Supercharging rails of E-commerce


To enable every Pakistani to start an online business with zero investment.


To build a Pakistan where entrepreneurship is easy and e-commerce is accessible to the masses.

Our Values

Push boundaries

We strive to be the best at everything we do and aim for the stars with humility. We never back down and strive to improve upon even the best possible outcomes.

We are fearless
We challenge the status quo and ask why
We don’t hesitate to experiment and encourage people to try, fail fast and learn

Have Bias for Action

Action is the key to removing inertia and changing outcomes. We don't shy away from making tough decisions, believe in empowering each other, and differentiate between one-way and two-way door decisions.

We think big but start small
We believe in making the wrong decisions and learning along the way rather than being indecisive
We end every meeting with concrete actions and leave no space for ambiguity

Be Curious

Curiosity is essential to problem-solving; we encourage questioning everything from a first-principles perspective to understand the depth of a problem.

There are no stupid questions
Always ask questions, even if you ask yourselves
Always look at the what, how, and why of things to improve your thought process and build a path of logic towards a conclusion

Empathy Above All

We are working in a space where building trust is essential. It's important to understand the plight of our customers from their perspective to understand their core problems and present the most optimal solution.

We bring the voice of our customers into every discussion
We listen more and speak less
We prioritize patience and curiosity before our own opinions

Communicate Candidly

All of us bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table. We believe in over-communicating for effective collaboration to highlight our strengths as a collective.

We receive and give feedback with humility
We are documentation obsessed — we document discussions, experiments, and decisions to exercise transparency
We over-communicate when others depend on us
In moments of doubt, we waste no time and connect immediately for clarity

Improve Every Day

We believe that perfection in execution is achievable but at the same time extremely difficult. The most important aspect of achieving thirst for perfection is to value continuous improvement. We become analytical in every aspect of the operations of the company, build knowledge pools and improve every day.

We strive to become the best
We look at data honestly to comprehend
We build best practices and frameworks to implement them across the board
We know that 1% improvement every day leads to world-changing impact


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