even though it may appear similar to your personal profile page at first glance, there are some subtle differences between the two. Your business page for affiliate marketing on Facebook purposes is similar to a website.

Next, to bring your page to life, begin by adding interesting and relevant content. Include visuals such as photos or videos that match the interests of your target customers and relate to goods or services you promote through referrals. 

Commit to a few moments per day to become acquainted with the different aspects of your Facebook Business page. Take some time to gain an understanding of its features and settings so that you can maximize your promotions.

Having set up a website or blog, it's smart to post links of your latest blog posts on your Facebook Business page. This will keep the readers updated with new content and increase traffic to your site.

Create a Facebook Group for Your Website

A Facebook group associated with your business is an ideal way to interact with consumers without inundating them. 

To start, invite a few of your closest contacts and watch the group expand exponentially. With their help, sharing your message and reaching a broader range of individuals will be easier.

Try incorporating the KLT (Know, Like, and Trust) factor, which is essential to draw more audience to your Facebook group. Which means that you should not brazenly include affiliate links in your content; rather, provide free value to those who are interested.

As a result, followers will come to understand and appreciate what you have for sale as long as it's something they're interested in.

Grow Your Audience

Your audience must be able to see the content for you to make money from affiliate links on a Facebook Page or Group. 

No audience = no money made from your content.

While it could be possible to accomplish a large amount of growth organically, such progress tends to be gradual and slow. 

Combining organic with paid strategies makes far more sense to speed up the process and get even better results. Before diving into this realm, however, time must be invested in ensuring the page engages viewers.

For those just entering the world of digital marketing, a common practice is to implement the 80/20 rule. 

This means:

  • Dedicating 80% of your content towards topics that can teach, inform and pique interest among others
  • With only 20% being promotion-focused. 

Too much promotional material may put off existing or potential followers who may be attracted to your page based on shared interests.

Leverage Facebook Ads

With paid advertisement, your adverts will be seen by the right people. 

So what do you have to do? After setting up a Facebook Business Page, create an Ads account. Afterwards, start creating your first ad using the Ads Manager.

When utilizing sponsored ads related to affiliate marketing, it is best to begin with something minimal and narrow the target audience as much as possible.

A good starting point is building a strong organic foundation and having an effective landing page that converts viewers into customers or leads.

Once you understand the fundamentals of using Facebook ads for affiliate marketing, here is how to leverage them to meet your goals:

  • Take advantage of image ads on Facebook
  • Ads can help increase the visibility of offers on other pages
  • Use text ads to promote affiliate offers
  • Engage your audience with Video Ads to promote affiliate offers 

Top Affiliate Programs in Pakistan

1. Daraz

Daraz is a trendsetter in the Pakistani e-commerce arena. Boasting over 10 million products across various categories, it has made its mark as an online marketplace. 

If you’re a business or an individual seeking to capitalize on Daraz's expansive online marketplace? Then sign up today for their Affiliate Program.

You'll gain access to valuable marketing material and unique tracking links, allowing you to profit from sales from your website and social media platforms. 

One of the most lucrative affiliate programs in Pakistan, it is a great way to maximize your growth and success while benefitting from the thriving affiliate sector that Daraz offers.

2. eBay

For content creators wanting to make a passive income, joining eBay Partner Network (EPN) is a great choice. The best and most effective way to do this is by putting links in your articles that point directly to eBay.

It’s a win-win.

Content creators interested in making a passive income should look at eBay Partner Network (EPN). This affiliate program provides a commission to content creators each time someone makes an order through their shared link.

By participating in this initiative, bloggers can bolster their earnings while drawing attention to eBay's online store.

3. Amazon

Known as Amazon associates, Amazon affiliate marketing is a free program available for websites and blogs. 

Through this affiliation, webmasters can share items from Amazons website on their sites by setting up links. 

When visitors click on these product links and successfully purchase from Amazon, they will be rewarded with an affiliate commission payment. 

It’s an effective way to generate extra income and promote items at no cost.

4. AliExpress

For anyone seeking to monetize their website or blog, the AliExpress affiliate program is worth exploring. 

Boasting more than a million products, this platform allows users to take advantage of competitive commissions and efficient payment processes. 

And best of all - they provide revenue for each sale made through referrals! This means higher conversions can lead to even bigger earnings. 

All in all, AliExpress offers an incredible opportunity for any aspiring affiliate marketer out there.

5. Goto Affiliate Program

Goto affiliate program is the perfect choice for those who want to get into affiliate marketing in Pakistan. 

The registration process is remarkably easy and requires only a few minutes of your time. After filling out the form, you can access your account immediately, where you can acquire tracking links for your website or social media accounts and begin promoting. 

What makes Goto stand out from other programs is its enormous selection of products - over 500,000 items are available. As an added bonus, Goto pays a commission every month.

6. Commission Junction (CJ)

CJ Affiliate offers an incredible selection of programs to suit any needs. From the auto industry to the latest tech gadgets and even gardening, there is something for everyone who runs a blog or business.

Unlike most offers on CJ Affiliate, several advertisers have pay-per-view or pay-per-click opportunities. 

Moreover, affiliate marketing enthusiasts can also find placements and flat-spend options on this platform. 

Ultimately, no matter which affiliate program is chosen, the possibility exists to promote products with social media marketing techniques.

What's an Alternative to Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan?

Markaz App presents a fresh alternative to affiliate marketing, providing opportunities for self-sufficiency and revenue. 

This exclusive approach relies on dropshipping as the catalyst that links resellers and buyers in Pakistan.

The role of the reseller is paramount to this system's functionality. It is their job to promote products from different providers in Pakistan, all while factoring in a percentage of extra profit. 

When applied to the base price of the goods, this margin allows them to gain additional income.

Final Thoughts

Venturing into Facebook affiliate marketing can yield a powerful combination of paid and organic traffic to promote your affiliate products. 

Nevertheless, adhering to specific guidelines is paramount to ensure a successful journey without stumbling into pitfalls.